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Greenbelt naked spirituality
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Greenbelt naked spirituality


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From Greenbelt 2011. This is drawn from my book Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words.

From Greenbelt 2011. This is drawn from my book Naked Spirituality: A Life with God in 12 Simple Words.

Published in: Spiritual, Education

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  • 1. nakedspirituality
  • 2. ministry aspregnancy coaching
  • 3. something is trying to be born
  • 4. three trimestersthen birth
  • 5. How can they inform your ministry to others? 4 stagesHow can they help you inyour own spiritual journey?
  • 6. William Blake - innocence, experiences, higher experience Soren Kierkegaard - aesthetic, ethical, religious William Perry - dualism (a,b), multiplicity (a,b), relativism (a,b), commitment (a,b,c) James Fowler - primal, mythical-literal, synthetic- conventional, individual-reflective, conjunctive, universalizingKen Blanchard - enthusiastic beginner, disillusioned learner, capable but cautious performer, self-reliant achiever Graves/Beck/Wilber - archaic-instinctive, animist/tribal, ego- centric-exploitive, absolutist -obedience authoritarian, scientific strategic, relativistic-personalistic - communitarian; systemic-integral, holistic,
  • 7. Four Stages of FaithDevelopment
  • 8. Stage 1Simplicity
  • 9. Stage 1 SimplicityYou’re either for us or againstus. It’s all or nothing.
  • 10. Stage 1 SimplicityFocus: Right or wrong? Good orbad?Motive: Pleasing authorityfigures, being an insider “us”Perception: Dualistic
  • 11. Stage 1 Beliefs-everything is known orknowable; there are easyanswers to every question-good authorities/us are the oneswho know the right answers-the bad guys/them are wrong
  • 12. Stage 1 AuthoritiesGodlike, God’s representatives,they know and give answers
  • 13. Stage 1 SimplicityLife is a war.
  • 14. Stage 1Identity: In my leader or group.Relationships: Dependent or co- dependent
  • 15. Stage 1 Simplicity God is …The Ultimate Authority Figure or Ultimate Friend
  • 16. Stage 1 SimplicitySTRENGTHS: highly committed,willing to sacrifice and suffer.WEAKNESSES: Also willing tokill or inflict suffering. Arrogant,simplistic, combative,judgmental, intolerant
  • 17. Stage 1Tell me what’s good and right.Tell me what’s bad and wrong.When you can’t give mecertainty, give me clarity.Preach with confidence.
  • 18. Stage 1 Simplicityhere. thanks. o!
  • 19. Stage 2Complexity
  • 20. Stage 2 ComplexityThere’s more than one way todo things.
  • 21. Stage 2 ComplexityFocus: Effective or ineffective?Technique, winning, successMotive: Reach goals, beingeffectivePerception: Pragmatic
  • 22. Stage 2 Beliefs: -anything is doable-there are many ways to reach the goal-authorities/us are the ones who know how to do it-the bad guys don’t do the right stuff
  • 23. Stage 2 AuthoritiesCoaches. They help you growand succeed with know-how.
  • 24. Stage 2 ComplexityLife is a game.Learn the rules. Play to win.
  • 25. Stage 2 ComplexityIdentity: My cause orachievement.Relationships: Increasinglyindependent.
  • 26. Stage 2 Complexity God is …The Ultimate Guide or Coach
  • 27. Stage 2 ComplexitySTRENGTHS: Enthusiasm,idealism, actionWEAKNESSES: Superficial,naïve, overly pragmatic
  • 28. Stage 2Add to my knowledge.Give me historical context.Give me lists - steps, reasons,viewpoints, goals, examples.Preach with intelligence.
  • 29. Stage 2 Complexity:sorry. help. please.
  • 30. Stage 3Perplexity
  • 31. Stage 3 PerplexityEveryone has an opinion. Whoknows who is right?
  • 32. Stage 3 PerplexityFocus: Honest or dishonest?Authentic or inauthentic?Motive: Being honest orauthenticPerception: Relativistic, critical
  • 33. Stage 3 Beliefs -little/nothing is known or knowable; everybody has an opinion-good people are honest about their questions
  • 34. Stage 3 Authorities are ... Controllers The EnemyTrying to impose easy answers on the naïve Trying to use the naive
  • 35. Stage 3PerplexityLife is … a joke mystery or search
  • 36. Stage 3Identity: In solitude, or among asmall band of similarly alienatedfriends Relationships: Counter- dependent
  • 37. Stage 3 PerplexityGod is … mythic authority I’ve outgrown mysterious reality I’m seeking or opiate of the pathetic masses
  • 38. Stage 3 PerplexitySTRENGTHS: depth, honesty,sensitivity to suffering, perhapsironic humorWEAKNESSES: cynical,uncommitted, withdrawn,critical, depressed, elitist
  • 39. Stage 3Tell me the “downsides.”Give me both (many) sides.Share your struggles.Preach with transparency.
  • 40. Stage 3 Perplexitywhen? no! why?
  • 41. Stage 4Harmony
  • 42. Stage 4 HarmonySeek first God’s kingdom … loveGod, love neighbors … inessentials unity … focus on afew grand essentials
  • 43. Stage 4 HarmonyFocus: Wise or unwise?Fulfilling potentialMotive: Serve, contribute, makea differencePerception: Integrated,synthesizing, sympathetic
  • 44. Stage 4 Beliefs-some things are known, many are mysteries; life is a quest -there is no “them”
  • 45. Stage 4 Authorities people like me imperfect sometimes doing their best, sometimes dishonest,sometimes sincerely misguided
  • 46. Stage 4 Life is ...What you make it (with God’s help)
  • 47. Stage 4Identity: In mutual relationshipsRelationships: Interdependent
  • 48. Stage 4 God is ...Knowable in part, yetmysterious, present yettranscendent, just yet merciful(able to hold truths in tension --“paradoxy”)
  • 49. Stage 4 HarmonySTRENGTHS: May exhibitstrengths of previous stages,plus stability, endurance,wisdomWEAKNESSES: May displayweaknesses of earlier stages
  • 50. Stage 4Give me depth.Manifest awe and wonder.Show me deep connections.Preach with humility.
  • 51. Stage 4 Harmonybehold. yes. [...]
  • 52. Stage 1Simplicity
  • 53. Stage 2Complexity
  • 54. Stage 3Perplexity
  • 55. Stage 4Humility
  • 56. Doubtoccurs atmargins.
  • 57. An observation: Cults and “bad faith” or “toxic” religion can be seen as groupswhich require people to revert to a Stage 1 status and stay there. Stage 1 is easier for the leaders and followers … in a way.
  • 58. An observation: Whole denominations orparachurch organizations seem to specialize in certain stages, and fail people in other stages.
  • 59. An observation:Leaders seldom lead people in a stage beyond their own.
  • 60. An observation:Stage 3 is tough on everybody -- leaders and followers.
  • 61. An important reminderThe goal isn’t to rush through the stages to get to 4 as soon as possible.Each stage has lessons to teach, and prepares for the next.
  • 62. An observation:Jesus models working with people in each stage, and always brings them farther on the journey.
  • 63. A question:How do we minister to people withsuch contrary expectations, needs, issues, and desires? A direction:Explore Jesus as teacher … not justin content, but also in method.
  • 64. We need churches and ministriesthat help people at all levels ... And we need to keep in mind theultimate goal: people characterized by ...
  • 65. love
  • 66. something is trying to be born
  • 67. you are apregnancy coach
  • 68. simplicitycomplexity perplexity harmony
  • 69. nakedspirituality