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A way to make all the information available in business messaging available in the context of a specific enquiry on demand. No more insight and important data locked away in mail boxes of unavailable …

A way to make all the information available in business messaging available in the context of a specific enquiry on demand. No more insight and important data locked away in mail boxes of unavailable people when its needed. Massive improvement in the problem the move to elctronic correspondence brought, plus voice messages are now included in message threads.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. CLICK “Welcome to Threads”. CLICK “Threads is a Cloud based service currently in its pilot got to market phase. Threads lets you use the information stored in your messaging systems to manage your business better. Lets see how...”
  • 2. CLICK AND READ 1st Bullet “email has become essential to business” ~ READ “The replacement of paper systems made business processes faster and cheaper, CLICK 2nd BULLET “but introduced its own problems to managing a business” CLICK AND SAY “No one fixed them”. CLICK and SAY “So we created Threads to overcome them, and improve the management of businesses using electronic messaging. So what are the problems?” END
  • 3. “The major problem Threads solves is that” CLICK BULLET 1 and Read “Email’s design means business information is held privately in individual’s mail boxes, not filing cabinets, making it unavailable to others when needed. CLICK AND REad “ Our market research showed that 62% of respondents have needed to access a colleague’s email” “ When relevant information is not available on demand, a business can be avoidably impacted in multiple negative ways, for example by delay, or poorly informed decisions that need to be made quickly. END XXXThe solutions there are are enterprise scale, slow, high management and expensive, and require skilled IT support.
  • 4. So...Click READ “So the concept behind Threads is”.... Click “Email is valuable Business Information ” .... THEN “Analysts agree this is well over half of all the information in a business, and the largest proportion is in smaller businesses who cannot afford enterprise Information management systems”. CLICK 3rd BULLET “Threads makes messaging information available to authorised users across the business, on demand and in their own context.” There is a huge amount of business knowledge trapped inside individual email accounts that can’t be shared for fear of allowing access to confidential information. Threads solves that problem.
  • 5. CLICK “For example, dealing with a customer or supplier enquiry or issue most effectively often requires information from all disciplines , on demand. Has this customer been quoted, are they paying their bills, is there a support issue, has that supplier acknowledged our order, etc. CLICK The people directly responsible have the knowledge, but may not be available - CLICK to Disappear- but an informed answer is expected from the business CLICK TO BUILD ticked off group.
  • 6. CLICK “To solve this problem, we place a copy of all a business’s messaging into the Thread’s message store, which is optimised for fast search. The mail is automatically tagged to optimise its retrieval in typical searches. Specific entries such as project numbers or Key Words can be manually inserted in the Subject line to optimise a search, or avoid it - a project number, or “Private”, for example. Confidential messages such as mail private to the business owners or individuals can be excluded from search as part of policy management. CLICK XXX on a server in the cloud
  • 7. CLICK BULLET 1 and say, “Now all a businesses Messages can be searched by authorised colleagues across the business on demand including attachments, searchable objects and digital telephony”. . CLICK “The knowledge is now securely shared, fast” Lets see how it works
  • 8. CLICK To fully inform a conversation with a client, supplier, business partner or colleague the Threads database can be searched on demand. Both simple CLiCK and advanced search are supported, the initial search can thus be further filtered using more specific search terms CLICK. Subject tagging enhances discovery speed. No prior organisation, foreknowledge or shared folders are required to achieve this. This simply could not be done when information was hidden from others in private mail boxes. The Threads message store can also be accessed by CRM and other knowledge management tools where messaging traffic is important to CRM.
  • 9. “So, what else does Threads do?” CLICK. “ Our research showed 50% of respondents do not have access to a central address book. Several versions of a contact’s email address can exist across multiple individual directories - which causes obvious management problems”. CLICK pause CLICK “ So Threads automatically creates a single shared contact directory, accessible to all mail users.”
  • 10. CLICK “So that users can always locate accurate contact information and correctly address messages using the Threads directory. CLICK “ For the technical, its in LDAP format.”
  • 11.. CLICK The private nature of email boxes changed user’s perception of privacy of business messages. CLICK Our research showed that 60% of respondents had concerns about others accessing their email. CLICK These concerns are best managed by CLICK a clear overall business policy on confidentiality of messaging using the business’s messaging service. CLICK and defining ways to classify mail as confidential if part of policy. CLICK Threads allows for the definition of approved classes of messages as confidential - HR, company accounts, personal mail. All mails can be saved for discovery by authorised users only where compliance requires it.
  • 12. CLICK Good management, and compliance law, both demand effective mail management and archiving. CLICK Our research showed just how difficult this is in a medium sized business, CLICK with 49% of respondents having no way of retrieving deleted email, and 90% of respondents unable to access deleted mail without going to their IT department - requiring outside help in smaller businesses not employing an IT specialist. CLICK Threads independent message base offers discovery, message restore and compliance - by users and on demand.
  • 13. CLICK Because threads uses an independent database securely hosted in the cloud accessed from a browser interface, Threads works with any existing email system with zero impact. This includes CLICK Microsoft Outlook and CLICK Exchange, CLICK Notes, and CLICK “Apple Mail. Users’ mail clients work as normal, with the positive benefit there is no longer any need to maintain large mailboxes as Threads holds secure copies of all mail remotely.
  • 14. CLICK Threads Tackles The Big Messaging problems - Simply and Intuitively. Threads delivers: CLICK Fast contextual searching of your entire messaging database CLICK Unique shared contact directory CLICK Privacy management to local policy CLICK Secure archive of all messaging content with on demand user friendly discover and restore CLICK Delivered in the cloud for a monthly fee, no expensive local resources or skills required.
  • 15. CLICK So who is Threads for? CLICK Typical Threads clients are knowledge working businesses, whose employees need to collaborate across multiple clients, suppliers, tasks and projects for optimum results. CLICK Here some examples CLICK Threads offers such businesses a truly unfair competitive edge, why not try it?
  • 16. CLICK To find out more about Threads, see our growing reference library, or download a data sheet, visit our website CLICK. To check out what you need to do to run Threads and what it costs, contact us CLICK. CLICK Thanks for listening to our presentation. If you have suggestions for its improvement let us know. This presentation is work in progress, as is Threads. We continue development of Threads, including APIs for White Label and OEM applications.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Welcome to.......................Narrated Version at
    • 2. email has become essential tobusiness•but introduced new problems•no one fixed them•so we created Threads
    • 3. Our market research showed:62% of respondents have neededto access a colleague’s emailemail stored in individual mail boxes isnot available on demand when required byothersAccess to relevant information on demand isessential to maximising business efficiency
    • 4. Email is BusinessInformationThe concept behind Threads is that........messaging information should beaccessible to users across thebusiness on demand
    • 5. Best management of business oftenrequires information from alldisciplines?? Colleagues whoneed it don’t?Some people havethe knowledge
    • 6. ConfidentialMessagesThreads copies business emailsinto the Threads MessageStoreThreads Message Store
    • 7. Messages can now be searched bycolleagues across the business, ondemandKnowledge issecurely shared
    • 8. Threads allows flexible searching ofthe entire messaging databaseShow me allmailsrelating tothe ‘ACME’accountfrom thelast month”Show me allmailsrelating tothe ‘ACME’accountfrom thelast month”Show me ACMEmails with“Threads” incontent inlast monthShow me ACMEmails with“Threads” incontent inlast month
    • 9. research showed:50% of respondents do nothave access to a centraladdress book✓threads creates one automatically
    • 10. users can alwayslocate accurate contactinformation
    • 11. The private nature of email boxeschanged user’s perception of privacy ofbusiness messagesOur research showed:60% of respondentshad concerns aboutothers accessingtheir emailThis can be managed by:•Company policy•User’s personal classification•Rules based Policy Management supported byThreads
    • 12. Good management and compliance law bothdemand effective mail management andarchivingOur research showed:49% of respondents have no wayof retrieving deleted email90% of respondents could notaccess deleted mail withoutgoing to their IT departmentThreads independent message base delivers discovery,message restore and compliance - by users and ondemand.
    • 13. Threads Works With any mailsystem, the users mailinterface is unchanged
    • 14. Threads Tackles The Big Messagingproblems - Simply and Intuitively• Fast contextual searching of your entire messagingdatabase• Unique shared contact directory• Privacy management to local policy• Secure archive of all messaging content with on demanduser friendly discover and restore• All delivered in the cloud for a monthly fee, noinvestment required in local IT resources or skills
    • 15. Who is Threads for?• Any business whose people have tocollaborate over multiple customers,accounts, projects, support, etc,• Good examples are services businesses suchas architects, lawyers, creative agencies,accountants, consulting firms, engineeringand construction companies, etc.If you are one of these why not tryThreads?
    • 16. ?Any Questions? +44 208 390 8487Specifications may change without noticeThanks for listening