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Public Portfolio

  1. 1. I engage end-users in my design process DESIGN PRINCIPLE 1. Provide Consistent Models 25because without them our software and products & Methods of Navigationare irrelevant. Paternalism is self-defeating. XBOX IDEO XBOX & IDEO Con dential April 2008 24 Design Principles These Design Principles help us decide how to design the channel experience. 1. Provide Consistent 2. Support Shallow and 3. Meet User Expectations and Appropriate Models Broad Exploration of Premium Performance of Navigation 4. Aid Quick 5. Provide Engaging Previews 6. Surface the Social Layer Decision Making USER PROPOSITION “I intuitively know what to 7. Speak in 8. Celebrate the Content 9. Support Customization press without having to think Familiar Language or read excessive labels.” XBOX & IDEO Con dential April 3rd 2008 DESIGN PRINCIPLE 40 97 8. Celebrate the Content Our Approach Push Pull X-Factor USER PROPOSITION “I love seeing all the choices without the clutter of navigation options. I love seeing what the game is really like before waiting for the demo to download. ” XBOX & IDEO Con dential April 3rd 2008 I don’t know what I 80 Navigation want, so make I know what want, so This is so cool! I can’t do this on my PC. Choosing one media form over another give me control. entertainment. When asked what people would do if 15, 30 or 60 min of free time, most do a delight. people don’t consider turning on their console unless they have at least 30 min of time.Refreshed XBOX Live interface Consoles represent a ‘barrier’ to start-up compared to other media options. HMW maximize the feeling of a fast start-up and ‘arrival’?XBOX Live User Experience > TVIDEO San Francisco I don’t have to I have to make Experiencing ESPNTeam Lead - 3 Person Team Content work to enjoy it. decisions to push Sunday football was Music IM, Text, Email This movie goes on this game forward. different and better on without me. Social SiteUser Research, Strategy, & Design XBOX. Mobile Game2008 - 6 Weeks Console Game MovieI led a small team at IDEO to look atthe current XBOX Live offering and Socializing and digital media Datenight for non-gamer Kentaro, 27, and his girlfriend 77 Barriers to reaching new audiences 81 Choosing one media form over another 79user experience. XBOX Live is not includes sitting together on the Michaela and her family enjoy any and all media they can do together - particularly TV shows like American Idol, watching “I only play Playstation2 laptop computers while which involve voting. They host impromptu ‘bets’ betweena game; it’s the menu system used family members on who the winner is going to be. when I feel like turning everything on.” Gerard, 12 HMW integrate social options that align with behaviors families already navigate the consoles features, HMW support multitasking What if we overlay social experiences onto passive media (e.g. judging a performance)? entertainment? We got this sense from many - it takes time topurchase content and communicated get into an experience on the console. Other mediawith friends. There was several options that more quickly deliver (music, TV) often trump the choice to startrounds of concept generation and up the console. People want to simply turn something on and beuser testing. XBOX used our input help guide them during the next What if Live behaved more Meghan regularly plays Xbox games with her gamer boyfriend, Warren. He has to like a TV - starting off on do all the set-up for their Rockband gaming sessions and then she steps into play. the channel last viewediteration of the XBOX Live experience. She probably could to it, but it’s too much work with too many steps. rather than the home page? HMW make set-up more accessible to secondary players?Many of design principles wereimplemented to success and popular Presentation to XBOX of user research, design principles and strategy.praise from game critics.16 Portfolio Brian Hoffer 17
  2. 2. My expertise in software design and development isdirectly applicable to the new technology that playsan increasingly crucial role in architecture. Computer Projector Camera Projected Person FigureInteractive Video Installation >University of Design BaselIndividual ProjectVideo, Design & Programming2004 - 3 WeeksThe figure, projected onto a column,walks forwards or backwards inresponse to people’s movements.The figure’s image shifts apart intocolored layers depending on thecolor of your clothes. When motionis no longer detected the RGBfigures converge on their originalposition and wait for the nextstudent to pass by. The MAX MSP Jitter Patch controlling the video projection.18 Portfolio Brian Hoffer 19
  3. 3. I teach qualitative design research methods to COMFORT - DESIGN CONCEPT SKELETON CARTgive my students context for design decisions beyondtheir preferences, intuition and life experience. OBSERVATION Street carts are heavy and non-flex- ible. INSIGHT Many people dont use carts because of the space and the labor they require. HOW MIGHT WE Make it a cart thats easy to move and set up? CONCEPT We designed a light, easy to set up cart that can offer enough space yet be easy to transport. Innovation II Workshop - 2009 - Guest Lecturer, Brian Hoffer - Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, S.C. 7 OPPORTUNITY AREA COMFORT INSIGHT INSIGHT INSIGHT Innovation Workshop If there were more places The stands and carts are People like the street COMFORT - DESIGN CONCEPT MOBILE RESTAURANT to sit, street food would difficult to move and set food but miss the comfort Street Carts Culture > be more appealling. up, so they tend to look that they can find in a Centro de Estudios Superiores OBSERVATION cheap and messy. restaurant. Street Carts often ort of a restaurant. de Diseño de Monterrey. (CEDIM) HOW MIGHT WE INSIGHT This makes them lose Provide more comfortable HOW MIGHT WE customers. Monterrey, Mexico HOW MIGHT WE HOW MIGHT WE 18 Students- 2 Weeks, 4 hrs/day seating but easy to move We could provide to the How can we give people Make a street cart feel like a restaurant? and store for the owner? owner a new alternative the comfort of a restau- CONCEPT Curriculum & Teaching We could recycle a to set up and move easi- rant on the street? bus into a two story food cart. The second 2009 - 2 Weeks er? floor would provide dedicated seating. I’ve taught a series of design Innovation II Workshop - 2009 - Guest Lecturer, Brian Hoffer - Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, S.C. 3 research workshops to first year Innovation II Workshop - 2009 - Guest Lecturer, Brian Hoffer - Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, S.C. 9 undergraduate students. My COMFORT - DESIGN CONCEPT TRANSFORMER CART workshops emphasize how to connect research insights from OBSERVATION Food carts dont have the real world observations with comfortable seats or dont have seats at all. targeted design concepts that fulfill INSIGHT Food carts dont have seats because the identified needs. The subject of my owners have no time to take chairs out or they have no space for first workshop was Mexican street them. HOW MIGHT WE Make seating more con- cars. The challenge for the students venient or easy to set up for food vendors? was to identify worthy problems and CONCEPT We propose a new solu- tion system of chairs create innovative solutions. All integrated inside the food truck. work was done in teams. Innovation II Workshop - 2009 - Guest Lecturer, Brian Hoffer - Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey, S.C. 5Class pictures from my workshops at CEDIM in Monterrey MX, 2009 & 2010. A mexican street cart. My student’s presentations. The School in Monterrey Mexico. Classroom collaboration.22 Portfolio Brian Hoffer 23