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Nokia Workshop

Nokia Workshop



workshop for nokia

workshop for nokia



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    Nokia Workshop Nokia Workshop Presentation Transcript

    • Nokia Ideas, Insights & Innovation April 2007 @ Movements, Observations & Discussions
    • : observers of the new world we explore the cultural behavior on how people create, b-side consume & share media across the globe & how these social media communities & networks are transforming the marketing and media world today
    • instant messaging email social networks chat rooms iPods mobile phones MP3 Players P2P networks handheld devices digital video recorders video games game consoles next b-side generation communities blogs vlogs, virtual worlds online gaming web and mobile TV
    • Citizen Marketers Community <P>articipation
    • • quot;Every human being is interested in two kinds of worlds: • the Primary, everyday world which he knows through his senses, and • a Secondary world or worlds which he not only can create in his imagination, but which he cannot stop himself creating.quot; W.H. Auden
    • 1% <P>articipation Rule • “If you get a group of 100 people online then 1 will create content, 10 will interact & <P> and the other 89 will just view it” (* Source: The Guardian Unlimited *)
    • The 5th <P> of Marketing • Social media makes relationships easier to create and maintain because of participation, and participation is the future of marketing (* Source: Peter Kim, Forrester Research, advocates that participation be added to the well-established four Ps of marketing (produce, price, place and promotion *)
    • Word Of <P> Mouth • Research firm, Big Research polled 15,000 people and asked them to rate the influence of media on their decision making. • WOM (Social Networking) was # 1.
    • The 4 ‘F’s of Citizen Marketing • Filters • Fanatics • Facilitators • Firecrackers (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • Filters • The Filters are human wire services. They collect brand stories and then package this information into a stream of observations. • Filters maintain a steady objectivity like traditional news, but some Filters cross over into analysis. • Their work could be called amateur brand journalism. (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • Fanatics • The Fanatics are true believers and evangelists. They love to analyze the progress of a brand • The Fanatics praise great work -- but they will also criticize mistakes in full view of the world • Fanatics want to contribute and add value, they want to contribute and often do so, even if the company isn't listening (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • Facilitators • Facilitators are community creators. Facilitators are like the mayors of online towns, and some online communities exceed the populations of small cities • Facilitators create online communities mostly for fans to connect with other fans and offer support • The size or demographics of some Facilitator-created communities becomes attractive enough to interest advertisers (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • Firecrackers • Firecrackers are the one-hit wonders & attract considerable attention because they have created a song, animation, video, or novelty that generates a lot of interest • They may disappear as quickly as they arrived, the Firecrackers can have a measurable impact on a slice of culture or business (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • Citizen Content • The people are the message because their role as publishers or broadcasters hoists them above the boundaries that one-way media communicators have erected around themselves • They are not the balcony standers of one-way media, concealed behind walls of organizational privacy. • Participation is their medium and their platform. (* Source: Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba *)
    • •the future of advertising is about engaging your customers as co- creators, rather than expecting them to passively consume. Pete Cashmore, Mashable Blog
    • Emerging Trends The Landscape Social Media (web2.0)
    • Music
    • Your Personal Radio Pandora is an excellent internet radio service
    • Chinese Pandora
    • Chinese Pandora
    • Well Connected ReverbNation is a social network connecting fans (fan reach), artists and venues.
    • Music Junkies MOG is a social network aimed squarely at music junkies
    • China Music Sketch Sketch with music, organise, tag, review
    • I Like This... considered to be the leading musical social network by many, many users
    • I Like This... I'm into musical voyeurism (or is it eavesdropping if there's play button?)
    • Users Favourite considered to be the leading musical social network by many, many users
    • Killer Recommendations Last.fm killer features that make a good service even better
    • China Recommends 8Box and Douban have recommendation engines that learn your music tastes
    • China... If China follows the global social networking market trends, the chinese social networking eco-system will spawn a whole list of local widget based add- ons to supplement the growing desire for the 2nd largest internet population to express itself.
    • Case Study A Consumer Brand: RightClick
    • “I WANT TO BE YOUR PERSONAL MUSIC CHANNEL.” RightClickA and this is how i do it...
    • MYSPACE Joins MySpace & creates his profile & builds his social network www.myspace.com/paulofpool
    • FREE PIMP YOUR SPACE Improves his brand cool with free layouts to make more friends
    • MYSPACE Music Reviews position his profile & online brand presence - as a music reviewer called RightClick
    • MYSPACE Friends Makes Friends with Artist/ DJs and fans, begins online music conversation with his community
    • MY BASIC BULLETIN Communicates with all the tools (comments, bulletins, emailing list ... ) available in MySpace and drives them to...
    • RIGHTCLICK MIXTAPE BLOG His channel - The RightClick Blog for reviews of their music (filter) & share his opinions (fanatic & facilitator) with his community
    • MIXTAPE MUSIC CHANNEL His community likes his music reviews and begins to share & activates viral WOM with embed codes on their own profiles & fans <P> & join the conversation...
    • Fans Join Conversation “Love them phat mixes dude, you just get it guy and keep them coming!” – Wildcard, Singapore “Hey man, caught the nod to the quot;Fire Escapesquot; mix. quot;Random, but awesome.quot; Shit, that's exactly what I'm going for. I want that on my tombstone, man. Thanks, as always, for helping spread the word. Always hitting your site for new stuff to hear,” – Bridge & Causeway, New York “nice sound paul!! i'm a fan of ya blog!!!! big up from berlin, pow! pow!! pow!!!” – Adam Port, Berlin “Eh your mixes are wadda wadda wicked...” – Belle, UK “Yo, where are the dubs man? My body is reacting different lately!” – IDN, Hong Kong “Yo Dude! Wicked…” – DJ Mikey Mike, Phuket, Thailand “I was wondering, how can I get one of my mixes on Rightclick?” – Joe Fatlip, Hawaii
    • “Linking is a far more important phenomenon online than most people realize. quot;Linking is the new currency of the Web.quot; Jerry Murdock, Photobucket
    • COMMERCIAL WORK Gets commercial attention & co-creates Sydus.com with his experience
    • PERSONAL WORK Starts Personal Music Concierge Service
    • People are using numerous digital means to communicate, and brands can and should be part of that conversation. (* Maria Mandel *)
    • The End quot;In today's world, you have to get them to invite you in and agree to interact with your brandquot; (* Maria Mandel *)
    • : observers of the new world b-side www.b-side.com.sg www.poolatwork.com