Christian Faith as a Way of Life
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Christian Faith as a Way of Life



"Christian Faith as a Way of Life," as presented at National Pastor's Conference, February 2009.

"Christian Faith as a Way of Life," as presented at National Pastor's Conference, February 2009.



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Christian Faith as a Way of Life Presentation Transcript

  • 1.  
  • 2. Christian faith as way of life
  • 3.  
  • 4. Do we envision Christian faith working from the individual to the global, or from the global to the individual? Or both?
  • 5. Societal Machine Equity Security Prosperity The Ecosystem Heat Solar Energy Resources Waste
  • 6. Societal Machine Equity Security Prosperity Framing Story
  • 7. 4 Crises: Planetary crisis (Prosperity) Poverty crisis (Equity) Peace-making crisis (Security) Religious Crisis (Spirituality)
  • 8. Jesus didn’t claim to start a new religion. He proclaimed a new kingdom....
  • 9. Imagine what “the kingdom of God” would mean to its original hearers …
  • 10. The Roman Empire was very tolerant of new religions … but not of new kingdoms. Proclaiming a new kingdom could get you killed.
  • 11.
    • Our contemporary understanding of Christian faith is …
      • with a large taboo against holding certain political and social convictions.
        • with a bias toward being good citizens
          • with a concern for religious education
            • with a seldom-spoken of dream of joining God in the healing of the world.
  • 12.
    • Or …
      • with a large footnote about increasing your personal happiness and success through God.
        • with a small footnote about character development
          • with a smaller footnote about spiritual experience
            • with a smaller footnote about social/global transformation.
  • 13. self church world Self-enhancement in this life and the next heaven
  • 14. self church world heaven
  • 15. world self church God’s love, joy, peace, justice
  • 16. Two Denominations: Conventional churches of personal spirituality or institutional tradition. Intentional Churches dedicated to saving creation from human evil, beginning with us.
  • 17. Two Denominations: We may have rightly lost confidence in the privatized/institutionalized gospel … We need to (re)gain confidence in Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom of God.
  • 18. This approach has powerful implications for what it means to identify as followers of Jesus in today’s world.
  • 19. 261 versus 3
  • 20. 261 versus 0
  • 21. Did Jesus come to create “Christians” or to form disciples who would join God in healing our world?
  • 22. Clearly, for the early disciples, the church was an expanding circle of disciples. It was “the embodiment of Christ.” They saw themselves as learners in his way.
  • 23. come, follow me Learn of me, take my yoke upon you I have given you an example Make disciples, teaching them to practice everything I have taught you
  • 24. Be conformed to the image of Christ. Romans 8 Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12 … that Christ may be formed in you. Galatians 4 Learn Christ… Be made new in the attitude of your minds Ephesians 4 Christ in you, the hope of glory … everyone fully formed in Christ Colossians 1 Let this attitude be in you which was also in Christ… Philippians 2
  • 25. This kind of personal spiritual formation involves intentional spiritual practices (or disciplines):
  • 26.
    • Actions within our power which we do to train ourselves to do things currently beyond our power , and to become people we are currently incapable of being.
    • Running a marathon
    • Making or playing a violin
    • Learning a language
  • 27.
    • For example, fasting:
    • - Feeling and acknowledging our weakness in the face of impulses from our bodies.
    • Practicing impulse control.
    • Asserting to ourselves the importance of things other than impulse gratification.
    • Accepting weakness and “poverty” in faith that greater strength and satisfaction can come to us.
    • What benefits could come from this practice?
  • 28.
    • The sermon on the mount
    • Explains how disciples of the kingdom are characterized by a “right/just way of living” which “surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees.”
      • Different attitudes: blessed are …
      • Different role - salt and light
      • Beyond “no murder” to no hatred, anger, insult, or grudges
      • Beyond “no adultery” to no lust or divorce
      • Beyond no lying to no exaggeration
      • Beyond no excessive revenge to no retaliation
      • Beyond loving friends to loving enemies
      • Beyond harsh religious “perfection” to God’s compassionate perfection.
  • 29. How are disciples formed? Through practice(s). ___public worship ___solitude ___sabbath ___meditation ___eucharist ___silence ___study ___spiritual direction ___ practicing God’s presence ___prayer journaling ___fixed-hour prayer ___contemplative prayer ___service ___submission ___simplicity ___feasting/fasting ___pilgrimage ___self-denial ___identifying with Jesus ___reconciliation ___giving ___confessing sin ___reciting creeds
  • 30. How are disciples formed? Through practice. ___public worship ___solitude ___sabbath ___eucharist ___silence ___study ___spiritual direction ___ practicing God’s presence ___prayer journaling ___fixed-hour prayer ___contemplative prayer ___service ___submission ___simplicity ___feasting/fasting ___pilgrimage ___self-denial ___identifying with Jesus ___reconciliation ___giving ___confessing sin ___reciting creeds But this is only half the story …
  • 31. Spiritual Formation through personal practices.
  • 32. Spiritual Formation through missional practices.
  • 33. Jesus calls disciples - men and women who will learn to live a new way of life and experience transformation. Then he sends them out as apostles … people who would bring transformation to the world.
  • 34. the well-formed disciple/apostle Love God Love neighbor, enemy Via Contemplativa Via Activa Good heart Good works Trust Obey Transforming (1) Transforming (2) Disciple Apostle “ interior castle” kingdom of God godliness otherliness
  • 35. the well-formed disciple patient kind not envious doesn’t boast not proud not rude not self-seeking not easily angered no record of wrongs doesn’t delight in evil rejoices with truth always protects always trusts always hopes always perseveres never fails
  • 36. The purpose of personal formation is social transformation
  • 37. And social transformation requires personal transformation.
  • 38. There must be ongoing transformation at every level: Economic, political, social, familial, community, artistic, ecological, legal, business, military, scientific, educational, etc.
  • 39. How are disciples formed? Through personal practices. ___public worship ___solitude ___sabbath ___eucharist ___silence ___study ___spiritual direction ___ practicing God’s presence ___prayer journaling ___fixed-hour prayer ___contemplative prayer ___service ___submission ___simplicity ___feasting/fasting ___pilgrimage ___self-denial ___identifying with Jesus ___reconciliation ___giving ___confessing sin ___reciting creeds
  • 40. How are apostles formed? Through missional practices. ___forgiving ___hospitality ___praying for healing ___not judging ___confronting evil ___serving ___listening ___associating with the lowly ___ holy kiss ___speaking truth in love ___neighborliness ___loving enemies ___preferring poor ___speaking for justice ___proclaiming good news in word and deed ___giving to poor ___throwing parties for poor ___walking to other side of street to serve ___giving ___encouragement ___empathy
  • 41. How is the world transformed? Through communities of people participating in transformation.
  • 42. Does Christ’s church have a mission? Or does Christ’s mission have a church?
  • 43. As the Father sent me, so I send you. (John 20:21)
  • 44. So … the church is the community that joins God for global transformation on every level … It is a community of transforming individuals who participate with God in the transformation of the world: the coming of the Kingdom of God.
  • 45. transformation transformission
  • 46. Spiritual formation is the development of people who are agents of God’s healing … Agents of peace, reconciliation, creativity, courage, patience, urgency, generosity, solidarity with the poor and oppressed, truth-telling …
  • 47. Working out the dynamic tension … Social movements: Confront social institutions, call for change Social institutions: Conserve gains made by previous social movements Oppose current social movements
  • 48. the well-formed disciple
  • 49. the well-formed apostle.
  • 50. the well-formed earth.
  • 51.  
  • 52. Come. Follow Me.
  • 53. world self church
  • 54.  
  • 55.  
  • 56. self church world
  • 57. world self church