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2012 Series Presentaion

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Global RallyCross Series information deck

  1. 1. 2012 Series Information Deck! Series Concept! New for 2012! General Information!
  2. 2. Series Concept!The Youth Brand in Global Motorsports!The Global RallyCross Championship is a new sport combining the best elements of rallycross and the X Games. Somecall it the four-wheeled version of SuperCross. The sport features high-flying extreme competition between cars that arerelevant to todays youth. We provide sponsors with an ideal marketing platform appealing to todays millennial consumerswith an ROI not found in other motorsports. !
  3. 3. Series Concept!Formula for Success! Relevant Racecars! Production based racecars linking manufacturers directly with the young buyers of small cars.! Top Personalities! World class drivers and household name action sports athletes.! Dynamic Competition! Compelling races held in major market areas and on unexpected and unusual courses. X Games is the premier event of the series.! Major Exposure! Live primetime broadcasts through a major TV network with global reach and multiple cutting edge media platforms. Events are held in major market areas.!
  4. 4. Series Concept !!Relevant Racecars! A v e r a g e a g e o f a u d i e n c e ! 27! 35! 35! 38 38! 40! 42!Every major automotive race series is talking about how they are trying to reach a younger audience, yet GRC is the onlyone specifically created for it. !The series showcases the performance and durability of small and mid-sized vehicles and connects those cars with wellknown action sports athletes relevant to the young audience.!Rallycross cars are real production based vehicles, not generic “spec” cars like those found in many other race seriessuch as NASCAR or IndyCar. Manufacturers and sponsors can market efficiently to millions of potential customers andachieve high levels of personal identification with the hard fought 16-34 demographic simply through involvement.!
  5. 5. Series Concept !!Top Personalities!No. 38 Brian Deegan ! ! ! No. 43 Ken Block No. 34 Tanner Foust No. 199 Travis Pastrana!No. 33 Liam Doran No. 3 Marcus Gronholm No. 40 Dave Mirra No. 67 Rhys Millen!
  6. 6. Series Concept!Dynamic Competition!5 to 10 drivers line up to start at once, each piloting 500+ hp compact cars through race traffic over a challenging shortcourse that features jumps and transitions between pavement and gravel. Actual finish order determines advancementthrough a series of heat eliminations until the main event. The action is non-stop and strategy is critical. The highlight ofthe course is an extra element featuring a crossover gap jump where vehicles fly over their competitors. Drivers arerequired to take one pass at the jump per heat, which takes more time than the regular lap. Each driver must decide, onthe fly, the best moment to take it.!
  7. 7. Series Concept! Major Exposure! GRC has strategically targeted America’s top DMAs for events. There will be a total of 7 rounds including 2 3! 2! at X Games. Broadcasts are confirmed and will be live and mostly following NASCAR Nationwide races on ESPN. Venues will be announced in fall 2011 and will 1! vary between modified road courses, speedways and 5/6! urban street courses.! 4! 7! Total Population 466,000,000! Las Vegas ! Chicago ! New York ! Atlanta! Los Angles! Los Angeles ! Dallas!Date! Sunday, April 15 ! Saturday, May 5 ! Sunday, May 20 ! Saturday, June 2 ! Saturday, June 30 ! Sunday, July 1 ! Saturday, July 14 !Event! GRC! GRC! GRC! GRC! X Games 18! X Games 18 ! GRC !Population! 2,000,000! 12,000,000! 18,000,000! 5,000,000! 20,000,000! 20,000,000! "9,000,000!Network!Broadcast! Live-10:00PM EST! Live-6:00PM EST! Live-4:30PM EST! Live-4:30PM EST! Live-TBD! Live-TBD! Live-6:00PM EST!Lead-in! TBD! TBD!Online!
  8. 8. Series Concept!The Company We Keep!All professional motorsports are funded through corporate marketing programs, so the goal of GRC is to sustain growth byproviding sponsors massive value. Strategic partners with synergetic platforms have been aligned to cut through the crowdedconsumer landscape and ensure sponsorship valuation goals are achieved for all of our partners.! ! ! ! ! !! Manufacturers promote the series and teams The series will realize exposure in Broadcast, video and editorial through dealer collateral, social media campaigns DiRT platforms and related media material will be developed and and event activation programs.! campaigns. Ideation support and a exploited across all ESPN media platforms. GRC broadcasts comprehensive fan interaction strategically follow NASCAR program enhance events. ! Nationwide broadcasts. ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! Merchandise partners will produce GRC and X Games are offering series branded product to be retailedcohesive marketing packages that through their distribution network will provide sponsors huge value. providing team sponsors brand 2013 Plans call for inclusion of exposure through thousands of GRC rally races in Winter X and retailer locations worldwide.! future International X Games. ! ! !! !
  9. 9. Series Concept!2013 Expansion!In 2013, GRC will add Winter X Games tothe calendar and expand to cover allcorners of the world. This expansion will be ?!coordinated with ESPN’s Global X Gameslaunch and will also include one 7!international GRC stand alone event. ?! ?!Market locations for 2013 events are yet to ! !be determined. !! ! ! ?! ! ! ?! ! ! ?!Total Events in 2013 !12! ! ! ! ! ! ! Championship Rounds! GRC! 6! X Games ! 2! Global X Games! 4! 12!
  10. 10. New for 2012!ESPN TV Production!In 2012, we are pleased to announce full network televisionproduction. ESPN provide our TV production servicesincluding 3D coverage. New features include: !•  Live telecast!•  2D and 3D shows!•  More cameras!•  Extreme camera angles!•  More in-car coverage!•  In-depth car features!•  More athlete features!•  Improved graphics (showing driver progression)!•  Culturally relevant music!•  Presentation of re-cap through webisode style cut– that can be downloaded!•  On-screen timing and scoring!•  Inclusion of real-time car performance data!
  11. 11. New for 2012 !!Increased Marketing Budget!NATIONAL!Series communications will focus on educating the public regarding the sport,athletes and cars.!•  National marketing will be supported by an extensive PR effort utilizing drivers, manufacturer contacts and major sponsor contacts. !•  GRC will provide a full-time in-house PR staff!•  CRM campaign with series manufacturer and major sponsor participation and lists!LOCAL!Local marketing will be focused on building awareness and generating ticketsales:!•  Internet marketing via banner, blog and website.!•  Street teams: Intensive flyer and local canvassing of demographically suitable events.!•  Radio interviews!•  Online interviews (live) with top motorsport media outlets!•  In-store promotions through series sponsors!•  Mobilization of national and local enthusiast clubs!•  Collaboration with venue!
  12. 12. New for 2012!RallyCross Focused Weekend Format!GRC will focus exclusively on RallyCross and will not continue with the SuperRally format going forward. !.!Friday! Load–in / Registration! 09:00 – 16:00! Media Sessions! 14:00 – 16:00! (Qualifying) Heat 1! 16:00 – 18:00!Saturday! Gates Open! 11:00! Practice! 12:00! Heats 2 & 3! 13:00 ! Fan Autograph Sessions! 15:00! National Anthem and Driver Intros ! 16:00! LCQ Heats! 16:30! Main Events! 17:00! Podium! 18:15!
  13. 13. New for 2012 !!Two classes of competition!RallyCross cars are production based vehicles. Most anyrally race car built on a stock unibody and within thedisplacement and tire size limits is eligible. There are twoclasses of competition for 2012: !UNLIMITED !Rallycross racing cars built essentially to FIA EuropeanRallycross Championship “Supercars” specification. Inletrestrictor is 45mm.!LIMITED !Stage rally racing cars essentially built to Rally America“Open” or FIA “Group N” specification. Inlet restrictor is34mm.!Typical specs:!•  Production based “compact” cars!•  All-wheel-drive, limited-slip differentials !•  Sequential shift gearboxes (Unlimited Class only)!•  3,000 lb!•  4-cylinder with a restricted turbocharger !•  500 hp / 500 lb-ft torque (Unlimited Class)!•  350 hp / 350 lb-ft torque (Limited Class)!
  14. 14. General Information!!2011 Metrics! Cars st Rally Ultra Fa 1.6 seconds r Jump 0-60 mp h in ossove Foot Cr lution In sane 70 evo // Mar the RTA Speedway at Irwindale 6 ch 25-2 d on Televise TOYO Live on Driver Autographs, Saturday, 12:15 - 12:45 Gates open at 10:00 AM both days Tickets and information: Grönholm Millen Foust Mirra › 2x World Rally ›X Games Rally › 3x X Games Gold › 24x X Games Champion Drift Champ › 2x Drift Champ Medal Winner @globalrallyx › BMX Legend Round! Dates! Network! Paid Attendance! Nielsen Rating! Broadcast Type! Broadcast Air time! Revolution @ Irwindale! Sunday, April 17! ESPN2/E3! 850! .16! Tape delay! 2 Hours! Twin Peaks @ Seattle! Saturday, May 14! ESPN2/E3! 2800! .21! Tape delay! 1.5 Hours! Last Chance @ Pikes Peak! Saturday, June 25! ESPN! 2900! .45! Tape delay! 1 Hour! X Games 17 Rally Car! Saturday, July 30! ESPN! n/a! .65! Live! 1.5 Hours! X Games 17 RallyCross! Sunday, July 31! ESPN! n/a! 1.38! Live! 2 Hours!
  15. 15. General Information!X Games!The Global RallyCross Championship manages invitationsand competition for X Games rally events on a global scalefor ESPN. Each X Games rally event is also part of the GRCchampionship. Most invitations are extended to the topdrivers who compete in the Global RallyCrossChampionship. The balance are extended to the previousseason’s gold medalists and recognized manufacturerswho may choose their drivers. The media value forsponsors for these events is enormous. 2011 numbers:!- 141,500 people attended X Games 17!-  1.38 Nielsen rating (RallyCross only) with 2M householdimpressions!-  800,000 online video views during four-day window!-  46,000 daily unique visitors to mobile apps.!-  2.2M likes on Facebook!-  1.8M video views on YouTube!TV Exposure!US Viewers: 37,000,000!Global Homes: 232,000,000!Countries: 192!
  16. 16. General Information!Racecourses!GRC tracks can be built in a temporary urban street settings or a stadiums, or on permanent race tracks such as road courses orovals. Courses vary from venue to venue and are less than one mile per lap from standing start to flying finish with a tarmac to dirtmixture ranging from 70/30 to 50/50 depending on the track. There is always a small jump and a large 70 foot gap jump.!Stadium ! ! ! ! ! # Mile Oval!1 Mile Oval ! ! ! ! Urban!
  17. 17. General Information!Fan Experience!OPEN PADDOCK!Fans can see the cars and teams in an openpaddock environment without having to pay extra.!OPEN TROPHY CEREMONY!Fans at GRC races have the opportunity to be apart of the post race celebrations with the driversand teams.!AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS!There is always an autograph session at everyrace weekend. Fans can meet their heroes andhave them sign memorabilia.!FREE ADMISSION FOR CHILDREN!Children under 12 years old are admitted free intoevery event with the purchase of a ticket by anadult.!
  18. 18. General Information! Global TV Reach! TV Households ! 366,000,000! Countries ! 175! North America! Latin America! Europe! Africa! Middle East! Asia! Australia!Households! 103,000,000! 24,000,000! 100,000,000! 1,000,000! 3,000,000! 133,000,000! "2,000,000!
  19. 19. General Information!Websites! > Action Sports > Global Rallycross Championship !
  20. 20. General Information!Facebook sites!X Games ! ! ! ! ! Global Rallycross Championship!
  21. 21. General Information!Mobile apps!X Games ! ! ! ! ! Global Rallycross Championship (Coming April 2012)!
  22. 22. General Information!!Social Media Reach! Social Media Partners! X Games! ESPN! Hot Wheels! Dirt 3! Etnies! Monster! 18%! Ford! 49%! Subaru! ! ! !! ! ! Hyundai! Honda! ! ! ! 4%! Dodge! ! !! Rockstar! ! ! Cooper Tires! 29%! Red Bull! ! ! Travis Pastrana! Dave Mirra! Ken Block! Tanner Foust! ! ! Brian Deegan! WRC! Best Buy! Marcus Gronholm! X Box 360! Monster WRC! Colin McRae! DC Shoes! Likes "9,700 " 45,158,000! Supercross! Shaun White! Tweets "1,500 " 1,500,000! Nitro Circus! Rob Dyrdek! Speedhunters! Views "250,000 " 160,000,000!
  23. 23. General Information!!Racecar Comparisons!.!Acceleration 0-60mph! 1.9 sec! 4.8 sec! 5.5 sec! 3.8 sec! 2.0 sec! 4.2 sec! 5.3 sec!Engines!2.0L i4T 600hp! 1.6L i4T 350hp! 2.0L i4T 275hp! 3.0L V8 650hp! 2.4L V8 750hp! 5.0L V12TDi 650hp! 5.7L V8 550hp!Platform! AWD! AWD! FWD! RWD! RWD! RWD! RWD!Typical car build cost ! $350,000! $1,000,000! $400,000! $750,000! $60,000,000! $5,000,000! "$500,000!
  24. 24. General Information!! Series Partner Levels and Benefits! Title! Presenting! Associate! Manufacturer! Suppliers! Contingency!Naming and series logo rights! ✓!Logo on number backers! ✓!VIP rides! ✓! ✓!Spectator Guide pages*! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!Website and collateral branding! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!Access to series media assets! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!Event tickets! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!Vendor area prime space! ✓! ✓! ✓!Track banners! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!PA announcements! ✓! ✓! ✓!Paddock area prime space! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓! ✓!
  25. 25. General Information!!Media Opportunities! Available!TV Spots! ✓!Integrated On Air Specials! ✓!Composite event logo in opening title card with audio! ✓!Name in text where feasible for bumps/rejoins/$ ✓!locators/leader boards!Audio mentions! ✓!On Air Extra: In car camera branding on all cars! ✓!On Air Extra: Interview with corporate representative/athlete ! ✓!On Air Extra: Featured car tech highlight! ✓!On Air Extra: Logo for final running order! ✓!Access to series media assets! ✓!Victory Circle presentation to drivers by corporate representative! ✓!Race results page sponsorship on! ✓!Rotating media targeted to Rallycross section! ✓!Inclusion in ESPN/GRC social media initiatives! ✓!
  26. 26. General Information!!Manufacturer Partners!Only recognized manufacturers will qualify for the Manufacturers Championshipand most X Games invitations will be extended to the same. The number ofmanufacturers who will be recognized is limited and determined prior to theseason. ! 2011 Recognized Manufacturers!To be recognized, a manufacturer will need to meet the following requirements:!•  Sponsorship of the Global RallyCross Championship Series as a manufacturer partner through a media buy on ESPN.!•  Assist with at least one legal rallycross car build to their Factory Team.!•  Create a media (traditional and social) push to support the Factory Team. !Our relationships with car manufacturer partners are essential to the stability,growth and future success of the series. Manufacturers promote the series andteams through dealer collateral, social media campaigns and event activationprograms!A manufacturers council is established to give partner manufacturers an openplatform to discuss and make decisions regarding their issues and do thefollowing:!•  Maintain transparency amongst manufacturers. !•  Protect the manufacturers’ significant investment in the series. !•  Provide the most effective sporting and marketing platform possible. !•  Create a level playing field. !•  Contain unnecessary cost.!
  27. 27. General Information!!Team Presentation!The Series will maintain and enforce strictstandards on general presentation ofvehicles, transporters and crew for teamscompeting in the all wheel drive classes:!•  Each team’s personnel must wear uniform track clothing which should present the logo of the manufacturer and series logo as well as their own sponsor logos. (A document on graphic standards will be made available for further details). !•  The series, the manufacturer and series sponsors will receive branding on drivers suits on the cars.!•  The paddock awning must be fitted out, with a floor covering and and pit panels in accordance with series deign standards. !•  The series will provide each team with one pit panel confirming the name of the team, its nationality, the make of the car and its racing numbers to be displayed in the awning or pit entrance.!
  28. 28. General information!!Feedback! "The racing was exciting to watch. You never knew what could or would happen… AWD was amazing to watch, you don’t get a real sense of the speed on TV or internet until you see them launch in person..."Its sure fun watching it. So many near Made me want to convert or build a car for this...”!misses, so many close calls, nail biting, Grant, Fan from Denver !side-by-side racing.”! .!Fan post on! "Motorsports enthusiasts believe all versions of auto racing are pretty extreme, but rally is certainly among the "Watching six cars going into the first two more exaggerated forms — with turns of the paved oval before darting RallyCross perhaps the ultimate.”! into the infield was electrifying.”! David Green, Edmunds Inside Line! John Rettie, Road and Track "
  29. 29. Contact Information!!Rallycross Management! Media Office!President! The GRC Media Office provides accreditation for media. InterestedBrian Gale! media outlets and team media personnel must apply for! or race-by-race credentials through the GRC Media office.!720.217.7147! PERMANENT PASSHOLDERS!CEO! A limited number of permanent media passes will be allowed forChip Pankow! 2012 to journalists and photographers providing regular! for recognized outlets, as well as to Team Media personnel.917.456.2500! Permanent pass holders will be required to provide letters of assignment. !General Manager!George Tamayo! RACE-BY-RACE ACCREDITATION!! Race-by race requests will be handled by GRC Media.!303.304.0550! FACILITIES ! Journalists and photographers have access to each venues media center, with every effort made to include internet access, storage lockers and timely competition information.! GRC Media Office:!