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Hola! this is my Spanish 2 project! ...

Hola! this is my Spanish 2 project!
Hope you enjoy it! there is a video within the slides giving you a couple examples in spanish that ive learned. there is background music, so make sure the sound is on! Thank you so much for watching this!
Brianna Florian



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Bri spanish powerpoint[1] Bri spanish powerpoint[1] Presentation Transcript

  • Brianna FlorianSpanish II Exam
  • The difference between the Spanish languageand the English language is the placement ofthe words as well as many other things. For example: When we write we would say mycat is blue and In Spanish it would be Mi gato esazul.
  • In Español we identify the masculine and feminine plurals andadjectives, but in English we do not. One great thing about the Spanishlanguage is that the Spanish language shares some of the same words that we do. These words include sofa, idea…. Also at some times the meaning of the Spanish word depends on where it is placed in the sentence. They miss their country or Miss Brianna is very tall.
  • The English alphabet includes 26 letters while the Spanish alphabet includes 30. There aredifferences in the pronunciation. Periods andcommas are used the same, but exclamation points go in front of and at the end of a sentence.
  • If I continue to study theSpanish language, I hope tolearn to be able to writeessays of information andeventually become fluentand be able to sing songs inSpanish. I want to be able togo over to a Spanish speakingcountry, live with them andtalk like they would, exploretheir culture and be able tolive their everyday normallife in that country.
  • What new countries have you learned about?I have gotten the opportunity to enhance myknowledge on many countries and theircultures Including mexico, Columbia, spainand more.
  • I have learned that there are differentways to say a word and that there aredifferent meanings to a word in othercountries. The foods of these culturesalthough all Spanish. Contain uniqueelements. Puerto Rican food isflavourful but not spicy, as opposed toMexican food contains hot and spicyflavour.
  • surprising facts:Their music and food are sodifferent from ours. There areso many types of styles ofmusic. I thought that they dressthe same way we do, but theyhave different outfits based onwhat country they are in…….
  • differences between Spanish-speakingculture and my own… In the Spanishspeaking countries the atmosphere isrelaxed and not as busy as an EnglishSpeaking Culture. I think that theSpanish Speaking Culture is great andcare more about family and living life,and spending time with those that reallymatter, unlike the English SpeakingCulture who care so much about worldlythings including jobs, this economy.Also in the Spanish Culture they havebull fighting which in the EnglishCulture it would be considered animalabuse.
  • Ideas/stereotypes about Spanish-speaking culturethat I had before this course that have now changedbecause of what I have learned. Nothing changed from my point of view of theSpanish speaking countries. I knew that they hadsimilarities and differences from us culturally aswell as what we eat, wear and how they speak. Iknew that the speed of how they talked was at amuch faster pace.
  • The one thing I loved about this online class was the flexibility to do my work at my own pace.I do not learn a different language at the same pace as other students. I loved how there werevocab words to learn before every unit. One thing that helped me learn was reading thedirections, it was in Spanish and English, that way I could learn and understand at the sametime. I liked how there were many assignments and many opportunities to always keepimproving my grade. My teacher was awesome and would answer any questions that I had.One thing I enjoyed was the different aspects of learning that was involved in this course.There were listening assignments, writing, speaking and my favourite one, Projects. Itincorporated all skills of learning so all students can do their best in all of the areas. I liked howwe could communicate with our classmates at any time quickly through messages.
  • To improve my learning I believe that there should have beensome assignments that were not graded, but just critiqued to seewhat I need to improve on it. Sometimes there were too manyassignments to complete within a week; it was a little bitoverwhelming at some points. This course was fast paced, toimprove my learning they could have gone at a steady pace. Ilearn by trial, doing something over and over again till I get it.There should have been more multiple attempts on assignmentsto grasp the topic of what we were learning about. If we fly bystuff then we only retain that information for so long, or for theweek. Next time, I think there should be an online notebookwhere we can write notes from each unit online and haveinteractive listening and writing journals to do daily.
  • My professor was amazing. Hewould always respond to all ofmy messages, and I ask a lot ofquestions. He would have apositive attitude about thiscourse, post tools to help uslearn daily and would commenton anything that I needed towork on. He would postreminders of what was due andhave extra credit assignmentswhich helped my grade as well ashelped me understand differentSpanish topics! I am so happy Iwas able to have him as ateacher. I have learned so muchin this course!
  • I learned how to say how manyfloors do you have in your house?¿Cuántos pisos tiene tu casa?
  • I learned how to say that I amgoing to see the doctor.voy a la clínica y el doctor meexamina.
  • I learned how to say that a girl has a cold, in caseone of my friends has a cold.La mujer tiene un resfriado.
  • I learned how to say that they went to therestaurant. Ellos fueron al restaurante.
  • I learned how to say thatsomeone is from New York.Él es de Nueva York.
  • Spanish Examples! Audio! Click below to here a couplesentences of all that I learned!