Turning Automotive Marketing Ideas Into Actions
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Turning Automotive Marketing Ideas Into Actions



Brian Pasch leads dealers through marketing strategies and products that can impact sales, increase profits, and grow market share. Brian explains the "WHY" behind his recommendations and the video ...

Brian Pasch leads dealers through marketing strategies and products that can impact sales, increase profits, and grow market share. Brian explains the "WHY" behind his recommendations and the video recording is also available to go along with these slides. Contact Brian Pasch for the video link at: brian@pcgmailer.com



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Turning Automotive Marketing Ideas Into Actions Turning Automotive Marketing Ideas Into Actions Presentation Transcript

  • HOW TO TURN YOUR MARKETING IDEAS INTO MARKETING ACTIONS All that planning means nothing if you’re not executing! Brian  Pasch,  CEO  
  • My Background •  Graduate  of  Rutgers  University  with  a  BS  in  Physics   •  Life?me  Resident  of  New  Jersey   •  Proud  father  of  Connor  Pasch  (17)   •  First  Book  Published  by  Pren?ce  Hall  in  1984   •  Second  Book  Published  28  years  later  by  Celebrity  Press    in  2012   •  Third  Book  Published  2013  “Selling  Cars  In  The  Digital  Age”   •  Informa?on  Technology  Was  My  Core  Career   •  Formed  PCG  Digital  Marke?ng  in  2005   •  Created  PCG  Consul?ng  in  2011  to  Training  &  Coaching   •  Ac?ve  Automo?ve  Speaker,  Writer,  &  Strategist   •  Love  Working  with  Dealers  of  Strategy  &  Process   2  
  • Defining What CRM-Centric Really Means Now  available  in:     •  Italian   •  Spanish   •  Dutch   www.SellingCarsBook.com  
  • March 16-18th in The Napa Valley h]p://www.DigitalMarke?ngStrategies.org    
  • Twitter Hashtag: #Paschon
  • The Why?
  • Vendor Checklist & Log q  What  Problem  Was  The  Vendor   Hired  To  Fix?   q  How  Did  They  say  They  Would  Fix   The  Problem?   q  Did  We  Benchmark  Data  Before   They  Started?   q  How  Long  Did  They  Say  It  Would   Take  To  See  Change?   q  What  KPIs  Will  I  Need  To  Inspect?  
  • Got  a  Ques?on?    Ask  our  Expert!   Empowering  Be<er  Decisions   11   Introducing  The  Switzerland  of  Data  Repor?ng  Sofware  
  • 4.1   1.3   2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010   Average car-buyer will make only 1.3 lot visits before purchase     source: JD Power “2011 Internet Roundtable”
  • First  Impressions  
  • Customers Are Visiting Less Showrooms, Make A Great First Impression #Paschon
  • Consumers Are Less Brand Loyal
  • Customers Are Less Brand Loyal…. Create A Consultative Experience! #Paschon
  • Over 50% of Traffic is Mobile 53%   Toyota  Store  in  Texas   9,712+  2,814   =12,526  
  • 3:1       Calls  To  Website  Lead  Forms   (Desktop  Shoppers)     26:1   Calls  To  Website  Lead  Forms     (Mobile  Shoppers)       Source:  Dealer.com     Consumers  Are  More  Confident  
  • Mobile Shoppers Will Be a Majority of Your Business – Embrace Them! #Paschon
  • Phone Calls Are On The Rise – Phone Training Is Back in Style! #Paschon
  • Customer Has Changed The  Customer  Has  Changed  
  • That  guy  is   a  ninja!   Who   Should   Get  My   Business?  
  • Pre-Internet Today The consumer needed to visit for: The consumer needs to visit for: •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Test Drive •  Delivery •  Service Features Pricing Availability Test Drive Payments Delivery Service
  • I  also  like  the  Hyundai   Sonata….let’s  see   what  they  know  about   my  second  choice…  
  • Why  Buy  From  You?  
  • te a re C re tu l u C a 31  
  • Your Dealership is an E-Commerce Business… Until The Customer Walks In The Door   #Paschon  
  • #1 Increase Engagement On Dealership Website •  •  •  •  •  Original Photos For New Cars VDP Merchandising Tools EyeQuant To Test Key Engagement Pages Adding Your “Why” Videos Don’t Forget Service
  • Source:  Cobalt/ADP  
  • Proactive Engagement with a Bonus! Pop-­‐Up  Chat  
  • The  Data  Speaks   For  Itself  
  • PureCars
  • www.EyeQuant.com
  • CrazyEgg.com – Heat Mapping
  • Just Because You Can Add Anything to a VDP… It Doesn’t Mean That You Should!   #Paschon  
  • Dealership Video Placement •  Hours & Directions •  About Us •  Service Appointments •  Finance Applications
  • Don’t Complain About The Limits with OEM Mandated Websites… When you can add your store’s personality through video and imagery very easily.   #Paschon  
  • # 1 Increase Engagement On Dealership Website
  • #2 Increase Leads From Our Website •  •  •  •  •  VDP Design: What Can We Learn Rethinking Lead Thank You Pages Should You Add Pop-Up Coupons Non Negotiable: Pro-Active Chat Phone Calls Are Leads – Fix The Leaks
  • Search  Result  Pages  (SRP)  
  • Photos   Reviews   Warranty   Scarcity   Buy  It   Descrip?on   Related  Items  
  • No  Scarcity   No  Reviews   No  Descrip?on   Photos   Quasi  Buy  It   Related  Items  
  • No  Scarcity   No  Reviews   No  Related  Items   Photos   Descrip?on   Quasi  Buy  It  
  • Thank You Pages
  • A  member  of  our  team  will  be  contac?ng  you  regarding  your  inquiry.    At  Pres?ge  Volvo  we  make  it  easy   to  purchase  a  vehicle,  and  here  are  some  addi?onal  resources  that  you  might  find  helpful  during  your   research:   Get  Top  Dollar  For   Your  Trade-­‐In   View  Current  Lease  &   Finance  Offers   Current  Volvo   Incen?ves  &  Rebates   View  Used  Car   Specials   Learn  About  The   Volvo  Warranty   Get  To  Know  Our   Service  Department   View  Recent  Customer  Reviews     Meet  Our  Store  Manager  
  • “Pro-Active” Coupons & Offers DealerOn  E-­‐AutoSavings™   Systems  Uses  Proac?ve   Coupons  &  Offers  to   increase  leads.    
  • Pro-Active Chat
  • Make It Easy To Call & Track Calls YES!!  
  • #2 Increase Leads From Our Website
  • #3 Increase Lead Contact Rates •  Testing Your Email & HTML5 Email Templates •  Revising Email Communications •  Provide Links For More Info •  Utilize Videos with Walkarounds •  Implement Lead Nurturing •  Implement a Longer Contact Cycle
  • h]p://htmlemailboilerplate.com/   HTML 5 Templates HTML5   Rocks!  
  • Personality Selling 69  
  • 78   Get  a  Second   Eye  on  Your   Email   Templates  
  • More Links – Mystery Shop Fail •  14  Top  Performing  Dealers   •  None  Of  The  Store  Provided  Alterna?ve   Vehicles   •  One  Dealer  Provided  A  Link  Back  To  Their   Website  
  • Dealer   Names   Blocked   For     Webinar  
  • 114  
  • Initial Video Responses Via CRM
  • Personal Thank You Message
  • Video Scripts In Book 115  
  • h]p://www.walkaroundvideos.com/  
  • Lead Nurturing Software 18   •  Facing  The  Reality  That  People  Focus  on  Fresh  Opportuni?es   •  Pay  Plans  Are  Aligned  With  Short  Term  Engagement   •  Solu?ons  on  the  market  include:     •  AVA   •  Ace  (Automated  Customer  Engagement)     •  Leads  marked  “dead”  come  back  to  life  through  consistent  engagement.   •  When  a  contact  is  made,  lead  is  reac?vated  in  the  CRM.  
  • #3 Increase Lead Contact Rates
  • #4 Increase Effectiveness of SEM Campaigns •  Cost Per Shopper •  Cost Per VDP View •  Measure VDP Penetration
  • Let’s Define The Word Car Shopper… as someone who visits at least one Vehicle Detail Page on the Dealer’s Website   #Paschon  
  • LotLinx Redefining KPIs For Dealers
  • Google Adwords – Inspecting CVV
  • Using CVV Numbers to Improve ROI •  Identify campaigns designed to sell cars •  Find campaigns with High CVV and Low Percentage of VDP Views •  Do Keyword Analysis to see which keywords are NOT driving shoppers at a reasonable cost.
  • #4 Increase Effectiveness of SEM Campaigns
  • #5 Increase Organic Traffic (SEO) •  •  •  •  Google Keyword Blocking Original Content That Engages Invest In Professional SEO Tools Conductor Integration with ROI-BOT in March
  • The Most Advanced SEO Platform
  • Visualize the Performance of Your Search Efforts Opportunity  to  improve  
  • Track the Competition
  • Get Powerful New Reporting
  • #5 Increase Organic Traffic (SEO)
  • #6 Improve The Consumer’s First Impression •  Call Inspection •  Call Coaching •  Call Center Backup
  • Old Is New: Phone Process •  Stop  the  Profit  Leaks  on  Phone  Calls   •  Invest  in  a  backstop  while   improving  phone  training  &   processes   •  Don’t  let  an  opportunity  missed   result  in  a  lost  sale  or  decreased   CSI.   •  All  you  marke?ng  dollars  are   impacted  by  phone  process.   12  
  • Research Automated Scoring Systems •  www.CallRevu.com   •  www.CarWars.com  *   •  www.CallSource.com       *  CarWars  is  a  partnership  with  Century  Interac?ve  &  Phone  Ninjas  
  • 50   Call Centers As Sales Insurance
  • # 6 Improve The Consumer’s First Impression
  • #7 Close More Opportunities •  •  •  •  Become a CRM Centric Dealership Stop Making Excuses For Technology Get Help – You Are Not Superman Rethink The Sales Workday
  • Sales Managers Must Become….. CRM Experts
  • Review  The  CRM   TOGETHER!  
  • Where  Is  My  Cheese?  
  • Where  Is  That  UP  Bus?  
  • 50%  Of  The  Day  
  • Automating The Up Rotation •  •  TheNextUp – Found Product at NADA Toyota of Riverside- Marshall Gordon –  25% Increase In Logged Ups –  Keep Everyone Accountable –  Sales Managers Must Inspect Productivity
  • Redefining The Sales Day •  All CRM Schedule Tasks Are Completed –  Make all scheduled calls –  Send all scheduled emails •  Prospecting Phone Calls •  Building a Referral Network on LinkedIn •  Leveraging Video Marketing
  • #7 Close More Sales Opportunities
  • #8 Increase Post Sale Engagement •  Mobile Apps •  Equity Mining Tools
  • Dealership Mobile Apps •  Mobile  Apps  Have  Come  A  Long  Way   •  Two  Way  Communica?on  Now  Possible   •  Integrated  Inventory  &  Promo?ons   •  Service  Reminders  and  Specials  
  • Place Your Inventory in an App
  • Proactive Equity Mining •  •  •  •  Deal Activator (Dominion Dealer Solutions) Perfect Prospect (ELEAD1ONE) Red Bumper Revenue Radar (DealerSocket)
  • #8 Increase Post Sale Engagement
  • Dealers  &  Managers  Have  Report  Burn  Out!  
  • What Are The KPIs I Should Be Focusing On?
  • 117  
  • Dealer  Scorecard  
  • March 16-18th in The Napa Valley h]p://www.DigitalMarke?ngStrategies.org    
  • List of Companies Mentioned •  •  •  •  •  •  •  http://www.emailonacid.com http://htmlemailboilerplate.com http://wwm.carwars.com http://www.centuryinteractive.com http://www.callrevu.com http://leadtoshow.com http://www.purecars.com
  • List of Companies Mentioned •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  http://www.drivingforceauto.com http://www.roi-bot.com http://www.eyequant.com http://www.crazyegg.com http://www.elead1crm.com http://www.walkaroundvideos.com http://www.SellingCarsBook.com
  • List of Companies Mentioned •  •  •  •  •  •  http://www.phoneninjas.com http://www.pcgconsultingservices.com http://www.pgiauto.com http://www.lotlinx.com http://www.ContentMotive.com http://www.TheNextUp.com
  • Let’s Connect Online Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ brianpasch Twitter: @AutomotiveSEO Brian  Pasch,  CEO   PCG  Companies   brian@pcgmailer.com     LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brianpasch