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Musings & Other Notable Tid-Bits From an Indie Author
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Musings & Other Notable Tid-Bits From an Indie Author


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I put a presentation together about my experiences as an Indie Author. Thought you might find some of the tips of value to you or someone you know who is wanting to publish their book.

I put a presentation together about my experiences as an Indie Author. Thought you might find some of the tips of value to you or someone you know who is wanting to publish their book.

Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. From an Indie Author 1Brian Smith -
  • 2. Why Write a Book? 2Brian Smith -
  • 3. Who are you writing it for? 3Brian Smith -
  • 4. How is Your Book Unique? Brian Smith - 4
  • 5. What’s The Title? Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak The Top Ten Sins Most Managers Make & How to Avoid Them 5Brian Smith -
  • 6. Table of Contents  Copyright ©  Dedication  Introduction  Chapters – How many? What titles?  Sub-Titles – How many? What titles?  Acknowledgements  Index, Notes and References  About the Author 6Brian Smith -
  • 7. Layout & Book Size  Choose font size, style and layout of the pages  Visit your local book store and check out other books related to your subject matter and to see what size of book they used. Adopt a “Best Practice” mind set.  I wanted a book that you could read on a plane and carry in your briefcase or purse. Settled on 6 by 9 7Brian Smith -
  • 8. Start Writing  Decide on a schedule.  Write to the title and stay on topic  Write – print out – edit  Re-write – print out – edit  I write – print out – edit – and write again until it flows off my tongue without stumbling over the words.  I read out loud – drives my cats crazy – but it has to sound right to me or it isn’t right 8Brian Smith -
  • 9. Editing  Convert word document into a PDF – the way it will look in the book  Make final changes  Save completed chapter as a PDF file 9Brian Smith -
  • 10. Editing & More Editing  After all the chapters have been written and converted to a PDF in the books format I print out a number of copies and give a copy to people who’s opinion I respect and who will be honest with me when giving feedback.  Make revisions based on the feedback.  Print out one final copy and give it one last look over. 10Brian Smith -
  • 11. Final Editing  Letting go is the hardest part for me because I’m always tweaking what I write but, you have to learn to let go and give it up. 11Brian Smith -
  • 12. Does Your Cover Grab You? 12Brian Smith -
  • 13. Back Cover 13Brian Smith -
  • 14. ISBN & Bar Code The Canadian ISBN Service System (CISS) – Library and Archives Canada Created an account and listed myself – Brinley Publishing as the publisher of record. You can get up to 6 ISBN numbers at no charge. You will need an ISBN number for each edition. (hard cover, paperback and ebook) 14Brian Smith -
  • 15. File Conversion  Formatting for Smashwords – ebook  Formatting for Amazon KDP – paperback and ebook  Conversions cost $60.00 US each  ePUB and PDF formats  Conversion done by Ebook Launch – Comox BC    15Brian Smith -
  • 16. Publisher Options  Brinley Publishing – Owning your own ISBN allows you to be listed as the Publisher.  Createspace -  Createspace - ebook store  Smashwords –  Lulu Publishing –  iUniversal Publishing –  Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) 16Brian Smith -
  • 17. Createspace – Printed Edition   Division of Amazon  Book listed on Amazon  Book web page  They handle the sales on a 70/30 split  You decide retail price and retain all rights  You can order copies to sell at your book signings, workshops and on your website 17Brian Smith -
  • 18. Smashwords – Ebook   If you have any questions you can find answers on their FAQ page:  Gets your ebook edition on Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Apple, Diesel, Libraries, UK and Europe  Web page for your ebook  They handle the sales on a 70/30 split  You set retail price and retain all rights 18Brian Smith -
  • 19. Printer Options  Createspace – Paperback USA Edition  First Class Press – Paperback Canadian Edition  Local printer for inventory to sell at book signings, workshops and online  Small independent book stores will carry your book on consignment.  Print on demand saves you carrying inventory. Same price per book for 1 or 100  First Class Press – Contact Larry Cavanaugh Brian Smith - 19
  • 20. Marketing  Twitter:  Linkedin:  Google:  25 Free Services to Help You Promote Your Book  Susan Kendrick - From Back Cover to Bestseller  Pinterest: 20Brian Smith -
  • 21. Create a Buzz  Book Signings  Interviews  Book Reviews  Articles  Blogging  Kobo ebook (Chapters)  Nook ebook (Barnes & Noble)  Kindle KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) 21Brian Smith -
  • 22. Facebook Page 22Brian Smith -
  • 23. Wordpress Blog 23Brian Smith -
  • 24. You Need a Web Site  Web Site:  Wordpress:  Webmaster: Barbara Munshaw –  Graphic Designs: Kimb Tiboni Manson –  Book Cover Photo: Josh Jefferies Photography 24Brian Smith -
  • 25. Projects on The Go  Workbook to compliment my first book – Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak. “Leadership Lessons from a Reformed Control Freak – The Art of Managing and Leading in the 21st Century”  One of 20 authors collaborating on a “Global” leadership development project. “Energize Your Leadership – A New Beginning for Tired, Stuck or Discouraged Leaders” 25Brian Smith -
  • 26. Which Title? Confessions of a Reformed Control Freak Musings and Other Notable Short Comings or Get a Grip! You Can Live a Deliberate Life 26Brian Smith -
  • 27. Thank You Questions and Answers? Thank you for being here and participating in today’s discussion. I wish you continued success. Brian Smith – 27Brian Smith -