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Zing-O-Matic Mobile Marketing Platform

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Zing-O-Matic Presentation

  1. 1. AgendaWhy Zing-O-Matic?Who Can Use Zing?Feature HighlightsPricing Info 2
  2. 2. ?Wh at is b ile and n for Mo keting ple Solutio Mar A Sim
  3. 3. COLLECTSingle Integrated Dashboard SEND ENGAGE ANALYZE 4
  4. 4. Incredibly Simple Reach all Contacts All in one placeOne user interface Example: Email reaches 30%; Manage all your customers in onefor all channels Mobile Text 25%; Social 20%, etc. database no matter if they are text, email, social etc.No need to learn Honoring “preferred channel” for One vendor. One price to pay.multiple products each contactTraining Videos / Manuals Hit the same customer multiple All done for you. times in multiple channels 5
  5. 5. Text   to   96362  for a chance to win!
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. 8
  8. 8. ! Drive  traffic  to  your  place  of  business  by  execu/ng  real-­‐/me  promo/ons  and  coupons      ! Grow  customer  contact  lists  with  en8cing  offers  that  encourage  poten/al  customers  to   opt-­‐in  ! Develop  rela8onships  with  customers  by  delivering  new  product  informa/on  and   special  promo/ons  instantly,  helping  to  convert  single-­‐visit  customers  to  repeat   customers    ! Gather  valuable  customer  insight  by  u/lizing  fun  vo/ng  op/ons  ! Reduce  scheduling  problems,  through  no-­‐shows  and  last-­‐minute     cancella/ons  by  crea/ng  a  mobile  reminder  service      ! Analyze  the  effec8veness  of  your  mobile  marke/ng     campaign’s  reach  through  the  use  of  easy-­‐to-­‐understand     analy/c  tools  ! Organize  customer  lists  and  campaign  distribu/on     methods  in  a  comprehensive  web-­‐based  portal  ! Instantly  inform  customers  of  community  alerts,  closures     or  emergency  no/fica/ons   9
  9. 9. Any business preparing for mobile-marketing! 1 0
  10. 10. !    We  maintain  your  list  !    We  manage  your  campaigns  !    We  provide  the  analy/cs  !    Help  drive  business  !    Text  Messages  get  delivered  !    Text  Messages  get  opened  !    Mobile  Coupons  ROCK!     11
  11. 11. 1. Customer texts “Latte” to 69302 2. Customer receives an automated text message right back. Maybe something like, “Thanks for joining our mobile coupon VIP list! Show this text to receive a free Latte with your next purchase. 3. By texting the keyword, the customer has opted in to join your mobiledistribution list, and now using Zing-O-Matic you can text this person in the future to keep him/her connected.
  12. 12. Feature Description IMPORT CONTACTS: Import current customer database from a spreadsheet file. MOBILE KEYWORDS: Utilize mobile keywords or shortcodes to encourage customers to opt-in to the mobile distribution list, then use bulk SMS texting to send marketing messages to the list. ONLINE SIGN-UP PAGES: Customize each Sign-up page to be unique for every occasion so that its catered to the look and feel of your website. Collect mobile numbers, IM screen names, emails, or ALL of them. FACEBOOK WIDGET: Connect with your existing fans and friends who are on Facebook. Collect contact info and have it automatically update your customer database and Twitter feed. 16
  13. 13. Feature Description MOBILE TEXT: Utilize mobile keywords or shortcodes to encourage customers to opt-in to the mobile distribution list, then use bulk SMS texting to send marketing messages to the list. EMAIL MARKETING: Use pre-designed e-mail templates to send and track e-mail marketing campaigns. Use spam filter suggestions to avoid spam filter risk. VOICE BROADCAST: Combine the personal touch of a human voice to your messaging campaign by pre-recording messages people can hear when they pick up their landline or mobile phones. SOCIAL MEDIA: Post to your Facebook and Twitter Networks. 17
  14. 14. Feature Description MOBILE VOTING: Create fun and engaging SMS votes and polls. As people vote via text message, every vote is categorized and tallied. TEXT TO SCREEN: Text a mobile keyword followed by a message to a designated short code which can then be projected onto a large screen at your venue in real time. MOBILE COUPON: Electronically offer freebies or coupon discounts to customers and create unique promotion codes to track redemption and revenues generated from these coupon promotion campaigns. SHUFFLE RESPONDER: Set up a pool of different pre-planned promotional messages to send to your customers when they text your keyword. 18
  15. 15. Plan Monthly Roll Over Max Mobile Max Number of Email Instant Social Price Credits Keywords Email Contacts Message MessageBronze   $49 1000 1 5000 FREE FREE FREESilver   $79 1600 2 8000 FREE FREE FREEGold   $99 2500 3 10000 FREE FREE FREEPlatinum   $149 3000 4 15000 FREE FREE FREEPlatinum +   $199 5000 5 20000 FREE FREE FREE 19
  16. 16. 20 Let’s Go!