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  • 1. AppssavvyAdvertising
  • 2. AppsSavvy Advertising Opportunities
    AppsSavvy is a direct sales organization representing a network of applications in the social networking space. Applications span a variety of entertainment and information verticals, which can be targeted for specific campaigns.
    AppsSavvy acts as the agent for each of these applications, working with advertisers to create customized advertising and sponsorship campaigns. Ads and sponsorships purchased through AppsSavvy are seen by users whether the access the app directly from the application website, or if they access it from a social networking platform such as Facebook or MySpace.
    Advertising Opportunities include:
    Banner ads – ROS across network or in selected verticals.
    Sponsorships – ranging from enhanced impact positioning with skins, take-overs to high impact presence including additional features or content (videos, contests, etc)
    Beyond Advertising:
    Custom Applications – working the apps developers and marketer to create new, branded application
  • 3. AppsSavvy Advertising Opportunities: Standard Ads
    • IAB Standard Ads
    • 4. Can be targeted demographically, geographically, contextually across AppsSavvy network
  • AppsSavvy Advertising Opportunities: Sponsorship
    Simple Sponsorship Integration
    High Level Sponsorship Integration
    • 100% share of voice
    • 5. Top fold skin
    • 6. Custom branded button
    • 7. Sponsored media
    • 8. 100% share of voice
    • 9. Top fold custom skin
    • 10. Brand videos
    • 11. Integrated clickable content leading to more info on athletes and product info
  • AppsSavvy Advertising Opportunities: Custom Applications
    • Custom applications built specifically to meet client objectives
    • 12. Generally custom apps better suited for longer initiatives or for a brand looking to repurpose for multiple initiatives
    • 13. Work with Marketer to create supporting campaign to drive virality and build a qualified audience and high level of user retention
    • 14. Can build app across top social platforms including: Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn Bebo, iPhone and more