New to triathlon training


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Triathlon training tip for beginner triathletes in Ireland by Irish Triathlon.

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New to triathlon training

  1. 1. New – 2 - TriIrish Triathlons for beginnersSwim sessions for beginnersCycle tips for new cyclistsRun sessions for triathletes
  2. 2. What this is. What it’s not.• Key points to cut through the mass of information and advise out there.• Highlighting the most beneficial things that will get you to the finish line, as apposed to chasing that extra 1% of speed.• Irish Focused
  3. 3. Irish Triathlons for beginners**All events cater for beginners, but a few stand out• Pool based triathlons – early season ▫ North Tipp – overNow over or sold out ▫ Portlaoise – over ▫ Fingal – NAC (sold out) ▫ Limerick – Joey Hannon (sold out) ▫ Derry – Liam Ball & Roe Valley• River/Lake based triathlons with cycles on closed roads ▫ DublinTri: Kilcock ▫ TriAthy ▫ TriAthlone ▫ Dublin City• ** This is my view, but I suspect most race organisers think that their event is the ideal beginners triathlon.
  4. 4. Swim session for beginner triathletes• Technique focused• Short distance intervals 50m to 100m• Good recovery• Avoid long slow swimming• Get out into open water• 4 sample session for beginners and improvers are attached.
  5. 5. Lots of good videos on Having trouble viewing clip, click here ? http://www.yo ch?v=PTlwsGSj F-8
  6. 6. Bike training fortriathletes• Bike fit for comfort ▫ If your bike is not comfortable you won’t spend time training on it, let alone race well on it.• Bike handling & Cornering ▫ No fitness is required, but the safety and speed benefits are significant: (Free speed).• Long steady rides ▫ The most beneficial training for triathlons.• Intervals ▫ For that extra bit of speed (final 10%)
  7. 7. Bike handling & Cornering• You will probably be racing in groups (the race referee may try to stop it, but it happens!!!)• Pick a quite road corner or series of corners to practice (eg. S-bends in the Phoenix Park).
  8. 8. Long Stead group rides – enjoy IrelandThe most beneficial training for triathlons.
  9. 9. Run training fortriathletes• Avoid injury by ▫ Moderate Volume  Increasing volumes slowly.  One long (1hour plus) run a week, max.  More shorter (30-40min) runs instead. ▫ Technique: Landing on your mid-foot or toes ▫ Warm-up & Stretching??? ▫ Intensity: Run with friends at a pace which allows talking for 90% of your running.• Brick session (bike followed by a run) ▫ These are the icing on the cake to get that extra 5%.
  10. 10. Landing on your toes
  11. 11. Any Questions?• You can contact me at ▫ ▫ ▫ ▫• A bit about myself: For clarity and so you can see if there’s any bias in my recommendation. ▫ Coach with Belpark Triathlon Club ▫ I currently organize the Dublin Duathlon Series, Dublin Triathlon Series (Kilock, Skerries & Blessington), WAR: Wicklow Adventure Race & Kilkenny City Triathlon. ▫ I run and setup TriAthy.