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  1. 1. By:Brian Diniz
  2. 2. Table of contents Title Table of contents Timeline Events (slides 4-7) Map Events (slides 9-12)
  3. 3. TIMELINE
  4. 4. Germany became a totalitarian Germany became a totalitarian state because of Prussian, and the depression. One of the reasons Russia became totalitarian was because Prussian was over thrown. The second reason was that a black cloud of depression hit Germany so they were forced to become totalitarian.
  5. 5. Night of broken glass In November 7th an event called night of broken glass took place. One of Germany’s many generals gets killed in Paris. Hell breaks loose and every Jewish business destroyed.
  6. 6. Austria was annexed When Austria was annexed they had to form Anschluss. They were annexed to Germany’s third Reich on March 12th 1938.To be annexed means to add to one’s town or territory.
  7. 7. Czech crises Czech crises lead Germany to catching Sudetenland. In a rush to capture Czech Germany decides to harass them so they could get it fast. France and Britain didn’t want to have a fight with Germany so they gave them Sudetenland without a fight.
  8. 8. Nazi map
  9. 9. soviet non-aggression pact The Nazi soviet non-aggression pact was pact signed by Hitler and Stalin. This was like a treaty between Poland and Germany, this made it so Hitler would not attack the soviets, nor would the soviets attack Germany. This was all broken when Hitler invaded Poland.
  10. 10. Germany invaded Poland When Germany invaded Poland, Stalin did not know what was happening because of the non-aggression pact signed by both Hitler and Stalin. Poland was not prepared so Germany easily took Poland without a fight. Stalin was not happy; he now knew that Hitler was not to be trusted.
  11. 11. Hitler invades the Soviet Union Hitler had the upper hand so he decides to invade the Soviet Union. Hitler launched operation Barbarossa, and this would later cause many casualties in Russia. Hitler was unstoppable at this point the soviets were just getting destroyed.
  12. 12.  In 1933 Hitler began what is known as the holocaust, this was made to kill all Jews. Hitler put all the Jews he could find in camps that tortured them and sometimes killed them. Hitler’s actions had gone too far, he knew he was going to get captured as a war criminal, he did a move that is called the “final solution” this was made to eliminate any evidence of torture done to Jews, but his plan failed so he killed himself.
  13. 13. Sources: /2011/02/inglorious-bastards- postmodernism.html (timeline) (images)