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India tours

  1. 1. India an Amazing Destination for Adventure LoversDescription:-No trip to India is complete without enjoying various spine chilling activities that itsvarious destinations are ready to offer. Adventure tourism is fast becoming very popular amongvisitors and attracts lots of visitors from across the world to indulge in it.The word adventure is enough to excite you and bring out a passion of traveler in you. MotherNature has been kind in allowing us to explore and admire her pristine natural beauty and for India itis more than happy and thus offers excellent opportunities for adventure tourism over here.Adventure tourism gives you a chance to indulge in hair rising and spine chilling sporting activities. Ifyou are dare enough then you can dive deep into the sea to catch a glimpse of exotic marine life ortrek through the mountain ranges that pass through deep down valleys and zigzag paths. If you arenature lovers then an adventurous wildlife safari will surely charge you and if you love water sportsthen river rafting will surely enthrall you with its splashes of water. Conquering mighty Himalayashas been a dream of every rock climber. So if there is so much to explore and enjoy then why wait.Just book cheap flights to India and get a taste of these entire blood curdling activities and checkyour strength.India offers all this and much more fun. If you are on a holiday trip to India then you can’t afford tomiss these adventurous activities. Some of the must do thrilling activities include:-Skiing in Gulmarg:- Gulmarg takes immense pride in being the best ski resorts .It is grandly knownfor skiing as it houses Asia’s famous heli- skiing resort. Visiting Gulmarg during the month ofDecember will surely tempt you when it is covered with a blanket of snow. Tourists from all over the
  2. 2. world visit Gulmarg from the months of December till mid April to have exciting hours of vacations.Gondola Cable car lifts visitors to the height of 13,400 ft above the sea level and offers thempanoramic views of surroundings. Trekking in Zanskar: - Of all the trans- Himalayan valleys, Zanskar is the most isolated anddangerous trekking route. The temperature in winters can dip as low as -30 degrees making it one ofthe coldest places on earth. Trekking in these extreme conditions could be quite strenuous andnerve chilling experiences for trekkers. The deep down gorges and snow covered mountains thatsurround Zanskar is stunning. Camping in the gorge besides rushing streams of water between thearomatic shrubs is quite a rejuvenating experience for its visitors. Other major attraction of Zanskartrekking expedition is various Buddhist monasteries that represent the rich cultural heritage ofregion.Wildlife Safaris: - India is a home to some of the most exotic flora and fauna and to protect them thecountry boasts 441 animal sanctuaries and among them 28 Tiger Reserves which are governed byProject tiger. Most of these wildlife sanctuaries offer jungle safaris so that guests can explore these
  3. 3. animals and birds in their natural surroundings. Jim Corbett National Park, Kaziranga National Park,Bandhavgarh national park are just few of them. So just book cheap tickets to Jaipur and visit theparadise of birds in Bharatpur.Mountaineering in Darjeeling: - Darjeeling is a popular adventurous destination for mountaineering.The hill station has some reputed mountains that need tremendous energy, strength, vigor and zeal.The ideal period for climbing mountains in Darjeeling is from June to September. It is necessary toget used to the weather conditions before trying to climb the peaks.So why wait book low fare flights to Delhi and from there catch connected flights to visit theseamazing destinations of India that are eagerly waiting for you.KeywordsIndia tour packages, India tours, India tour package, India wildlife tour, incredible India tour, northIndia tour package, south India tour packages, India tour travel, all India tour packages, India tourism
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