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  • 1. Wiki Introduction CustomerVision, Inc.
  • 2. CustomerVision Wiki
    • Replaces email for collaboration
    • Improves communication and accountability
    • Captures and shares company knowledge
    • Improves organizational performance by helping people work together more effectively and to learn from each other faster
    • Without requiring anyone to learn new software or change the way they work
  • 3. 21 st Century Business Practices
    • Enterprise Applications - Yes
    • Online Training - Yes
    • Email - Yes
    • Collaboration - ?
    • If you don’t have an easy and intuitive collaboration solution you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your organization
  • 4. Fits the way you work
    • Can match your look and feel
    • Quickly configured to match your requirements
    • Changes as your requirements change
    • Requires no technical skills to setup or maintain
    • In the past most collaboration solutions have been designed with specific practices in mind. With CustomerVision nothing is hard coded. CustomerVision can easily change to fit the way you work.
  • 5. Ensuring Successful Adoption
    • CustomerVision knows that successful adoptions requires getting people involved. That’s why we make it easy for people to get started quickly and to share the benefits with others. Features like Opt-in alerts, RSS feeds, Email this Page and the seamless ability to invite new users to collaborate are based on our knowledge of what it takes to make sure an organization takes full advantage of this powerful solution.
  • 6. Building Your Business
    • Nothing impacts business performance more than your organizations ability to learn and adapt.
    • CustomerVision’s collaboration technology helps workgroups improve performance but probably the most important impact of CustomerVision is bringing together the captured knowledge into a format that benefits the whole company.
    • Small group collaboration is the engine for a smarter, more adaptable and ultimately higher performing organization.
  • 7. Create
  • 8. Collaborate
  • 9. Discuss
  • 10. Control
  • 11. Report
  • 12. Benefits of Wiki Collaboration
    • Wikis can be open, flexible platforms for collaborative web page authoring.
    • Wikis reduce steps in workflow, but can still be managed and controlled by a product like CustomerVision; levels, RSS, administrative functionality
    • Wikis provide very low overhead
    • Used in place of email, bulletin boards, meetings to enhance and replace replicated and redundancy which reduces employee overhead
    • A great forum for rapid sharing and learning