Relative Location
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  • 1. The Five Themes of Geography Theme 1: Location
  • 2. Warm Up Question
    • Where are you right now? What are some landmarks that might help someone who doesn’t know where Tamanend is find this location?
  • 3. A Quick Review……….
    • What are the lines on the globe that run east to west, but measure north to south (how far something is from the equator)
    • What are the lines on the globe that run from the north pole to the south pole, but measure how far a location is from the Prime Meridian?
    • When writing latitude and longitude, which comes first?
  • 4. V. The Other Location
    • A. What question is answered by the first theme of geography?
    • B. Where is it?
    • C. the answer can be in absolute terms (25*N 78*W)
    • D. Or relative terms
  • 5. How many of you have relatives? Another typical Blair family reunion!
  • 6. VI. Relative Location
    • A. Where an area is in RELATION to other places.
    • B. EX #1
    • C. Where is Tamanend Middle School?
    • D. East of Bristol Road
      • 1. North of Philadelphia
      • 2. South of Doylestown
    Where the heck am I ??
  • 7. VII. Experimenting with Relative Location
    • A. Try these two activities to help understand relative location further.
    • B. Where is Mr. Blair’s desk in relation to something else in room #36?
    • C. Where are you seating in relation to something or someone else in room #36?
    Mr. Blair has more style and smaller ears.
  • 8. You sunk my geography battleship!
    • Let’s practice our understanding of the First Theme of Geography – Location.
    • On your battleship grid draw 5 “ships”
      • Your “ships” should be drawn with dots, do not fill in the whole box.
        • 2 dot long ship
        • 3 dot long ship (x2)
        • 4 dot ship
        • 5 dot ship
        • Raise your hand if you have any questions!
  • 9. You sunk my geography battleship!
    • Hide your sheet from your partner and GOOD LUCK 