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Sligo Institute of Technology

Sligo Institute of Technology

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  • 1. ‘ A Waterford Institute 0fTechnology ‘f? , INSTITIUID TE| CNEOLAiOCHTA PHORT LAIRGE , . Research Postgraduate Induction ‘L Wednesday 15‘ October, 2014.
  • 2. Welcome Prof. Willie Donnelly — Head of Research & Innovation Dr. Colette Moloney — Assistant Registrar Ms. Anne-Marie Frampton — Office of the Registrar Ms. Angela Power — Postgraduate Coordinator, PSU Ms. Susie Cullinane — Projects Manager, RSU Ms. Geraldine Molloy — Computer Services Ms. Jennifer Bolger — Library Postgraduate Liaison Ms. Breda Heavey — Student Counsellor, SLL Ms. Angela Collins — WIT Careers Advisor l ’ w- / . Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y 11 lN§TlTlU| l) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT lAll’Cl' 13 3E4
  • 3. Induction: Structure Administrative and Support Framework Postgraduate Support Unit Research Support Unit Computer Services Library Student Life and Learning Careers Office l ; w- / . Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y 11 lN§TlTlU| l) TFICNFOI / ~lOC| 'lTA PIIORT lAll’Cl' 13 3E4
  • 4. WIT Support Framework for Postgraduates Office of the Registrar (Academic Council - QQI) - Admissions and Registration - Postgraduate Register - Academic Enrolment and Transfer to PhD (PG1/PG2) * Postgraduate Support Unit - Induction - Generic Skills Training - Resource Allocation - Library workspace Research Support Unit - Funding - WIT PhD Scholarship programme Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y ‘E , , , INSTITIUID TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT I All’C«F §"*—"‘;4
  • 5. Office of the Registrar Presentation by Anne-Marie Frampton Dr. Colette Moloney I S f Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y §iJi? / INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAIl‘CF' "'2: . ,., ,. P. ..“ ’ E" .4
  • 6. Office of the Registrar - Role Location: Cork Road Campus Application/ Admissions Registration Academic Enrolment — Postgraduate Register Official academic records Examinations — submission of Thesis l ; M/ I Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y ll >¥! _.; ‘ INSTITIUID TFICNFOI AlOCl'lTA PHORT lAll’Cl' "§’: :J: “‘f'"v 13 3E4
  • 7. Two Important Processes Registration (Administrative process) — Ensuring you are on the ‘student records system’ of WIT, that you are insured and that your finances are in order. Contact: Avril Kelly pgadmissions@wit. ie V Academic Enrolment of your Programme — A quality assurance process of Academic Council to ensure your project and support arrangements are appropriate (Form PG1) Contact: Sharon O'Connell awards@wit. ie I . . l’ A + Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y 1l'?5£, , rwsrmuno TFICNFOI / ~lOC| —ITA PIIORT IAll’Cl' I /13 f fin, ‘ H W
  • 8. Registration Process (Administrative Registration — Induction Handbook page 5) To be a research postgraduate student at WIT you must be recorded on the Student Records System (Banner) and the following must be in your file in Registry: - - PG Application Form — Formal Letter of Offer — Acceptance Slip You will receive registration and payment instructions including your student # and password by email (wit. ie/ registration) Applicants must go online to complete the registration process. If you are funded, ensure to complete step 1 then contact Postgraduate Admissions pgadmissions@wit. ie. You will receive instructions regarding re-register each year Finance Office Tel: 051-845692 E: fees@wit. ie I ‘ ‘»—: ta« . Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y ‘= ‘.:1'>. , / , y , . INSTITIUID TFICNFOI NOCHTA PIIORT lAllCl "'1: . ,., ,. mm ’ E" "f'
  • 9. Academic Enrolment of your Programme < You cannot be academically enrolled if you are not registered < You must enrol academically within 3 months of admission/ registration (6 months for part-time students) < Complete Form PG1 — Personal Details — Project and Training Plan — Supervision — Resources < Reviewed by PG Enrolment Group and if satisfactory it is sent to Academic Council or QQI I . . Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y ‘*. -11., / , y , . INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAIICl "'1: * E" "f'
  • 10. Ethics Policy (Induction Handbook page 8) Read carefully and discuss with your supervisor Be aware of additional codes of ethical practice in your discipline A’ Who needs ethical clearance? How do you get ethical clearance? ‘ Generic Skills Lecture by Dr. Michael Harrison on 15”‘ October 2014. I ’ M/ I Waterford Institute 0fTechnoIog_y ll INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAll’Cl' 13 3E4
  • 11. Supervision Principal Supervisor and co-supervisor. Schedule of meetings, holidays and working hours Read PG Regulations for role of supervisor — manage, guide, advise , support. Rights and responsibilities Issues and concerns. I ; m/ I Waterford Institute 0fTechnoIog_y ll INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAll’Cl' 13 3E4
  • 12. Meetings with your Supervisor Regular Schedule of formal meetings agreed at the start of each year. Frequency and duration varies from area to area depending on type of work Reviewing your project and training Preparation for the meeting Feedback from the Supervisor Plan for next period (Keeping Records I I . Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y §iI"i? // INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAII‘CF' "'2: . ,., ,. P. ..“ ’ E" .4
  • 13. Grievance and Complaints See PG Regulations - Section 10 page 50 Formal and informal modes Always work up through a hierarchy Academic matters — Supervisor — Head of Department — Head of School — Registrar/ Academic Council Central Resource Matters — Postgraduate Support Unit Project Finances and Administration — Research Support Unit I y f Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y §iI"i? // INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT iAnkCr' "'2. . ,., ,. P. ..“ ’ E" .4
  • 14. Postgraduate Support Unit Sometimes you need some help to sort things out. Waterford Institute of Technology INSTITIIJID TEICNEOLAIOCHTA FHORT LAIRGE "-2-nvfi
  • 15. Role of Postgraduate Support Unit Postgraduate Coordinator: Ms. Angela Power Induction and Generic Skills Training Co-ordination of postgraduate activities Allocation of postgraduate library workspaces Marketing and promotion of postgraduate opportunities — Prospectus, Flyers and Postgraduate Website WIT Representation at Postgraduate Fairs Surveys — Postgrad Experience in WIT and Exit Reports to Governing Body and Academic Council I Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT I AIl’Cl' fin, ‘
  • 16. Generic and Transferable Skills Training (Induction Handbook pages 11-14) - Central Programmes — Wednesday Evenings — 5.30 to 7.30 pm — Thursday Lunchtime — 1.15 to 2.15 - Departmental / Research Group Offerings — Short Courses - Masterclasses &Visiting Speakers fl — External — study visits, conferences etc. — On Line programmes management Critical thinking Transferable Skills
  • 17. Generic and Transferable Skills Administration (Induction Handbook pages 11-14) <* Skills needs analysis Skills Audit (required as part of PG1) Supervisor and Student to prepare Record of training received and your reflections. Use Record Form (Form TR1) Discuss training at meetings with Supervisor A Learning Logbook to be submitted with the thesis for examination I I . Waterford Institute 0fTechnoIog_y ‘= ‘.:1I. , / , y , . INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT IAIlCl "Ir. : E'""f'
  • 18. Postgraduate space in the Library (Induction Handbook page 7) Category A — Full-time users Category B — share basis Application - (Form PG/ Lib) Regulations Meeting ROOITI — (Bookings at the library circulation desk) vs . I , f Waterford Institute 0fTechnoIog_y i‘p"i? // INsTITIL'III> TFICNFOI AIOCIITA PIIORT IAII<Ci' "'2. . ,., ,. ,1V ’ E"' .4
  • 19. Other Institute Resources for Postgraduate Students “ Computer Services/ Technical Support 8: E-mail Helpdesk Ext: 5524 Library Technician - John Murphy Ext: 2480 E: igmurphy@wit. ie Presentation by Geraldine Molloy Library: Entitlements for research postgraduates. Library Details (Induction Handbook page 7) Presentation by Jennifer Bolger Waterford Institute 0fTechnolog_y E‘ , , , INSTITIUID TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT I AIl’CIl' E"‘*—"‘.4
  • 20. Research Support Unit Presentation by Susie Cullinane I I . I A + Waterford Institute 0fTechnoIog_y IL. 433 £_. INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCIITA PIIORT I AII’Ci' f It
  • 21. Welcome to WIT’s Research Community! '1‘ 160+ Postgraduate Research Students (Masters & PhD level) at 150 full — time career researchers (Principal Investigators, Postdocs, Research Assistants / Engineers) v 230+ research active full time academic staff v Extensive array of industry / external collaborators v Network of academic partners nationally and internationally v Secured more than €130m in external research investment over the last 10 years
  • 22. WIT Research Support Unit V Identify funding opportunities & notify staff and students V Work with research funding agencies to maximise the opportunities for investment for research in WIT V Deliver training & information sessions to staff & students on funding opportunities V Assist in the preparation of funding proposals V Manage the WIT PhD Scholarship Programme V Manage funded research projects supporting staff and student on post implementation issues Waterford Institute 0_fTechnology . . y —‘ INSTITIUID TFICNFOIAIOCHTA PHORT IAIRGF
  • 23. Research Support Unit ° Research Funding - Liaison with Funding Agencies - Support on proposal preparation - Post award project support (contract, people, partners, finance, postgraduate & sponsor) Technology Transfer Office ° Invention Disclosures & Patent Applications - Licensing Technologies - Managing spin-out companies Contracts Negotiating agreements with Industry & Partners Training & IP support for WIT Research community - Marketing - Incubation Centre for client companies - Training Programmes (SEEPP) - Collaboration with SMEs (vouchers) - Networking with regional agencies
  • 24. Snapslwt of national funding agencies. .- 7'-:1-1 J‘€IiilIe‘I it: .-. u‘I_r. «.I. I:1«‘: '~__tI1I :5 «gccl; IRISH RESEARCH COUNCIL ' An Chomhalrle um Thalghde In Elrlnn ICTI Institutes of Technology Ireland Waterford Institute qfTechn0logy K)’ V? INSYIIIIAIDYEICNEOLAIOCHIAPNORY LAIRCE s. .. . tcogosc A Ar. u1.n. ru-x um Faun Darvmwunrr Axnnmn-v I-5 Fcidllnwannuclll na Seirlwllisc Slziinw Ilealtli Senice Executive —' wt 7’”‘e‘I'l= lI .5uIx': n;I: ‘i: a.~ ; *o‘j1zr1ija; m RIA l‘0AI IRHII ACAmM Health Researth Board FULBRIGH CENVRE CULVUREL IRLANDAIS / (4?! l& §"IJI/ LI}; marine / I/ yr/ '1// fr’ l-"I: rm ml / Wu my I: o'4n,1:| -»-m. I.'I. I-r. llurnurkiinr. zvunnl-rxuu: I- 4 . . . ..I n ’Ffir: lfr ‘ ~a: :w¢nIa ‘V I, iigrlcultiure, /& )5 Food and the Marine G G Talmhaiochta, p Bia agus Mara . . ENTERPRISE is. IRELAND where Innovation means business Industry? lrIvI'I: "rrII>rImI l’rnlv<tIr'rI aqmn,
  • 25. li'lSi’I ftE$€C:7i'Cl’I COL. 'i’ICll . %I. F:'§. ':. *.*:5.§. E:~§s. t.*. ..E. s.2e: >t. ~2La V Irish Research Council Government of Ireland Scholarship (www. research. ie) V Very competitive — open to Universities & Institutes of Technology V Open to Irish citizens V First class honours students V Total Grant €16,000 p. a. for 3 years (plus fees) V Student makes the application — student can apply either before they start their postgraduate studies or at the early stages of their postgraduate studies Waterford Institute ofTechnology ‘ L, I , I Q‘ INSTITIUID TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PHORT I AIRC-F If‘-M. .. EW 1
  • 27. Support Tools available to you___ at ‘ ’I ‘ ‘J ‘L. " _ _ / : hz‘z‘Q: //www. wIz‘. Ie/ research/ J %
  • 28. HOME COURSES FUTURE STUDENTS CURRENT STUDENTS SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH 8- INNOVATION ABOUT WIT _: _j l , , x . ' ' Efimis ‘@L ron “fisiimiti. _ RGUP ‘ RESEARCHERS Home Research 8. Innovation For Researchers Managing your Project FOR RESEARCHERS MANAGING YOUR PROJECT Applying for Funding Congratulations! You have secured funding for your research DFOJECK. In this section, you Wlii find advice on Current Funding how to manage your proiect. WIT Policies and Procedures along with all the forms you will need to complete opportunities to get your proiect up and running. Horizon 2020 5 Res onsi ies oi Pro'ect Mona ers Research Funding 5 Institutes of Technolog Project Managment Guidance Presentations Managing your Project stamng Your Project ‘| égS""e"g"r: 't"‘5Ia| i5i"‘8 Y9‘-‘V Setting up your Postgraduate Students ‘Sega PxllAh"F Useful Links 05 Yd Udle O I'0 UK OVISGIIOTI 0711'! 3 Scholarship Exemption Form CONTACT to be returned to Eimear Fitzpatrick in the Research Support Unit Email: efitzpa: rick@wi: .ie Name Ms Susie Cullinane Tel 051 306260 3 Form Lib/ P/G E 3 . . ma‘ 5c“'"'"a"°@w""° to be returned to Angela Power in the Postgraduate Support Unit Email: apower@wiz. ie
  • 29. Training for Postgraduate Students — Generic Skills Session Title: Identifying Grants and Funding Sources for Postgraduate Students Date: 23"’ October @ 1:15pm Speakers: Susie Cullinane, Projects Manager, RSU Km “*0
  • 30. Training for Postgraduate Students — Generic Skills Session Title: IP Training for Postgraduate Students Date: Semester 2 — Wednesday evening February 2015 Speaker: Dr James O’Su| |ivan, Technology Transfer Manager
  • 31. Office of Research & Innovation We're located on the top floor of the Walton IT Building All you need to do is climb the spiral stair case . ... ... .. Best of luck with your Research Studies
  • 32. Computer Services Presentation by Geraldine Molloy l y l»—: t:a« ' 2: . ,, ,. mm 2"‘ .4 , Waterford institute ofiechnology E11,. / lN§TlTlU| l) TFICNFOI / ~lOC| 'lTA PIIORT l All’Cl'
  • 33. WIT Library Services Presentation by Jennifer Bolger Waterford institute ofiechnology ‘fizt, / , V l . lNSTlTlUIl) TFICNFOI / ~lOC| 'lTA PHORT lAllCl "'1: * §'""f'
  • 34. Student Life and Learning Presentation by Breda Heavey 3 ~ “ I’ ” I” Student Life and Learning l l . l’ w- + Waterford institute ofiechnology IL, 433 £_. lN§TlTlUIl) TFICNFOI / ~lOC| 'lTA PHORT lAll’Cl' f IV
  • 35. Student Life and Learning SL'uden[Life and laarning Lama / (sane Head of SLL Disability Support Generalsludent Relenfiun Healfll Am-55 Serving Support om-Ce Pnunptian Nurse gyvicr: om-Ce Counselling 0”” -‘WV 1mwo€a‘i/51””: m/ ma/ /Q2315)/ /:ar& R5’°”‘7"” F°"’”’ O7/7k: al Role sew, ” a’*’9””""“ Hogrammes {R54 01) Edumbna, 5mm Dam, ("mam Aoaoem/ c S1ppo/ t & News Sufism 1017 apnlmfion advice L‘ommun/ ty Rajecls Aamemt 5mm FWHASS/ mme omoanoe HEM Pmmdm Graduate reauinnent SJ/77/779 Sfioob Wmas Mam team” Cams oerena/ / Elem 1nt1iI4't11a/ L‘ou/75d/ Jhg AW‘ 5“"1’”59 Assism/ e Technology ‘7”9"“7:"""”/ . T’3.”5""' 5’”W ‘’V‘’”‘‘’’‘’‘’5 {R5654} Am, e,, ,,C 5,4,5 Cam, Retemmn mman ves Staff Tia/ 'n/ Hg I/ olmteer Aogrammes Sam Reasmabb 1st year zfjgifnanon a Accolnmodaabns ADDSSDIWOE Student Support Administrators ""55 ”””°” nisaoi/ ity OIWLE Cm’; Careers Ofiioer: C-9I>‘W'0I7-5 0199575 5,75. Curt, -,, Retention Ofiicer Institute Nurse , Q, ” 50” Pan‘ 076-ryfe Angda Co/ /ins cl'aPI"”' "Br 1", ; 057,55 A/ '5/1/ing 070015 To Be Con/ inm-rd [Ed I . B H . ' ' R5654, Janet o Neill HE/ E’; Annette wn/ ts 0'7"” "37""? Péféf LUGEV Ric/ is/ /a Swrton Part-time stalf Kate Kennedy Mana Buddey sanora I~/ ea/ y «xv , : Waterford institute ofiechnology wsrmuuo TFICNFOI / ~lOC| —lTA PHORT lAll’CF "'1: . ,., ,. En"
  • 36. Student Life and Learning g_ / /{ V " ' ‘ I 7 Located in the main Reception of the Cork Road ” «.11 ‘ Campus, opposite the AIB on campus mlgfll Il. ‘. . % ‘ l , / Office open / ,f’ / 9.15 — 12.30 *' K R» 2.00 — 4.00 J . , ( _ (appointments can be made outside of these I l . ‘r 3W<: ;~k ' hours) : ‘1L. ll] * - * b y f’, _ “ T _ _ Contact us: . ; 0 : sll@wit. ie S maturestudent@wit. ie saf@wit. ie Waterford institute ofiechnology 'E-1il‘? / , , , _ lN§TlTlU| l) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PHORT lAll’Cl
  • 37. WIT Careers Service Presentation by Angela Collins Waterford institute ofiechnology INSTITIUII) TFICNFOI AIOCHTA PIIORT lAIl’Cl' "'1: . r, ,. , _2" §’"' 1
  • 38. Over to you. ... Any questions, Comments, Suggestions