HHS IT Challenges


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HHS IT Challenges and Requirements for 2013 by Frank Baitman, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Department of Health and Human Services

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HHS IT Challenges

  1. 1. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES HHS IT challenges and requirementsFrank BaitmanChief Information OfficerU.S. Department of Health and Human Services 1
  2. 2. Topics•  HHS Priorities•  OCIO Priorities•  Domain Governance Approach•  Digital Government Strategy –  Shared Services –  Department Wide Collaboration –  Innovation Through Challenges 2
  3. 3. OFFICE OF THE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESè  Transform Health Careè  Implement the Recovery Actè  Promote Early Childhood Health and Developmentè  Help Americans Achieve and Maintain Healthy Weightè  Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Useè  Protect the Health and Safety of Americans in Public Health Emergenciesè  Accelerate the Process of Scientific Discovery to Improve Patient Careè  Implement a 21st Century Food Safety Systemè  Ensure Program Integrity and Responsible Stewardship 3
  4. 4. Information Resource Management Principles•  Agents for Change •  One Enterprise•  Accountability •  Engender Trust•  Collaboration •  Customer Service HHS CIO VisionHHS transparently delivers information, accessible health care, andsupport services to citizens from a foundation of reputable leaders in expert, nimble information resource management that fosters innovation while providing reliability, availability and appropriate security of sensitive information. 4
  5. 5. NIMBLE | INFORMED | EXPERT1.  Comprehensive Asset Inventory2.  HHS-wide Roadmap3.  Cloud First and Shared First4.  Security for Digital Government5.  Customer Service6.  Workforce Development7.  25 Point IT Reform Plan 5
  6. 6. The HHS Domain Governance Approach From Organizational centric IT investment management To Business driven management 6
  7. 7. Shared Services Primary Focus Areas HHS Commodity IT Priorities 1.  Human Resources Management Intra-Agency 2.  EmailService Center 3.  Financial Management (Dept. CIOs) 4.  IT Security 5.  Identity and Access Management Inter-Agency •  Budget •  Geographic Info Systems •  Performance LOBs / BCs •  Financial •  Human Resources •  Security(Managing Partners) 7
  8. 8. Shared Services at HHSConsistent and efficient shared services orchestration: •  Identify/Plan - Find existing / plan new services •  Prioritize - Development services based on budget •  Build – Follow a monitored development process •  Validate - Ensure reliability and share-ability •  Publish – Make services visible and searchable •  Monitor - Ensure performance as required 8
  9. 9. Challenges & OpportunitiesIncreased Difficulty / Complexity Vendor / Provider Strategic Sourcing Inter-Agency Funding Lock in Vehicles Transfers Cost Savings Reinvestment / Retention Provider Investment Funding for Modernization Planning / Execution Internal Agency of Change Contracting Process Executive Support Service Level Agreement Business Case / Negotiation Internal Agency Decision Process Time Required to Resolve 9
  10. 10. Yammer at HHS•  Operating as one enterprise•  HHS has begun to use the collaboration platform Yammer within the Department...•  +200 Groups•  +1200 Members 10
  11. 11. Innovation through Challenges •  America COMPETES Reauthorization Act of 2010 –  Provides Federal departments and agencies with a clear legal pathway to plan and execute challenges and competitions, and specifically authorizes the use of appropriated funds for these purposes. •  Stimulate innovation: http://challenge.gov"The first step in winning the future is encouraging American innovation. None of us can predict with certainty what the next big industry will be or where the new jobs will come from. Thirty years ago, we couldn’t know that something called the Internet would lead to an economic revolution. What we can do -- what America does better than anyone else -- is spark the creativity and imagination of our people. " President Barack Obama, January 25, 2011 http://www.whitehouse.gov/innovation/strategy 11
  12. 12. Active HHS Challenges•  Stop Bullying Video Challenge ($3,000) - HRSA•  Challenge to Identify Audacious Goals in Vision Research and Blindness Rehabilitation ($100,000) - NIH•  Managing Meds Video Challenge ($7,500) - ONC•  The Million Hearts Risk Check Challenge ($125,000) – ONC We challenge you! +300 Challenges available on challenge.gov 54 HHS challenges 12
  13. 13. Blue Button Mash Up Challenge•  Make personal health information more usable and meaningful for the individual consumer or patient•  Develop an app that makes the best use of Blue Button® downloaded personal health data and combines it with other types of data. The app must be able to garner high patient engagement rates. 13
  14. 14. EHR Accessibility Module Challenge•  Launched on Jan. 30, 2012•  Goal was to create and test a module or application that makes it easy for people with disabilities to access and Provider EHR interact with the health data stored in their EHRs. Apollo Abstraction layer Data Model Application•  The winning team, Pinaxis, created Apollo, a fully accessible Internet portal EHR Connect Data that will allow patients to interact with Database Layer Handler any provider’s existing EHR system over the Web. Drupal Content•  Apollo’s patient portal is designed to Provider Website Management System enhance the user experience for Apollo patients. Patient Website Apollo Apollo Module Theme Library Library http://apollo.pinaxis.com/ 14
  15. 15. Empower citizens with Mobile Technologies•  Healthcare: •  Increase productivity: •  Waiting Rooms •  Networking/Communication •  Clinical Material •  Document Review/Storage •  Reference Material •  Ease of Use •  Electronic Communication •  Field service: •  Mapping •  Schematics •  Data Collection •  Surveillance •  Help Desk 15
  16. 16. Mobile Technologies at HHS•  US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first diagnostic radiology app for use in viewing medical images to make diagnoses using Apples iPad and iPhone http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/PressAnnouncements/ucm242295.htm 16
  17. 17. Mobile Technologies at HHS http://www.cdc.gov/mobile/applications/cdcgeneral/promos/ipad_promo.html•  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) iPad App: •  Health information at their fingertips •  It features important health articles, popular journals, timely updates and access to social media to coincide with important health concerns and events throughout the year 17
  18. 18. CDC Fetal Alcohol Find a Health Center Spectrum Disorders•  Checkups when youre well •  Alcohol consumption data by state•  Treatment when youre sick •  Individualized pages for different•  Complete care when youre users – women, families, health care pregnant providers, educators, and partners•  Immunizations and checkups for •  Access to free materials on alcohol your children use and pregnancy and FASDs•  Dental care and prescription drugs for your family 18
  19. 19. HHS IT Budget Challenges & Opportunities•  HHS IT Budget –  $7B approximate annual IT budget –  10% IT Budget Reduction Required by 2014•  How can you help? –  How will you save me money? –  Can you do what I need done for less? 19