Junior cert 3 anger management lesson 1
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Junior cert 3 anger management lesson 1






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Junior cert 3 anger management lesson 1 Junior cert 3 anger management lesson 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Anger managementAnger managementLesson 1
  • If possible sit in acircle
  • In Turn Say your name and yourfavourite food
  • Now in Turn Say your name andAn animal would you like to be and why?
  • Round three• Say your name and what you are lookingforward to over the next few weeks
  • How do you want to treat each other?”Brainstorm ideas(group Leader to write them down)Ground RulesGround Rules
  • RespectWhat would be signs of respect?What would be a lack of respect?If this happens how would you like the groupleader to deal with it?
  • ConfidentialityConfidentiality““what is said in this groupwhat is said in this groupstays in the group”stays in the group”Why is it important that?Why is it important that?
  • It may behelpful to haveall prepare andsign anagreement.
  • Writedownagreedgrouprules.Now signit- like acontract.
  • Setting the Scene
  • In this Lesson you will learnIn this Lesson you will learnWhat is anger?The situations you get angry inTo look at anger from a different angleYour main warning signals
  • What is ANGER?What is ANGER?
  • BrainstormDifferent types of angerExisting ideas about anger
  • In which of thefollowing do youbelieve you shouldbe angry?
  • You see an adult beating a5-year-old child.
  • A teacher blames you in the wrong
  • Someone accidentallystands on your toe
  • You can’t find your new shirt/top
  • A factory pollutesthe drinking waterwhere you live
  • You drop your mobilephone into the toilet.
  • You learn you have an incurableillness
  • Someone sayssomething nasty aboutyour family
  • Think OF Your Own Anger Situation?Think OF Your Own Anger Situation?
  • Who is normally involved?
  • Where does it happen?
  • Discussion: Anger From DifferentDiscussion: Anger From DifferentAnglesAngles1. Should people be fined for being angry in public?2. Should people be barred from pubs because theyget angry easily?3.
  • Discussion: Anger From Different Angles(Cont...)1. Is anger always bad?2. Would it be a good idea to remove angercompletely from your life?
  • 1. Is it good to hide your anger?2. Is it worse for the opposite sex to be angry?Discussion: Anger From Different Angles(Cont...)
  • 1. Do boys and girls show anger in different ways?2. Do they get angry about different things?Discussion: Anger From Different Angles(Cont...)
  • 1. Should parents be angry with their children?2. How does alcohol or other drugs change howpeople get angry?3.Discussion: Anger From Different Angles(Cont...)
  • How might anger affect your happiness?
  • Signs
  • Write Down Your Top Three Warning Signs••••••
  • In This Lesson You Learned1. What is anger2. The situations you get angry in3. To look at anger from a different angle4. Your main warning signals