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Assyria Rises to Power
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Assyria Rises to Power

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  • 1. Assyria Rises to Power City-states fear the cruelty of Invading army
  • 2. Main Idea
    • Assyria’s military power and well-organized government helped it to build a vast empire in Mesopotamia by 650 BC.
  • 3. I. Where is Assyria?
    • Assyria began in northern Mesopotamia near the Tigris River
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  • 6. I. Where is Assyria?
    • Assyria began in northern Mesopotamia near the Tigris River
    • Capital city: Nineveh
    • By 900 BCE they controlled most of Mesopotamia
  • 7. An Empire on the Rise
  • 8. II. Assyrian Warfare
    • The Assyrian army was strong due to its organization
      • 1. Foot Soldiers – carried spears/swords
      • 2. Archers – shot bows and arrows
      • 3. Cavalry – men who fought from horseback and chariots
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  • 10. III. Iron Weapons
    • Assyrian Army was the first to use iron weapons
    • What is iron?
    • - A soft metal good for tools
    • The Hittites, a neighboring people of Assyria made iron stronger by…
      • Heating iron, hammering it into a shape, then rapidly cooling in water.
  • 11. Assyrian Weapons
  • 12. The Siege of Lachish
  • 13. Assyrian Warfare Activity
    • Directions : Imagine you are a Captain in the Assyrian Army. You just conquered an enemy city-state and are writing a letter home to your family telling them what happened.
    • 1. Using pg 28-29, write a 5-6 sentence letter describing what took place, both during the battle and after. Be as detailed as possible, and ready to share your letter with the class.
  • 14. Assyria War Letter
    • I would like for you to “pair-share” your work to date on your Assyria War Letter.
    • Provide constructive criticism of one another’s work.
    • Share ideas
    • Remember to always be creative and original!
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  • 16. Backdrops: - These are full sized backdrops, just scale them up! - Can be Copy-Pasted out of Templates for use anywhere! www.animationfactory.com