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Steps Coalition

  1. 1. For Communities Worth Calling Home!Find us on DeMiller Hall 610 Water StreetFacebook Biloxi, MS 39530
  2. 2. “…My people, we gathered here to speak your names…”
  3. 3. ACLU of Mississippi Initiative 26 Is Defeated!The mission of the ACLU of Mississippi voters rejected an amendment to theMississippi is very simple: To Mississippi Constitution intended to ban abortion anddefend the inalienable human to set up a legal challenge to Roe v. Wade.rights and freedoms guaranteedin the U.S. Constitution,especially the Bill of Rights. Weaccomplish our mission throughlitigation, advocacy, publiceducation and communityorganizing. 4th Annual Mississippi Youth Hip HopTenth Anniversary Observance of Summit: Turn Up The Volume!9-11 Terrorist Attacks The ACLU of Mississippis 4th Annual Hip Hop SummitDozens of residents joined the American Civil was a success! More than 600 registered for theLiberties Union of Mississippi in observance of summit and the annual Prevention of Schoolhouse Tothe 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist Jailhouse Conference. Youth participated in numerousattacks. The program paid respect to the lives workshops July 9-10 at Jackson State University.lost that day in 2001, but also examined theimpact post 9-11 that government policies havehad on the countrys civil liberties.
  4. 4. Advocates For Freedom is a new non-profit association ofconcerned citizens whose mission is to foster awareness on the MS Gulf Coast of the pervasive and growing problem of human trafficking. The main mission of Advocates For Freedom is:To bring awareness and education to our communityTo empower the general public to recognize HumanTrafficking and what to do to combat the social issue Advocates For Freedom has accomplished much:Spoken in 77 different locationsPut on 4 major trainingsHelped start 2 task forces (one State Wide andone for the five Gulf Coast states)Aided many victims
  5. 5. AIDS In Action Mississippi AIDS Action In Mississippi (AAIM) was created to battle the 20+ years this epidemic has affected the people in this state, across the country, and around the world. We have the knowledge and tools necessary to end HIV/AIDS and improve the quality of life of the individuals and families both infected and affected.AAIM is a statewide grass roots organization dedicated to advocating for the rights of all people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Utilizing the voice and experiences of persons living with andaffected by this pandemic, we are committed to ending the effects of HIV/AIDS on Mississippi.
  6. 6. Asian Americans ForChange In collaboration with MDES Program, Asian Americans for Change (AAC) have reached out to more than 600 Vietnamese community members in South MS lower 3 counties, Harrison, Jackson, and Hancock AAC have successfully placed two bilingual HVAC, one electrical, and one welding class in 2011. Two HVAC classes have graduated with few Since the oil spill of April 2010, AAC has been working closely with the who acquired EPA certification fishermen community to inform them with accurate information and resources AAC in partnership with MDES has successfully enrolled close to 200 participants with the collaboration of MGCC with training such as HVAC, electric, and welding; approximately 100 people that completed their training.
  7. 7. Back Bay Mission Our 2011 Accomplishments We have completed 18 projects in our Housing Recovery program which include minor and major rehab projects; the work was completed by volunteers. Over a 1,000 volunteers have put in over 15,000 hours of work. A faith-based We housed 18 chronically homeless individuals with a diagnosed disability in community our 14 units through Home At Last program which is a permanent supportivedevelopment and housing program through HUD. service agency We have provided assistance to over 4500 individuals in our Emergencylocated in Biloxi, Assistance program, which includes utility relief; help with purchasing prescription meds, obtaining I.D.’s, birth certificates and food from the MS, that has pantry. served the We also have provided services to over 1000 homeless individuals through our poorest of the Day Center; they were able to take showers, do their laundry, use the centerpoor since 1922. as their permanent mailing address and utilize the computer for resume’ building and job searches. Our 2012 Project The building of a duplex for homeless veterans through our Affordable Housing Initiative program. The funding will be provided through a HUD supportive housing grant.
  8. 8. From the Oil Spill Relief and Advocacy Campaign Report Numbers At Quick Glance: 30 = # of workshops, seminars, meetings - 18 town hall meetings, 12 workshops, seminars and claims assistance clinics in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. 45 - # of volunteer professionals mobilized from around the country - BPSOS attorneys and legal staff, community interpreters, citizen journalists, volunteer attorneys, CPAs and tax professionals 550 = # of individuals directly assisted or served 10,000+ = Many thousands more were indirectly assisted via educational radio programs and small media. 100,000+ = Pounds of food delivered to residents in need through food bank joint operation“With these accomplishments under our belt, we are moving forward in our fourth decade of operation…”
  9. 9. Center For Environmental& Economic Justice, Inc. a non-profit community based organization that was founded in 1989, (formerly UJAMAA Community Services, Inc.) in Biloxi, Mississippi. CEEJ’s objectives include organizing grass root community people andother community-based organizations to affect public policy on socio-economic development issues and environmental justice (EJ) concernsthat are germane to people of color and other ethnicities impacted byinjustices.CEEJ is working to eliminate environmental health hazards and promoteeconomic sustainability through community education, hazard controltraining, and by engaging in social justice issues that affect Afro-Americans and other impacted ethnicities in Mississippi.
  10. 10. The Inclusive Schools Network (ISN) is a web-based resource for families,schools, and communities interested in the topic of inclusive education. Thisnetwork has grown out of Inclusive Schools Week ™, an internationally-recognized, annual event sponsored by Education Development Center, Inc.(EDC). In 2011, ISN will be expanding its capacity to offer new products,conferences, online events, and social networking opportunities.The Ridgeland Challenger Baseball League celebrated its 20th season. The league has grownfrom the original 18 to 125 players ages five to 67 playing on four youth teams and six adultteams. The adult teams were formed, Paul Rogers, Challenger’s Co-commissioner explains,“because the original kids grew up and didn’t want to stop playing.” The season runs from Aprilthrough June, with each team playing two games per week at Ridgeland’s Hite Wolcott Park.The Challenger League is open to any child or adult with a disability who wants to play, at nocost to the players or their families. While most of the players are from the Jackson Metro area,the league includes several players who travel up to 100 miles for the opportunity to take aswing.
  11. 11. Coastal Family Health Center, Inc. (CFHC) is a non-profit 501c(3) Federally Qualified Health Center serving Hancock, Harrison and Jackson Counties, the three coastal counties of Mississippi, since 1978, representing 33 years of uninterrupted service to the area.The Homeless Coordinator of Outreach Services is responsible for the following: Coordination, communication and problem solving related to Coastal Family Health Center’s homeless outreach services. Assist in the development, implementation, monitoring and ongoing evaluation of The mission of Coastal Family Health Center CFHC’s homeless Outreach services policies. (CFHC) is to promote healthy communities by Coordinates data collection/reporting activities associated with outreach services. providing accessible, quality primary Coordinates activities with other outreach workers and work with staff of the healthcare services to all homeless clinic, promotes customer services by resolving patient concerns in a persons regardless oftimely economic status. We accomplish this with manner. competent and caring Provides assistance to homeless patients and CFHC staff by helping to schedule staff who works to meet and exceed expected appointments with the clinics and other agencies. standards for care and Develop linkage with city wide agencies in a collaborative effort to better the customer satisfaction.welfare of the homeless population located on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
  12. 12. “The mission of Coastal Women for Change is to make a difference in our communities through securing and revitalizing our neighborhoods. We do this by ensuring that our communities have adequate information in a timely manner so that we can both influence and make informed decisions about the recovery process and community development, now and in the future.” CWC will strive to develop creative and innovative projects that augment community developmentCWC will continue to be an information center in CWC will build its community resource servicesthe community by raising public awareness by implementing:and issues relevant to the residents of Youth Mentorship/ Leadership andBiloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Support Group Programs, Elderly Projects, & Coastal Restoration Projects. With these goals in mind, the participation of the community we want to serve by partnering with other organizations with similar purposes, CWC will make the vision a reality and the community a safe and prosperous place to call home.
  13. 13. The Commercial Appeal on November 26, 2011.-By Amos MakiSince March, about 300 people have signed up for a program designedto steer them away from costly alternative financial institutions --payday lenders, car-title lenders and check cashers -- and into regularbank and credit-union accounts. HOPE Opens New Full-Service Branch in Utica Celebrates with Ribbon Cutting and Community Fair 11/5 Hinds County, MS – HOPE (Hope Credit Union) has opened a full-service branch to serve residents of Utica, Mississippi, and surrounding communities. The location at 107 Depot Street is fully staffed and able to provide HOPE’s complete range of affordable, responsible financial products and related services. The Clarion-Ledger on November 26, 2011. -By Jerry Mitchell With payday lending and check cashing services growing in popularity, some banks are offering similar services…Bill Bynum, CEO for Hope Credit Union, offers a program where credit union customers can borrow $500 over six months at 18 percent APR.
  14. 14. El Pueblo The Village“As long as injustice continues to take away the power of my brothers and sisters, I shall El Pueblo is an active, vital organization helping continue the journey and the immigrant communities along the Mississippi Gulffight…correcting everything that Coast. stands against love. When love, justice and mercy are our Changing Hearts and Minds: Projects that inform incentives and our agenda, we the public of the immigrant reality in order to combat shall overcome. the growing xenophobia in this country. Peace, Joy and Justice” -Sally Bevill Immigration Legal Services: El Pueblo houses the Hispanic/Latino Ministries Immigration Legal Clinic, which is recognized by the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) of the U.S. Department of Justice. The Clinic is staffed by the only two BIA accredited paralegals in the state of Mississippi. The Clinic provides high quality, low cost, family-based immigration services greatly needed by immigrants of the Mississippi Gulf Coast region. We specialize in family-based immigration. A New U.S. Citizen! Hector Tuesta became a U.S. citizen at a swearing-in ceremony. He is pictured receiving his naturalization certificate with his daughter.
  15. 15. & Values To end poverty and inequity in the South, we believe in building a movement and organization that are accountable to the priorities of low-income communities and supporting them…by…The knowledge, voice, and empowerment of grassroots communitiesIntergenerational movement buildingIntegrity, truth telling, character building, and moral leadershipMeeting people where they are, respect, inclusion, and cultural understandingBuilding individual and community resilience, helping each other learn to help ourselvesOpportunity, equity and justiceQuality, accurate, timely, and user-friendly informationTransparency and accountabilityTaking actionCommitment, consistency, and passion to do what it takes to accomplish our purposePublicly naming our core values and supporting people to live them
  16. 16. Who Are WeThe Gulf Coast Fair Housing Center (GCFHC) is a private non-profit organization.The center was established by the National Fair Housing Alliance and a group ofconcerned Gulf Coast citizens in 2003. GCFHC is active in 6 Mississippi Gulf CoastCounties: George, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Pearl River and Stone. The MissionThe Fair Housing Center of the Gulf Coast Region of Mississippi is dedicated toeliminating housing discrimination and furthering equal housing opportunitiesthrough education, outreach, advocacy, and enforcement of fair housing laws. What We DoGCFHC furthers fair housing by dividing its efforts into 2 major categories:education and enforcement. GCFHC educates Gulf Coast citizens about theirrights under Fair Housing laws and through mass media, presentations, seminars,workshops, publications etc. In an effort to enforce fair housing laws, GCFHCtakes fair housing complaints from individuals. Complaints are researched andinvestigated and clients are assisted in finding the best remedy to their fairhousing issue.
  17. 17. United For A Healthy GulfGulf Fish Forever - The Gulf of Mexico provides jobs, food, andrecreation to millions of people. As a marine habitat, it is anational treasure that we should all want to preserve.Commercial fishing is a key economic driver around the Gulf.Global Warming - The Gulf of Mexico is ground zero for theimpacts of climate change. Rising sea-levels, more powerfulhurricanes, and invasive species are all serious threats to thenatural resources of the Gulf, our homes, and our communities.Healthy Waters - The Gulf Restoration Network works toprotect and restore waters throughout the Gulf of Mexico thatare critical to recreation, fisheries, wildlife habitat, anddrinking water.Natural Defenses - Hurricane Seasons have shown howvulnerable Gulf coastal communities are. As impacted areasrebuild, decision-makers and planners must protect andenhance the natural barriers that help protect our communities.
  18. 18. A Housing Resource Center… Mission: Hope Community Development Agency will leverage resources to build capacity and develop viable, affordable Supporting the and stable neighborhoods. individuals, families,small businesses, and Vision: Hope Community Development Agency will unite neighborhoods of partners to create vibrant and sustainable communities. Biloxi, Mississippi. Case Management - The main focus of Hope Community Development Agency is to assist our clients with obtaining sustainable permanent housing. Community Outreach - Hope CDA also supports efforts to maintain the integrity of East Biloxi by participating in and disseminating information to residents on pressing issues such as: FEMA trailers, Flood Elevation levels, Environmental issues, and any other concerns that affect the quality of life in the community.
  19. 19. Lutheran HEpiscopal engage…educate…empower…Services InMississippi LESM is a faith-based, non-profit organization serving at-risk families and children throughout Mississippi. We serve people of all ages, races, religions and economic circumstances. Our commitment is to help transform the lives of at-risk individuals, families and communities so that they may become more interdependent, secure, empowered, healthy and hope-filled. Our Vision: To rebuild and restore family and community. Our Mission: Guided by Christ’s love and grace, LESM serves as an instrument seeking to bring dignity, healing, justice, hope and encouragement to all people.
  20. 20. Dedicated to the Empowerment of People with Significant Disabilities WHAT WE DO: Supplying information and referral services to allow sufficient access and utilization of available assistance; Furnishing peer support and guidance to encourage, establish and maintain independent living attitudes and philosophies; Rendering advocacy and self-advocacy support on an individual or systems-wide basis; Providing skills training instruction in an array of areas to improve specific independent living abilities and competencies; Assisting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to transitionsuccessfully from institutions back into their own homes and communities and preventing the institutional placement of people with disabilities. Providing or coordinating equipment or supplies, modifications orother services that improve an individuals capacity to live independently
  21. 21. COUNTING IN THE GULF COAST: HIGH EXPECTATIONS; LOCAL FRUSTRATION; UNCERTAIN OUTCOME “…Other active local partners in Louisianas Gulf Coast included Voice of the Ex-Offender, National Urban League, Puentas, Neighborhood Partnership Network, Vietnamese American Youth of Louisiana-New Orleans, and Mary Queen of Viet Nam Community Development Corporation. Partners in coastal Mississippi included Coastal Women for Change, NAACP-Biloxi, and GURLS for Life, 2010 Eden Street, Pascagoula, MS 39581 228-218-2348
  22. 22. At Mercy Housing and Human Development, our main goal is to provide home-ownership opportunities to families whose income is between 30 percent and 80percent of local HUD median income.By collaborating with other organizations having similar missions and values, MHHDuses integrated strategies to provide housing, community and economic developmentfor low-wealth families of Mississippi. Through research, analysis, advocacy, directservices and community organizing, MHHD responds to contemporary needs.Since 1997, MHHD has helped first-time homebuyers purchase homes. The value ofhomes bought since that time tops $6.3 million. Grants awarded by MHHD towardthese purchases exceed $1 million.At Mercy Housing and Human Development, not only are we lighting the path towardhome ownership, but we are staying involved post-purchase with programs thatpromote home maintenance and continuing financial stability. We strive to empowercommunities through home ownership and to enable families to build better lives.
  23. 23. MCJ HIV Epidemic in the South Reaches Crisis Proportion The Southeastern U.S. is Policy Campaigns experiencing the highest At the heart of our mission to create a just society is a rate of new HIV/AIDS desire to build healthy communities across Mississippi. By infections, says the The Mississippi Center for engaging elected officials, faith-based leaders, media, executive summary of a community activists, educators, childcare providers, research report released Justice is a nonprofit, public healthcare professionals and other advocacy partners, the by The Southern interest law firm committed HIV/AIDS Strategy Mississippi Center for Justice provides the legal to advancing racial and Initiative (SASI). perspective to policy initiatives that improve the lives ofeconomic justice. Supported -November 29, 2011 Mississippians. and staffed by attorneys, Mississippi Center for community leaders and IT Support Justices founding volunteers, the Center The Mississippi Center for Justice operates two offices, president and CEO develops and pursues presenting a great need for document transfer and multi- Martha Bergmark strategies to combat office networking between the two offices. An IT expert honored as part of could analyze current systems and technology tools, and President Barack discrimination and poverty offer recommendations for improvements. Technology Obamas Winning the statewide. Future Initiative. trainings are also needed. –October 13, 2011 Paheadra Robinson Honored with Florence Kelley Consumer Leadership Award -October 6, 2011 Volunteer attorneys provide recovery assistance
  24. 24. MCIDTFs own, Rev. Dr. Alice MCIDTF Role and Accomplishments in Graham has been awarded Disaster Response and Recoverythe Purpose Prize to celebratea well life of dedication to the MS Coast Interfaith Disaster Task Force (MCIDTF) was formed in 1980betterment of others and the as a Long Term Recovery Committee to respond to the needs of MS communities in which they Gulf Coast citizens following hurricane Frederick . live."With decades of energy and MCIDTF also coordinates a bi-monthly learning collaborative that passion ahead of them, five brings together mental health professionals, clergy, community people will win the 2011 leaders, and disaster relief professionals for training and networkingPurpose Prize® for improving to address the unmet needs of coastal communities and work their communities and the together to provide solutions that address these needs utilizing world." collaborative efforts. Congratulations, Rev. Graham! MCIDTF Endeavors: MCIDTF is currently working with its partners to address the short and long term impacts of the Gulf Oil Spill Disaster on coastal residences. As a member of South MS Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster it played a key role in the Summit’s organization and coordination. MCIDTF is working with local partners to determine necessary resources for assisting citizens impacted by the Oil Spill Disaster.
  25. 25. MHAP MISSIONThe Mississippi Health Advocacy Program (MHAP) strives to be a strong, effective voice forimproved health care for all throughout the state of Mississippi, especially those whose healthis threatened by poverty, racism, malnutrition and violence. MHAP will work with communitiesto identify health needs and formulate strategies for change, and will research, analyze,propose and promote policies that will enhance the health status of every person, regardlessof financial status.RESEARCH & COMMUNICATIONMHAP researches health care and human services initiatives at the state and national levelsand serves as an information clearinghouse for groups across the state. MHAP providesspeakers for church and professional groups on health policy and advocacy. The programprovides more detailed information on health policy and funding during the legislative sessionthrough special previews, action alerts, and updates and keeps the public informed byproviding timely news links on issues of importance.PROVIDING LEADERSHIPMHAP promotes health system change by developing innovative health and human servicespolicy and monitoring implementation. The program also provides information and support tofront-line workers and poor communities as they work to address problems at the local level.Mississippi Health Advocacy Programs (MHAP) combines research, analysis and grass-rootsorganizing to improve health policies, practices and funding in Mississippi, especially insupport of the state’s poor and undeserved people.
  26. 26. -By Susan Eaton August 10, 2011 One year after Arizona’s dread SB 1070 took effect, progressives have transferred their fear and loathing to the 2011 winner in the mainstream media’s toughest-immigration-law-in-the-nation contest: Alabama’s HB 56.The Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance (MIRA) is a membership-based alliance whichseeks to expand the rights and opportunities of vulnerable immigrants in Mississippi–andby example and extension inform the national policy debate over immigration reform.MIRA works to support immigrants in the exercise of their rights through providing legalservices, organizing, advocacy and public education. MIRA was formed in the Fall of 2000in response to the needs of the rapidly growing, largely Latino immigrant population inMississippi. Through constant vigilance and activity, MIRA members have successfullyadvocated the defeat of anti-immigrant legislation introduced in Mississippi, includingEnglish-only bills and other oppressive measures. Espera y Piensa Stop and Think
  27. 27. ABOUT MLICCI Quality Early Care for All Mississippis ChildrenThe Mississippi Low-Income Child Care Initiative (MLICCI) is astatewide, nonprofit organization of parents, providers, and community leaders working together to: Enhance the quality of child development experiences for all low-income children living in Mississippi; Advocate improved child care policies and greater public investment in child care subsidy programs for low-income families; and Build a strong, grassroots constituency.
  28. 28. MS Rainbow Alliance, originally known as Mississippi Gulf Coast GayCommunity Social Club, has spearheaded the drive to host outstandingevents and provide social support and public information. The primarygoal of MS Rainbow Alliance has been to become a fixture in the communitythat is dedicated to educating and fostering understanding and patiencebetween the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex(LGBTQI) and heterosexual communities with the certainty that it will leadto mutual acceptance and fairness among all residents of Mississippi.MS Rainbow Alliance is committed to the elimination of discriminationbased on sex, gender, race, class, socio-economic status, ethnicbackground, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, cultural background,religious belief, lack of religious belief, HIV status, or mental health
  29. 29. Located in the heart of east Biloxi, Moore Community House serves low-income families with quality child care, MOORE PROGRAMS INCLUDE: education and programsEARLY HEADSTART for communityProviding early care and education for infants to three-year-olds and development, leadership,comprehensive health and family support services--including for pregnant and comprehensive familymothers. MCHs program targets teen mothers so they can remain in school services.and graduate. The program now operates in a new post-Katrina facility onthe Hope 6 public housing site in Biloxi. CHILD CARE FOOD PROGRAM MCHs Child Care Food Program provides each enrolled child with nutritious meals and snacks. It also supports nutrition education.COMPREHENSIVE FAMILY SERVICESCase management starts with an intake interview with each parent and includesa comprehensive family needs assessment. MCH responds where possible andmakes referrals to partner community organizations. EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING REFERRALS MCH offers employment and training referrals for adult residents who live in public housing and have kids in our child care programs.
  30. 30. MOVING FORWARD One person, one vote: The principle derived from the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment that each persons vote should Moving Forward Gulf count the same as every other person’s vote which is Coast, Inc. is a achieved by requiring that all legislative districts be drawn community-based initiative committed approximately equal in population. to Restorative Justice for residents What is Operation Recover and Restore? of the Gulf Coast Operation Recover and Restore is a restorative justice region. project consisting of a threefold awareness and regional advocacy campaign that works with residents from the Gulf Coast through the following community-based initiatives.The New Orleans Black Men & Boys Initiative (NOLA BMBI) MFGC 2010-2013 Redistricting Awareness &The NOLA BMB Initiative seeks to shape a new future for black Advocacy Initiative:men and boys in the great city of New Orleans. This is a multi- Not counting displaced persons who are and haveyear initiative is composed of strategic community and been actively rebuilding will also adversely affectnational campaigns focused on issues of critical impact on congressional redistricting. Louisiana post KatrinaBlack Men & Boys. Community-rooted campaigns will focus on stands to lose one Congressional District and onecommunity-building and policy advocacy. Together these Electoral vote in March of 2011.separate campaigns work toward one shared vision of helpingto make New Orleans a place where Black Men & Boys thrive.
  31. 31. World AIDS Day: Getting To Zero: Take a Stand For FreedomFrom cities and communities to In Your Community: JOINcollege campuses, NAACP units are the stand For Freedomfocused on how to prevent new campaign for voting rights.cases of HIV/AIDS. Daisy Bates Education Founded in 1909,NAACP Takes Death Penalty Summit: December 1-3, the NAACP is theFight to CT: NAACP President & 2011 "Finding Our Way nations oldest andCEO Benjamin Todd Jealous joins Back to First" - Get largest civil rightsTroy Davis sister Kim in details and information organization. FromConnecticut to call for the repeal for this years education the ballot box toof the death penalty. summit Thursday, Dec. the classroom, the 1— Saturday, Dec. 3. thousands of dedicated workers, organizers, leaders and members who make up the NAACP continue to fight for social justice for all Americans. James Crowell Ruth Story Johnis Ross Biloxi Branch Gulfport Branch NAACP Youth NAACP President NAACP President Advisor
  32. 32. Developing Leaders and Transforming Organizations The National Alliance of Vietnamese American Service Agencies (NAVASA) is a national organization whose mission is to improve social and economic justice in the Vietnamese communities throughout the country. NAVASA achieves its mission by implementing three key strategies: (1) Building organizational capacity of Vietnamese-led community-based organizations (CBOs) and faith-based organizations (FBOs), (2) Developing a new generation of non-profit leaders, and (3) Increasing funding support for Vietnamese CBOs and FBOs. NAVASA launched the National Dan Than (Be the Change) Corps in 2004 to prepare a new generation of nonprofit leaders. To date:-3 Dan Than alumni serve as current executive director of nonprofits -2 Dan Than alumni received New Voices Fellowship -Dan Than corps members serve in 10 different host sites: Silver Spring, MD; Springfield, MA; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Biloxi, MS; Houston, TX; Seattle, WA; San Jose, CA; Sacramento, CA; and Oakland, CA.
  33. 33. "The Mission of the North Gulfport Community Land Trust isto protect and preserve the African American culturalheritage, and honor the ancestors of the North Gulfportcommunity through the creation of permanently affordablehousing, community advocacy and reinvestment." There is no Plan B: The cost of the Port of Gulfport expansion for neighboring communities The port expansion may sound like a great idea, but it is actually a total waste ofvaluable money that was supposed to go to the people here. $570 million dollars was allocated to the repair and reconstruction of low and moderate income homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, but our political figures misused those funds. Supporters of the expansion say that this port will bring in more money and jobs to Mississippi.There is the theory that once the Panama Canal expands, the influx of ship traffic will bring business to the port of Gulfport, but is that really how things will play out?
  34. 34. Oxfam America is an international relief anddevelopment organization that creates lastingsolutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice.Together with individuals and local groups in Raymond C. Offenheisermore than 90 countries, Oxfam saves lives, President, Oxfam Americahelps people overcome poverty, and fights forsocial justice. We are one of the 15 affiliates inthe international confederation, Oxfam. ‘This belongs to them’ Haiti: reducing the risk of flooding in Artibonite
  35. 35. The Oil is Still Here and So Are We: Six months after "How many disasters will it takethe onset of the BP disaster, a lot has changed in the until our leaders decide to act? WeGulf region. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar dont want to see one more oilrestructured the former MMS, which oversaw offshore disaster. The BP disaster wasoil and gas activities; improved regulations for supposed to be the wake up call,offshore drilling has been put in place, and; a but we hit the snooze button. Todaymoratorium for deepwater drilling was enacted and the alarm went off again."then recently lifted however, tougher standards have - Michael Brune, Sierra Clubmade it more difficult for oil companies to resume Executive Director.drilling immediately. Dead baby dolphins wash up in Gulf Extremely high numbers of dead baby dolphins are washing up along the beaches “Tell President Obama to clean of the Gulf of Mexico. up our air”
  36. 36. A Rich History Who We Are Richard Cohen at US Supreme The Southern Poverty Law Center is a nonprofit civil rights Court organization dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry, and toThe SPLC was founded to ensure seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of society.that the promises of the civilrights movement became a Southern Poverty Law Center Calls onreality for all. Since our Birmingham to defend Studentsfounding in 1971, we’ve won The Southern Poverty Law Center called on thenumerous landmark legal Birmingham, Ala. community to demand that cityvictories on behalf of the officials stop allowing police officers to use Maceexploited, the powerless and the against students in Birmingham’s public schools.forgotten. Note to Alabama AG Big Luther: Stop Acting So SmallOur lawsuits have toppledinstitutional racism in the South, By Richard Cohen, President When George Wallace stood in the "schoolhouse door” to stop African-bankrupted some of the nation’s American students from enrolling in the University of Alabama, it wasmost violent white supremacist all for show. With Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, we cangroups and won justice for only hope that his position is similar political posturing.exploited workers, abusedprison inmates, disabledchildren and other victims ofdiscrimination.
  37. 37. Purpose Recognized in 2001 as one of A Rich History Mississippis Ten Most Endangered Historical Places, Throughout the 1970s the Turkey Creek estuary was and much of the settled following the Civil War 1980s, Turkey Creeks Derrick land use, folkways, Christopher Evansby African-American freedmen whose twenty- Executive Directorfirst century descendants now find themselves community institutions, and architecturebesieged near the geographic and commercial remained remarkably true to earlierepicenter of Mississippis second largest and times. Land was security passed from onefastest growing city (Gulfport). generation to the next and descendants of the settlers held tight to the long, narrow lots extending south from Rippy Road to the creek and beyond. Perpetual Recovery “I remember the land, where I ran and played and picked flowers. We fished and picked blackberries, we played soft-ball--all on the Turkey Creek. Now it has been taken over by the drug dealers. You see, African Americans couldn’t swim in the Gulf of Mexico, so we played in the Turkey Creek. We also used it for baptizing and fishing. We must save the Turkey Creek-- it saved us.” North Gulfport Community Land Trust Founder: Rose Johnson
  38. 38. MISSION AND PURPOSE Our mission is to provide safe, permanently affordable housing and security from displacement for low- moderate income residents. Our purpose is to build strong and stable communities through the empowerment of its residents by offering access to education, healthcare, training and other resources. Every year, we As neighborhoods improve, we target have made it new partners to possible for hundreds of strengthen our people to receive organization as GED diplomas. A new challenges areYouth IDA Program competitive VITA Tax Preparation embraced. We workforce has continue to made essential explore housing the importance of development and having an advocate for educated housing-related background. needs. Prescription Assistance
  39. 39. Because we are free people, CHÚNG TA NÓI TÊN BẠN born of free people, Bưởi vì chúng ta sinh ra là người tự do, who are born of free people, Sinh ra của tự do, back as far as time begins, Là người sinh ra người tự do, we celebrate your freedom. Từ ngày xưa khi thời gian mới bắt đầu, Chúng tôi ca tụng niềm tự do của bạn. Because we are wise people, Bưởi vì chúng ta là người có trí tuệ, born of wise people, Sinh ra của người có trí tuệ, who are born of wise people, Là người sinh ra người trí tuệ, we celebrate your wisdom. Chúng tôi ca tụng trí tuệ của bạn. Because we are strong people, Vì chúng ta là người hùng mạnh, born of strong people, Sinh ra của người hùng mạnh,who are born of strong people, Là người hùng mạnh sinh ra người hùng we celebrate your strength. mạnh,Because we are magical people, Chúng tôi ca tụng sự hùng mạnh của bạn. Vì chúng ta là người kỳ diệu, born of magical people, Sinh ra của người kỳ diệu,who are born of magical people, Người kỳ diệu sinh ra người kỳ diệu, we celebrate your magic. Chúng tôi ca tụng sự kỳ diệu của bạn.My people, we gathered here to Công dân ơi, chúng ta gôm lại đây để nói speak your names… đến tên bạn……