Social Media for HR (Human Resources) Recruiting
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Social Media for HR (Human Resources) Recruiting



Overview of social media for recruiting ...

Overview of social media for recruiting
- FB: July 2011 more than 800 million users
- Twitter: Microblogging (140 characters). Launched July 2006. 300 million users as of 2011. Generating over 300 million tweets and 1.6 billion search queries per day. The SMS of the Internet.
- Linkedin: Launched in May 2003. 120 million users in 200 countries. 33.9 million unique visitors in June 2011.
- Google+: Launched 6/28/2011. G’s fourth foray into social networking (Google Buzz, Google Friend Connect, Orkut. 62 million users by 12/27/2011 (25% joined in Dec 2011 alone). Add 625,000 users per day.
- Youtube: Created in feb 2005. Bought by Google in 11/2006 for $1.65 B. 2nd largest search engine in the world.

Relationship between social media platforms.

Use of FB, LI, Twitter, and G+ for recruiting.

Social Media as a force multiplier.

By Brian Bluff, Site-Seeker, Inc. @brianbluff



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Social Media for HR (Human Resources) Recruiting Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media for Recruiting
  • 2. About Today…•  Presentation will be uploaded to SlideShare•  We are here to help…
  • 3. Social Media Platforms
  • 4. Platform Connections and Interactions Twitter: •  Instant results to Yahoo, Bing, Google •  Indexed by Bing and Yahoo •  Indexed by GoogleTwitter:•  Integrates with FB and LI via apps
  • 5. Platform Connections and Interactions Bing provides •  FB search results •  Yahoo search results
  • 6. Platform Connections and Interactions Facebook Provides •  FB likes on Bing SERPs
  • 7. Platform Connections and Interactions Google+ Provides •  +1s on Google SERPs
  • 8. Platform Connections and Interactions Index open FB and LI content
  • 9. Who knows what these are?
  • 10.
  • 11. Google+ for Recruiting: Circles Site-Seeker, Inc. © 2011
  • 12. Google+ for Recruiting: Hangout
  • 13. Google+ for Recruiting: Business Pages Site-Seeker, Inc. © 2011
  • 14. LinkedIn Recruiter 2 Referral Engine – Coming soon•  Expensive but powerful •  Informs employees about•  Access to all LinkedIn openings names and profiles •  Suggest matches from their•  Advanced search filters network•  50 InMails per month •  Simplified referral notification•  Search alerts•  Folders•  Team access•  Corporate account•  Training
  • 15. Job Network 4 Jobs For You•  Candidates •  Ads sent throughout LI automatically notified network about openings •  Ads sent ONLY to qualified•  Buy year-round job candidates even off LI slots •  Place JFY module on•  Send applicants to you employees profiles. Viewers ATS see appropriate openings.
  • 16. Careers Page•  Custom tab on company profile•  Add video banners…•  Message dynamically adapts to the viewer•  Delivers targeted openings•  Automatically notified about openings•  Connects directly to recruiters
  • 17. Brian Bluff’s Semi-Secret, SomewhatValuable Talent Locating Technique
  • 18. Search Term: SEO SalesSyracuse –Owner –
  • 19. Local TalentDB Integrated with ATS
  • 20. Social Media as a force multiplierBringing it all together
  • 21. Step 1: Create Expert Content
  • 22. Step 2: Push content to various social platforms
  • 23. Step 3: Socialize content within social platforms Discussions Updates Tweets Retweets Share …
  • 24. Step 4: Achieve wide-reaching Search Engine exposure
  • 25. Step 5: Grow your social reach social capital
  • 26. Step 6: Drive brand-favorable visitors to your expert content
  • 27. Step 7: Gain visibility of your offering
  • 28. Step 8: Grow your business $$$$$$$$$
  • 29. Social Media for RecrutingBrian Bluff Kevin SchaffnerPresident & Co-Founder Account Manager@brianbluff Site-Seeker, Inc. @kevinschaffner315.732.9281, 11 315.256.1180