Leaving Cert 9 Stress Management

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  • 1. Stress What Is It? How To Manage It.
  • 2. What Stress Isn’t… Study, Exams, Work, Finances, People Who Bother You..
  • 3. Definition : Stress Is A Response Of The Body To Any Perceived Demand
  • 4. A Reaction In Your Mind And Body To An Event In The Outside World That Alarms You.
  • 5. Your Response Could Be :-
  • 6. Your Heart Beats Faster Your Breathe Faster
  • 7. You Feel An Adrenaline Rush
  • 8. Blood Moves From The Center Of Your Body To Your Limbs.
  • 9. Your Pupils Dilate Your Muscles Tighten Up
  • 10. How We Fail To Manage Stress
  • 11. If We Ignore It , It Will Go Away It Might But… It Usually Gets Worse!
  • 12. Other People Cause My Stress
  • 13. YOU Can Control YOUR Response To Other People…
  • 14. Next Time I’ll Dot It Differently
  • 15. Unless YOU Plan To Change What You Do And Learn New Skills Chances Are You’ll Do The Same Thing.
  • 16. “If I Just Push Myself A Little Harder”
  • 17. Know Your Own Limits
  • 18. Physical And Mental Health Is The Basic Foundation Of All Stress Management
  • 19. Stress Management Works Best When It Is A Lifestyle And Not A Response To A Particular Event
  • 20. Does That Mean I Need To Be Aware Of Stress Management Techniques Everyday??
  • 21. Only If You Want To Be Good At It!!
  • 22. Physical Health is The Basis For All Good Things…
  • 23. Yes, Eating Right, Sleeping Right, And Getting Moderate Exercise Are The Building Blocks Of Good Stress Management
  • 24. What Can You Change? Take A Look At Your Lifestyle And Decide Whether You Need To Change Anything
  • 25. See The Presentation On Classroom Guidance For More Advice ‘A’ To ‘Z’ Of Management