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  • 1. Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez Departamento de estomatología. Yeso parís o Yeso Blanco Alumna. Medina Hernández Brianda Isidra Dr. Alfredo Nevárez Rascón
  • 2.  Is a fragile plaster which is obtained by heating gypsum at 110 ° c, is used for castingstudy models, has a strength of 450 kg per cm2 Fig. 2 Ground gypsum http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/ a/a7/Calcium_sulfate_hemihydrate.jpg
  • 3. Plaster of paris is also called: Fig.3•Gypsum Modelo de yeso tipo II•Snow White.•Gypsum plaster•White Plaster•Type II. http://es.ruthinium.it/dentadura-postiza/productos/plasters/
  • 4.  This is the most used in dentistry, is used for mounting on articulator and prosthesis Fig. 4 Prosthesis model made ​with plaster paris. http://www.evolucionodontologica.com/?cat=17&paged=2
  • 5.  Common plaster Yeso of París o Type II Lime plaster Cement plaster Fig.5 Cement plaster. http://materialdental.blogspot.com/2011/02/yes os-de-uso-dental.html
  • 6.  All have the same chemical formula. They have different physical properties. All they are derived from same material The main difference is the way to eliminate some of the water gave hydrated sulfate. You can also use synthetic gypsum to manufacture some products but are less popular because of its high cost.
  • 7.  The water is placed in a plastic cup. Powder is added. Allowed to stand in water for about 30 seconds. It minimizes the amount of air that is incorporated into the mixture during the mixing. Perform the mixing with a rigid sheet metal spatula. The manual consists spatula stir the mixture vigorously. Properly mix to obtain a uniform mixture, rubbing in circular motions and try to dissolve any lumps and to wet the entire mixture
  • 8. In dental use is found as:Calcium Sulfate CaSO4 · H2O.And when mixed with water :CaSO2· 2H2O Fig.6 Calcium Sulfate http://fyq4eso.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default
  • 9.  optimal immobilization  Dirty apply. Moldable.  Takes to set. Cheap.  Voluminous. No loss of volume.  Heavy.  Do not wet.
  • 10.  Gyprock Dental Plaster. Boral. Denflo. Yemsa.
  • 11.  http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yeso#Yeso_Par.C3.ADs_o_Tipo_II http://www.tuodontologo.com/tuodon/articulo.php?idarticulo= 272&tipocategoria=o http://www.slideshare.net/GrupoIsep/clases-de-yesos-en- odontologa http://depositodental.tripod.com/marcas.html http://dentala2z.co.uk/Yeso-De-Piedra http://protesistadental.blogspot.com/2006/11/clasificacin-de- yesos_116395478531374938.html http://www.monografias.com/trabajos88/yesos-dentales- utilizados-odontologia/yesos-dentales-utilizados- odontologia.shtml http://www.slideshare.net/abuelo1990/yeso-odontologico