Why Joomla! CMS Rocks


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Keynote presentation at Joomla!Day India March 2011 by Brian Teeman about Joomla! the leading open source cms platform

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  • My name is Brian Teeman and I'm from england
  • but before we talk about joomla a little about me Open source geek, Joomla, blogger, AWARDS (the bit my mum likes to hear)
  • my girlfriend
  • we’re here today and tomorrow to learn more about joomla
  • we’re here today and tomorrow to learn more about joomla
  • 4minutes
  • to understand joomla we first need to look at the past
  • in sept 2005 20 people took some software called mambo and created something called joomlathats me in the back row - younger and without the grey hair
  • all around the world
  • joomla is a swahili word that means all together just 4 hits
  • we were not a company or even a group of friends we were just a group of people who shared a common vision to produce some software for creating websites. BUT its much more than that we had three aims
  • those were high ideals but what did they really mean
  • those were high ideals but what did they really mean
  • those were high ideals but what did they really mean
  • sites you have created 3 minutes
  • so those were some of the great web sites you have created with joomla
  • from the official site but that doesnt include fantastico etc or multiple installs
  • shold be 65 but i never finished my klingon translation see i told you i was a geek
  • joomla is extendable and fully customisable its all up to you
  • over 180 user groups joomladay events like this take place all over the world. i should know i’ve been to many of them
  • if usergroups arent your think we have our own community site to meet people online built with jomsocial more about this this afternoon almost 6000 members in just a few months
  • a fairly new initiative and so much more
  • remember that google screenshot with 3 hits. now look at it joomla now powers over 2.5% of all the web sites on the net
  • i cant look into my crystal ball and tell you
  • coming soon more about this tomorrow/later
  • The future is up to you!!!
  • the future is what you make of it get involved translations, user groups, write extensions, create templates
  • thats all - time up
  • grab me at any time with any questions preferably with a coffee
  • Why Joomla! CMS Rocks

    1. 1. joomla!day india March 12 2011
    2. 2. brian teeman
    3. 3. who am i?
    4. 4. my girlfriend
    5. 5. so what is joomla?
    6. 6. stand up!!
    7. 7. i say Joomla! you say Rocks!
    8. 8. i say pune! you say joomla!
    9. 9. i say jai! you say joomla!
    10. 10. i say Joomla! you say Rocks!
    11. 11. so what is joomla?
    12. 12. joom-la-la-la http://youtube.com/joomla
    13. 13. joomla the past
    14. 14. 2005
    15. 15. all around the world
    16. 16. the world had never heard of joomla
    17. 17. what were we thinking
    18. 18. An open source project is about people producing free and open software and contributing to something as a team for the benefit of others.
    19. 19. Open source projects reflect the spirit of collaboration and fun while garnering community feedback and providing good governance that allows for business to confidently invest in its development.
    20. 20. Open source projects are open to the participation of anybody who can contribute value and is willing to work with the community.
    21. 21. what did i just say
    22. 22. is this what joomla is about? <ul><li>features </li></ul><ul><li>quality </li></ul><ul><li>size </li></ul><ul><li>support </li></ul><ul><li>bugs </li></ul><ul><li>open source </li></ul>
    23. 23. joomla is about you
    24. 24. joomla doesn’t write great code
    25. 25. you do!
    26. 26. joomla doesn’t create great web sites
    27. 27. sites you have created
    28. 28. you created them!
    29. 29. joomla the present
    30. 30. downloaded over 21 million times
    31. 31. available in over 64 languages
    32. 32. over 7000 extensions downloaded 138 million times
    33. 33. users across the world
    34. 34. a global community
    35. 35. a monthly magazine
    36. 36. forum stats
    37. 37. 2.7% of the web
    38. 38. the future
    39. 39. iphone, ipad & android
    40. 40. available now
    41. 41. the future
    42. 42. the future is up to you
    43. 43. that’s all - time is up
    44. 44. stump the joomla geek
    45. 45. http://brian.teeman.net http://hiddenjoomlasecrets.com