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NoSQL on microsoft azure   april 2014
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NoSQL on microsoft azure april 2014



Presented at DevIntersection / AngleBrackets 2014. I showed how to set up, develop and run NoSQL solutions for the cloud on Windows and Linux using Windows Azure. Also show you how to build ...

Presented at DevIntersection / AngleBrackets 2014. I showed how to set up, develop and run NoSQL solutions for the cloud on Windows and Linux using Windows Azure. Also show you how to build multi-tier applications in the cloud that access NoSQL data. This session included an introduction to our Platform-as-a-Service offerings for MongoDB and CouchDB, as well as prepackaged Linux VMs that run Cassandra, Riak, Redis and other NoSQL data stores with a few clicks. We’ll also introduce you to the Developer Centers for Windows Azure, the Azure SDKs, our selection of plugins for popular open source developer tools, DevOps services, and other tools and materials we’ve developed to make life easier for application developers.



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    NoSQL on microsoft azure   april 2014 NoSQL on microsoft azure april 2014 Presentation Transcript

    • Developing Open Source Solutions with NoSQL and Other Cloud Services on Azure Brian Benz, Sr. Technical Evangelist Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.
    • 2 http://www.anglebrackets.org Agenda  Azure  NoSQL  NoSQL on Azure  MongoDB and CouchDB Options  NoSQL on Azure IaaS, PaaS, SaaS  Azure Web Sites  Q&A
    • Azure Flexible
    • Azure IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
    • Azure Virtual Machines – OS Options Windows Server 2008 and 2012 OpenSUSE and SUSE Enterprise CentOS Ubuntu Oracle Linux
    • vmdepot.msopentech.com
    • 7 http://www.anglebrackets.org NoSQL Alternative to traditional relational DBMS  Flexible schema  Quicker/cheaper to set up  Massive scalability  Relaxed consistency = higher performance & availability  No declarative query language = more programming  Relaxed consistency = fewer guarantees
    • 8 http://www.anglebrackets.org NoSQL Applications  Document: JSON, XML, other semistructured formats  Operations: Insert(), Fetch(key), Update(key, doc), Delete(key)  (Key, Value) pairs  Operations: Insert(key,value), Fetch(key), Update(key), Delete(key)  Implementation: efficiency, scalability, fault-tolerance  Records distributed to nodes based on key  Replication  Single-record transactions, “eventual consistency”
    • 9 http://www.anglebrackets.org New Terms RDBMS NoSQL Database Database Table Collection View, Row Document Index Index Join Embedding, Linking Partition Shard Partition Key Shard Key
    • 10 http://www.anglebrackets.org Example – Posts, Categories, Tags, and Comments
    • 11 http://www.anglebrackets.org Basic Document Structure { "_id" : ObjectId("508d27069cc1ae293b36928d"), "title" : "This is the title", "body" : "This is the body text.", "tags" : [ “tag 1" ], "created_date" : ISODate("2012-10-28T12:41:39.110Z"), "author_id" : ObjectId("508d280e9cc1ae293b36928e"), "category_id" : ObjectId("508d29709cc1ae293b369295"), "comments" : [ { "subject" : "This is comment 1", "body" : "This is the body of comment 1.", "author_id" : ObjectId("508d345f9cc1ae293b369296"), "created_date" : ISODate("2012-10-28T13:34:23.929Z") }, ] }
    • 12 http://www.anglebrackets.org Less Basic Document Structure { "_id" : ObjectId("508d27069cc1ae293b36928d"), "title" : "This is the title", "body" : "This is the body text.", "tags" : [ ObjectId("508d35349cc1ae293b36929c") ], "created_date" : ISODate("2012-10-28T12:41:39.110Z"), "author_id" : ObjectId("508d280e9cc1ae293b36928e"), "category_id" : ObjectId("508d29709cc1ae293b369295"), "comments" : [ ObjectId("508d359a9cc1ae293b3692a2") ] }
    • 13 http://www.anglebrackets.org The Landscape - NoSQL on Azure  MongoDB  Also MongoLab MongoDB-as-a-Service  Also MongoDB Inc. MongoDB-as-a-Service (beta)  CouchDB  Cloudant CouchDB-as-a-Service  Cassandra  Riak  Redis
    • 14 http://www.anglebrackets.org What is MongoDB?  Open Source, by MongoDB, Inc.  Community and Enterprise Editions  Language: c++  Data model: Using BSON (binary JSON)  Replication and Sharding  Azure VMS, PaaS, and SaaS
    • 15 http://www.anglebrackets.org http://docs.mongodb.org/ecosystem/drivers/ • C, C++ • C# • Go • Erlang • Java • JavaScript • Node.js • Perl • PHP • Python • Ruby • Scala
    • 16 http://www.anglebrackets.org  Support and Alerts  Custom Admin Tools  Backup and Recover  Performance Analysis – Slow Query Analyzer  Monitoring and Support
    • 17 http://www.anglebrackets.org MongoDB in Beta
    • 19 http://www.anglebrackets.org What is CouchDB?  Apache Project  Language: Erlang  Data model: Using JSON and REST  Map/Reduce Views and Indexes  Replication  Azure VMs, PaaS, SaaS
    • 20 http://www.anglebrackets.org  Managed, hosted fork of CouchDB  Incremental MapReduce engine  Horizontal scaling & built-in Lucene search  8 committers to Apache CouchDB  13,000+ users  Apache CouchDB features  BigCouch: Horizontal scaling framework  based on Amazon Dynamo paper  Fauxton: Futon replacement  modular CouchDB Web dashboard  live JSON editor with JavaScript hinting 20
    • 21 http://www.anglebrackets.org What is Cassandra?  Apache Project  Language: Java  Data model: Thrift & custom binary  Fast Writes, Memory management  Replication  Azure VMs, PaaS
    • 22 http://www.anglebrackets.org What is Redis?  Open Source  Language: c  Data model: RESP (REdis Serialization Protocol)  Key/Value  In Memory  Persistence via snapshotting or journaling to disk  Azure VMs, PaaS
    • 23 http://www.anglebrackets.org What is Riak?  Open Source  Language: Erlang & C, some JavaScript  Data model: HTTP/REST or custom binary  Key/Value  In Memory  Persistence via snapshotting or journaling to disk  Azure VMs, PaaS, SaaS
    • Replica set hosted on Azure worker roles or virtual machines Replica Set DriverYour Application Replica Sets: High Availability
    • Shards, config servers and mongos (router) hosted on Azure worker roles or virtual machines Key range A-D Sharding: Scalability Key range E-G Key range G-Z Mongos (router)Your Application Config 1 Config 2 Config 3 Mongos (router)
    • 26 http://www.anglebrackets.org Deploying to Virtual Machines  Compared to worker role (PaaS), VM-based replica sets offer more control, as well as more responsibility  MongoDB Installer for Azure is a great learning tool. Not typically used for production deployment.  Puts MongoDB on OS disk instead of attached disk  Limited to 30gb, not performant for writes, Windows-only  http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/MongoDB+on+Azure+VM+- +Windows+Installer  .deploy-mongo.ps1 <node-count> <dns-prefix> <image-name> <password> <location> <pub-settings-file-path> [replica-set- name]  For Linux VM deployment, see tutorial - http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/MongoDB+on+Azure+VM+- +Linux+Tutorial
    • azure topic verb options Command Line Syntax Overview prompt> account account location account affinity-group vm vm disk vm endpoint vm image service service cert site config download import list show delete start restart shutdown capture create attach detach browse set username password dns-prefix vm-name lb-port target-image-name source-path disk-image-name size-in-gb thumbprint value -v -vv
    • 28 http://www.anglebrackets.org Example: Provisioning a Replica Set azure vm create mongoc9 "OpenLogic__OpenLogic-CentOS-62-20120531- en-us-30GB.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e azure vm create mongoc9 "OpenLogic__OpenLogic-CentOS-62-20120531- en-us-30GB.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e 23 -c azure vm create mongoc9 "OpenLogic__OpenLogic-CentOS-62-20120531- en-us-30GB.vhd" username password -l "West US" -e 24 -c azure vm endpoint create mongoc9 27017 27017 azure vm endpoint create mongoc9-2 27018 27018 azure vm endpoint create mongoc9-3 27019 27019 To set up MongoDB, SSH into each instance and: get mongodb binaries and install create db dir start mongod, initialize replica set
    • Automation Support Capabilities • Fully Customize VM with Data Disks and Endpoint Configuration • Automate Virtual Network Settings
    • 31 http://www.anglebrackets.org
    • 32 http://www.anglebrackets.org Conference Scheduler  Attendees can track sessions, vote sessions up and down  Offline Capabilities  IndexedDB  CouchDB VM for Data Storage  Web site hosting the application  Node.js  Grunt
    • Demo Architecture
    • 35 http://www.anglebrackets.org Docs - azure.microsoft.com/documentation/
    • 36 http://www.anglebrackets.org SDKs - azure.microsoft.com/downloads
    • 37 http://www.anglebrackets.org CLIs - azure.microsoft.com/downloads
    • 38 http://www.anglebrackets.org OSS DevOps - msopentech.com/projects
    • 39 http://www.anglebrackets.org Where to learn more Tutorial: Building a multi-tier cloud application on Windows Azure using MongoLab, node.js, and Socket.IO http://msopentech.com/blog/2013/09/18/tutorial-building-multi-tier-cloud-application- windows-azure-using-mongolab-node-js-socket-io/ Tutorial: Using MongoDB, Windows Communication Foundation, OData, and PowerBI to build a Business Intelligence solution on Windows Azure http://msopentech.com/blog/2014/02/19/tutorial-using-mongodb-windows-communication- foundation-odata-powerbi-build-business-intelligence-solution-windows-azure/ Tutorial – Building a Multi-Tier Windows Azure Web application use Cloudant’s Couchdb-as-a-Service, node.js, CORS, and Grunt http://msopentech.com/blog/2013/12/19/tutorial-building-multi-tier-windows-azure-web- application-use-cloudants-couchdb-service-node-js-cors-grunt-2/
    • 40 http://www.anglebrackets.org Where to learn more  MongoDB on Azure VM - http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/MongoDB+on+Azure+VM  Install MongoDB on a virtual machine running CentOS Linux in Azure: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/manage/linux/common-tasks/mongodb-on- a-linux-vm/  Install MongoDB on a virtual machine running Windows Server in Azure: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/manage/windows/common-tasks/install- mongodb/  Node.js Web Application with Storage on MongoDB (Virtual Machine): http://waweb.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/nodejs/tutorials/website-with- mongodb-(mac)/  Create a Azure web site that connects to MongoDB running on a virtual machine in Azure: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/develop/net/tutorials/website-with- mongodb-vm/
    • 41 http://www.anglebrackets.org Other Resources  Microsoft Open Technologies Blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/interoperability  VM Depot: http://vmdepot.msopentech.com  Windows Azure development: www.WindowsAzure.com  SDKs and Command Line Tools:  http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/downloads/  Windows Azure Training Kit: http://windowsazure-trainingkit.github.com/  Microsoft Web Platform Installer:  http://www.microsoft.com/web/downloads/platform.aspx  Web Matrix  http://www.microsoft.com/web/webmatrix/  Project Kudu  https://github.com/projectkudu/kudu  The application I showed today  https://github.com/axemclion/conference
    • Q&A