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We have Partnered with TransPrice for an upcoming transfer pricing summit on 23rd of August, 2013. This presentation shares details of TransPrice as an entity.

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Trans price corporate handout

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation
  2. 2. Outline 1. About Transfer Pricing 2. About TransPrice 3. Practices 4. Solutions 5. Our Approach 6. Our Group 7. Our Group Clientele 8. Contact Us 2
  3. 3. 3 About Transfer Pricing
  4. 4. About Transfer Pricing (1 of 2) 4  Transfer Pricing, worldwide is one of the most complex and challenging tax domain which has a significant influence on the Company’s world wide Effective Tax Rate  It impacts every element of supply chain – R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Marketing, Distribution, Customer Support  Protection of tax base being the motive of every tax jurisdiction, balancing of Transfer Prices has to be well backed up by pricing strategies and business policies that are well documented and justified  India accounts for substantial portion in Transfer Pricing litigation around the globe and is one of the countries having a strong view on the Transfer Pricing law in global community  Evolving business structures necessitate review of Transfer Pricing models and it is here that the Transfer Pricing solutions offered by TransPrice can help you to achieve the desired business objectives
  5. 5. About Transfer Pricing (2 of 2) 5 1 Apr 12 31 Mar 13 30 Nov 13 30 Sep 14 31 Jan 17 31 Mar 23 Beginning of Tax year Close of Tax year Due date of maintaining TP documents and Accountant’s report Limitation of initial assessment Limitation of completing TP assessment Requirement until which FY 2012-13 documents required to be maintained Compliance and Documentation Timeliness
  6. 6. 6 About TransPrice
  7. 7. About TransPrice 7  TransPrice has its core focus on Transfer Pricing steered by Transfer Pricing specialists to provide you with tax optimal solutions  We understand that tax planning, compliance and documentation requirements are the key drivers  We add value with plethora of tax planning & structural activities that helps you to achieve an efficient tax structure, keeping in mind the law of the land  Our extended team consists of dedicated professionals being experts in the fields of finance, taxation, accounting and law Our Values  Technical Expertise  Core Focus  Empower Ideas  Customized Solutions  Continuous Learning  Knowledge Sharing
  8. 8. 8 Practices
  9. 9. Practices 9 I. Planning, Advisory and Structuring II. Compliance and Documentation IV. Representation and Dispute Resolution V. Advance Price Agreements III. Specified Domestic Transactions (SDT) VI. Shared Services
  10. 10. 10 Solutions
  11. 11. I. Planning, Advisory and Structuring 11  Frame and review Transfer Pricing policy to evaluate and eliminate potential risks, advice on pragmatic solutions and achieve optimal group taxability  Advice on profit margins to be maintained through benchmark analysis  Perform a high level diagnostic review in due diligence assignments  Review and preparation of intra group agreements and advice on the appropriate pricing  Planning and Structuring Cost Sharing Arrangements  Planning and structuring on Group’s Functions, Assets and Risks  On call Transfer Pricing Advisory  Review of segmental profitability on a regular basis and suggest solutions
  12. 12. II. Compliance and Documentation 12  Transfer pricing is all about comparability and documentation  A well framed TP strategy supported by documentation is the heart of Transfer Pricing  We are a one stop solution for Transfer Pricing Documentation, including:  Identification of international transaction and Industry Analysis  Functional , Risk and Assets Analysis  Economic Characterization  Selection of most appropriate method  Benchmarking/ Economic analysis to select comparables  Determination of Arms Length Price  Conclusion  Preparation of preliminary benchmark studies  Transfer Pricing Accountant’s report – Form 3CEB  Transfer Pricing report drafting and generating back up documentation
  13. 13. III. Specified Domestic Transactions 13 Phase 1: Advisory and Diagnostic • Review of transactions, policies and agreements/ arrangements • Development of transaction matrix • Advice on applicability of SDT Phase 2: Planning • Functional analysis • Economic Analysis • Determination of Appropriate Transfer Pricing policy for SDT Phase 3: Conclusion, Monitoring and compliance • Monitoring on a quarterly basis for smooth implementation • Compliance & Documentation in accordance with TP regulations
  14. 14. IV. Representation and Dispute Resolution 14 SC HC Income Tax Appellate Tribunal CIT (A) TPO/ AO DRP TPO/ AO Coordination with legal council on matters of substantial question of law Representation before ITAT, assistance in preparation of grounds of appeal and background case Representation and assistance in building up the case file and submissions
  15. 15. V. Advance Pricing Arrangements 15 Phase 1 Decide to enter the APA (feasibility analysis) Phase 2 Prefilling consultation with the Tax Authorities Phase 3 APA Application Phase 4 Negotiation Stage Phase 5 Finalization of APA Phase 6 Furnishing of Annual Compliance Report • Assistance in undertaking the need – time, cost, certainty vs. Flexibility • Assistance in coordinating, preparing and filing application and negotiating terms with the authority • Assistance in compliance, audits, review, renewal and cancellation
  16. 16. VI. Shared Service Platform 16  We provide platform solution to you so that you get subject matter expertise and cost synergies to maintain your transfer prices  We provide a complete Transfer Pricing solutions form a remote locations, for e.g. off the self economic analysis that can be refined qualitatively as per the clients requirements  We can act as your group’s TP cell, managing your transfer prices in the most tax efficient manner  If you are a practicing accountant, we can act as your TP team  Complete back office TP solutions worldwide
  17. 17. 17 Our Approach
  18. 18. Our Approach 18  Our approach is ‘Client Centric’  We believe ‘ One Size fits no one’  We advocate specialization and believe that focus is vital for expert solutions  Especially in the field of Transfer Pricing, where every issue is unique as it deals with different business scenarios, we tailor make the solutions for you  This helps you to create strong documentation and argue the case with the tax authorities on business and economic grounds rather than being monotonous with the same arguments year on year  We believe in proactively dealing with the issues rather than waiting for the tax authorities to pick it. In this manner, you are well aware of the risk and your position before the tax authorities
  19. 19. 19 Our Group
  20. 20. Our Group (1 of 2) 20 Intellivate Capital, provides an entire spectrum of services in Investment Banking, Project Management, Fund Raising and Management Aurum Capital handholds the SME sector with structured and unstructured debt to finance their operational activities through cash credit, working capital and term loans Manish Modi & Associates is a Chartered Accountancy firm providing services in areas of Audit and Assurance, Compliance, Regulatory and Consultancy including finance and tax consultancy
  21. 21. Our Group (2 of 2) 21 TransPrice TransPrice Solutions is a specialist organization, with core focus on Transfer Pricing. It provides expert advisory, representation and compliance solutions in Transfer Pricing arena Brianna Knowledge Resources is a corporate training platform in the field of finance. It is a creation of industry professionals who bring in a synergy of knowledge bases and real time experiential learnings to the training platform Pinnacle Education is a educational training institute molding thousands of aspirants up to Final CA
  22. 22. 22 Select Group Clientele
  23. 23. Select Group Clientele 23
  24. 24. 24 Contact Us
  25. 25. Contact Us 25 CA. Akshay Kenkre Managing Partner TransPrice Solutions LLP Address: Gita Building, 2nd floor, Plot no. 92, Next to HP Petrol Pump, Sion (East), Mumbai - 400022 Tel : 022 - 2408 5928 / 2409 3737/ 409 7171 Mobile : + 91 9819245424 Email :