Transition to College


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Transition to College

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Transition to College

  1. 1. Transition To College
  2. 2. • Common hopes & fears about college. • Features of college. • Are you ready? • The cost of college if living away or at home. In Unit 21 You Will Learn About
  3. 3. Transitions are difficult. You’ve had two so far: • Primary to secondary school. • Junior to Leaving Cert. Now: • School to work. • Or school to college.
  4. 4. List three things you are looking forward to at college. P.88
  5. 5. List three fears you might have about going to college P.88
  6. 6. Some Features Of College:
  7. 7. Independent Study • Study without the teacher directing. • There are not always notes to learn off. • There are not always “right answers”.
  8. 8. You have to support all your arguments with examples, quotes and references. Are you doing this? Can you do this? P.88
  9. 9. Hint: Attend all lectures and classes, labs & tutorials. Ask for help if you are lost.
  10. 10. Higher Level Study: Courses are very demanding & you have to work. For example, reading some of Shakespeare’s plays and writing about them on your own.
  11. 11. Translating, speaking & improving your foreign language skills. Reading literature in a foreign language.
  12. 12. Learning advanced calculations / formulas and generating solutions to mathematical / scientific problems.
  13. 13. P.88 Conducting scientific experiments, recording & analysing data. Are you ready for this? Are you up for it? P.88
  14. 14. Hint: • Do personal reading and writing. • Explore your chosen subjects through the media and online. • Know some of the themes and issues.
  15. 15. Making Deadlines Assignments instead of homework, many of which count for assessment. Can you pace yourself to work on these assignments? P.88
  16. 16. Hint: • Don’t leave it to the last minute. • Begin as soon as you get them. • Don’t let them accumulate. • Keep working on them regularly. • Revise and update continually.
  17. 17. Your existing friends are unlikely to end up doing your course, so you will have to make new ones. Even if some are there, you’ll still be expanding your friends. How good are you at that? Making Friends: P.89
  18. 18. Hint: • Get talking to someone at each class or lecture. • Join clubs and societies. • Consider everyone you meet as a potential friend. • Almost all are in the same boat.
  19. 19. Fitting In: You may be conscious of your accent, your lack of knowledge, your lack of money or your “oddness”. Can you fit in? P.89
  20. 20. Hint: Colleges are full of odd bods and eccentrics. They are very accepting of differences. Everybody is new, all find it hard to adjust. Be yourself, and if you accept others they will accept you no matter how different you are.
  21. 21. Drinking & Partying: Colleges are notorious for these activities. Can you handle these and still study? P.89
  22. 22. Hint: Never drink to the point of blacking out. Be aware of the dangers involved in heavy drinking and excessive partying. Never miss a lecture or class because of it. Don’t do it the night before placements or exams.
  23. 23. There are 80% drop- out rates in some 3rd Level courses! Students drop-out for many reasons, but some do because of lack of organisation & not being prepared.
  24. 24. Are You Ready? Add up & record the numbers of Yes, No & Maybe. P.89
  25. 25. Think of three things you can do to be more prepared. P.89
  26. 26. Do you now feel you are really ready for college? P.89
  27. 27. What Does College Cost? College is expensive - living away from home, fees, books, materials & transport costs. Can you manage money or the lack of it?
  28. 28. Annual Cost of Living for Students Living Away From Home Living at Home Rent (National average) €400 3200 0 Utilities 297 0 Food 1548 585 Travel 1100 700 Books 495 495 Clothes/Medical 400 400 Mobile 288 288 Social life/Misc 1188 1188 Student Contribution Charge 3000 3000
  29. 29. Keep money for essential things. Do not squander it. Avail of student offers. If you can’t afford it, do without it. Hint:
  30. 30. QUIZ TIME P.91
  31. 31. Answers: 1d,2a,3d,4c,5a,6b,7c
  32. 32. • Common hopes & fears about college. • Features of college. • Are you ready? • The cost of college if living away or at home. In Unit 21 You Learned About