Allcallings Observations & Suggestion


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general observations of allcallings related to its registration process and landing page.

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  • Allcallings Observations & Suggestion

    1. 1. user 1 recently graduated student user 2 young professional ccc alum user 3 missional Christian non ccc alum
    2. 2. registration completion page now... •nothing social on this page •more data entry--boring •impersonal to user •people not going to site to enter data--hoping to connect w other Christians in their area of expertise or location nothing that helps someone find like-minded friends
    3. 3. foursquare landing page... •geo specific •social--can add any person as a contact •mixed media--pictures and text •“huh” --new user friendly
    4. 4. my assumption: most people want to join rather than create and lead featured team--3000 miles away from me
    5. 5. potential alternative: •there are ___ teams in your city •there are No teams in your city--Join Our Sacramento Area LinkedIn group •this is HUGE--no telling how many users are lost because there is nothing for them to join and they have no desire to start or lead a team
    6. 6. not sure what tab this connects with.
    7. 7. “In the end, Buzz will work of it drives traffic to content sites or helps people engage around content.” from Charles Hudson, a Bay-Area entrepreneur and businessman
    8. 8. problem 1: unfiltered information solution: aggregated information •geo-based •city or university
    9. 9. the big picture--an integrated online presence
    10. 10. problem 2: outside social ecosystem of user solution: funnel users in and out to social ecosystem •establish presence on fb, youtube, linkedIn •integrate existing content inside ac w fb, youtube, linkedIn
    11. 11. problem 3: not giving away anything of value to the user solution: create, aggregate, and share valuable content from other online platforms •biblical decision making short (2-3 min) YouTube videos •share blog posts, links, audio, etc from web •pull in relevant news from city/university to landing page
    12. 12. recommendations (primary): •facebook connect •LinkedIn Group •Facebook Fan Page •YouTube Channel (God stories, training, tips, general life-coach content)
    13. 13. ideas to increase engagement: •search for friends via facebook, twitter, gmail, etc •offer free resources connected to user needs: webinars, personality testing, life-coaching, •“City-Connector”--every new user connected w this person--keeps fresh content up in exchange for free resources (Buckingham books, Personality testing, etc
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