Brian Pitts Jr's Brand Identity Project


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Presentation created for FSO's Business Storytelling and Brand Development course.

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  • Brian Pitts Jr's Brand Identity Project

    1. 1. BRAND IDENTITY PROJECT Business Storytelling and Brand Development By, Brian Pitts Jr.
    2. 2. Brand NameCompany Name: iAmMusic247 (online magazine)Name Creation: “iAmMusic” is an expression for people whohave an undying passion for music and “247” means we’realways available and always updating our content.Backstory: Many of the domain names I researched were alreadytaken as well as Furthermore, after reading acopy of Jet Magazine, I noticed their website name had “247”attached to the end (ie. So I, and saw the name was available and I stuckwith it.
    3. 3. Brand NameStrengths: The domain name is simple, easy to spell, easy toremember and not limited to one specific musical genre. Thedomain name provides flexibility to write on music in general,whether it’s major or independent.Concerns: Major industry artists may think the magazine ONLYfeatures independent artists. Also, readers may forget to add“247” on the ending, and won’t find the site.
    4. 4. Brand NameProtection: Yes, the name is protectable as a trademarkaccording to, and there are no similar namesregistered in their database.iAmMusic247, would be a “Descriptive Mark” under thedefinition defined in the legal article Pursuing Strong Brand.“Descriptive marks literally describe the product or somecharacteristic of the product...The following marks are nowprotected, although they are, in fact, descriptive: SOUTHWESTAIRLINES, HONEYBAKED and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED,”according to Hoosear and Evans.
    5. 5. LogoAccording to the “laws,” the shape is designed to fit both eyesand the color is the opposite of my competitors, so our logo willbe able to stand out.Effectiveness: The two-tone logo is simple and grabs the eyesattention with ease. “247” is in red in order to add an emphasis.
    6. 6. LogoLogo Type: Our logo would be considered a Wordmark.The logo reflects simplicity as does our brand. We want to keepeverything simple for our readers.The HLN logo is an excellent example of a logo that conveys thespirit of my logo.
    7. 7. LogoCompetitor:Hip Hop Weekly logo main attributes:The word “hip-hop” lets readers know what genre of music themagazine focuses on.The word “weekly” lets readers know how often the magazine ispublished.The tagline lets readers know what the magazine is all about.
    8. 8. Corporate CultureObjective: The company’s primary objective is to provideexposure for independent musicians.Core Values: 1. Be Credible 2. Remain Objective When Writing 3. Report The Facts, Never Assume 4. Be Creative, Entertaining and Forward Thinking 5. Embrace Change and Technology 6. Build Open and Honest Relationships 7. Be a Positive Team and Family Orientated
    9. 9. Corporate CultureImplementing Objective: By hiring people with writing and/orjournalism backgrounds as well as those people who have apassion for music. We’ll encourage our employees to have fun,but remember the rules that are associated with journalism.Plan For Developing a Strong Culture: Based on the “corevalues” I’ve established, I will lead by example and be more of acoach rather than a leader.
    10. 10. Mission StatementiAmMusic247 is committed to being a reliable and crediblesource for quality content in regards to independent musiciansfeatured in our magazine.We seek to provide through various forms of media, a dynamicand useful tool that helps promote featured artists to fans andrecord labels globally.
    11. 11. Mission StatementCommunicated: The mission statement will be verballycommunicated to our interviewees as well as be posted on ourwebsite in the “About Us” section.The mission statement incorporates direction, focus, policy,meaning, challenge and passion. It is also unique andmemorable. No, it doesn’t tell the story of the company, and afterresearching other music magazines websites, I was unable to findother mission statements to compare my statement to.
    12. 12. TaglineWhere the passion for music begins.
    13. 13. TaglineThis tagline is effective because it’s simple and straight to the point.Our tagline speaks to everyone, it lets our readers and musiciansknow what we’re all about.The tagline is Provocative.Yes, the tagline reinforces the brand message and it distinguishes usfrom our competitor. To aspire for a career in the music industry, itstarts with a passion for music in which many indie musicians have. Itcommends action; it’s short, unique, easy to say and positive.