Learner information system v.2.0.


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Learner Information System

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Learner information system v.2.0.

  1. 1. INSET TRAINING LIPAY HIGH SCHOOL MAY 28, 2014 Learner Information System (LIS)
  2. 2. What is LIS?  A system for maintaining the registry of learners aimed at meeting the following objectives:  Provide a standardized registration system for learners  Track learner progress/performance  Provide learner information for better program planning and supervision of schools and learning centers  Enhance management of learner records
  3. 3. Pre-Implementation Phase (Aug 2011 – Jul 2012)  DO No. 67, s.2011 – Submission of masterlist of learners enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools as well as ALS programs for CY/SY 2011-2012  DO No. 22, s. 2012 – Adoption of the Unique Learner Reference Number  Centralized generation of LRNs  Dissemination of Masterlist of Learners with corresponding LRNs to schools  Incorporation of LRNs in all records which refer to the learner (eg. permanent record, report card, ALS certificate, diploma, NAT results, etc.)
  4. 4. Roles of the Classroom Adviser •Enroll appropriate enrollees to section handled •Update or correct personal background and information of learners
  5. 5. Learner Reference Number (LRN)  The LRN is a unique and permanent 12-digit number assigned to a person who enters the Philippines basic education program  The LRN is intended to reference a “Registry of Learners” which serves as a centralized and authoritative database of learners’ basic information.
  6. 6.  The LRN offers access to learner profiles in the registry and even performance data as he or she completes the program, whether it be in the formal or non-formal mode of learning  An LRN is issued to a learner when he or she registers in the basic education program either at the start of the program (i.e., kindergarten level) or when the learner transfers from a school and has not yet been issued an LRN
  7. 7. Issue an LRN to learners with no LRN and enroll them Guidelines  All learners enrolled in the school must be issued only one LRN  When a learner without an LRN enrolls, the school must first search the LIS database through the Search Learner by Name facility to ensure that this learner was not assigned an LRN in another school
  8. 8.  Learners without LRN include new entrants, previous SY enrollees who were not issued an LRN, Balik Aral, transferees who were not issued an LRN in their previous school  The school will create a new LRN only if the learner was not found in the database  If the learner was found, the school will
  9. 9. Learner Information System v.1.0.
  10. 10. Learner Information System v.1.0.
  11. 11. Learner Information System v.2.0.
  12. 12. Update default password
  13. 13. Dashboard
  14. 14. Masterlist
  15. 15. Profile of Student
  16. 16. School Forms
  17. 17. .pd f .xlx s
  18. 18. Support
  19. 19. Personnel Record
  20. 20. Update Record
  21. 21. References  DO No. 67, s. 2011  DO No. 22 s, 2012  DO No. 33, s. 2013  Learner Information System User’s Manual v.2.0.  EOSY Updating Manual  http://www.slideshare.net/jaredram55/learner- information-system
  22. 22. Thank You and God Bless!