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const const Presentation Transcript

  • In Order to From a More Perfect Union…. Slavery, The Constitution, and Compromise
  • First a Video on the Constitution…
    • Follow along with the lyrics to find out what the Constitutional Convention of 1787 was all about!
  • Consider the words…..
    • We the People….
    • Who does that include? Who does that exclude?
    • In order to form a more perfect Union
    • Why was it necessary to form a MORE perfect union?
  • I. The Status of African Americans
    • A. The Revolution was a fight for FREEDOM.
    • B. African Americans hoped these freedoms would be extended to them as well.
    • C. By 1770 Northern states have, or start to, abolish slavery.
  • II. Viewpoints at the Constitutional Convention
    • A. Delegates from 12 states, with diverse backgrounds.
    • B. Each wants what is best for their state.
    • C. Northern and Southern delegates disagree on the peculiar institution of slavery.
  • Slavery discourages arts and manufacturing…and every master of slaves is born a petty tyrant. ~George Mason
  • Southern states and their delegates claimed that their economies would be in ruins without slavery.
  • III. Compromise
    • A. Most delegates did not want slavery
    • B. South Carolina and Georgia would not approve the Constitution if slavery is prohibited.
    • C. So if you are a delegate what do you do?
    • D. Delegates give in to the South.
  • IV. The Three-Fifths Compromise
    • A. Southerners want to count slaves in the population count.
    • B. Why?
    • C. = More representatives.
    • D. Northerners disagree
    • E. COMPROMISE! 3/5 slaves count towards population.
  • V. Slave Trade Compromise
    • A. Northern Delegates argue for the slave trade to be banned entirely.
  • V. Slave Trade Compromise
    • C. Congress could not ban the slave trade for 20 years (or until 1807).
  • VI. Fugitive Slave Act
    • A. Slaves = Property
    • B. Under this act if a slave escaped to the north, he must be returned to his rightful owner.
  • VII. In Hindsight
    • A. Compromise was necessary to form a federal government.
    • B. Delegates did what was PRACTICAL, not what was right.
    • C. Slavery will remain a peculiar institution…one that will rip at the seams of our nation.
  • Question for Consideration…
    • With your table group, consider the following question.
    • Imagine you are delegates at the Convention of 1787. What is your proposal in regards to the issue of slavery?
  • I am exceedingly distressed at the proceedings of the Convention – being…almost sure, they will…lay the foundation of a Civil War. ~Elbridge Gerry (Mass.) 1787