What's wrong with the perldocs

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How can the perl documentation be better?

How can the perl documentation be better?

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  • 1. Perl docs {sux|rulez} brian d foy The Perl Review
  • 2. Where do you findvariable scoping? (it’s not in perlvar)
  • 3. Where do you findvariable naming? (it’s not in perlvar)
  • 4. perldoc -fperldoc -v
  • 5. operators?methods?switches?
  • 6. Reference TutorialsAlternate Tutorials Topic Overviews Quick Starts FAQ Lingua
  • 7. perl perltoc perlartistic perlbook perlcommunity perldebug perldoc perlgpl perlglossary perlhist perlintroperlpolicy perlrepository perltodo perlutil
  • 8. perl5004delta perl5005delta perl5100delta perl5101deltaperl5110delta perl5111delta perl5112delta perl5113deltaperl5114delta perl5115delta perl5120delta perl5121deltaperl5122delta perl5130delta perl5131delta perl5132deltaperl5133delta perl5134delta perl5135delta perl5136delta perl561delta perl56delta perl570delta perl571delta perldelta perl572delta perl573delta perl581delta perl582delta perl583delta perl584delta perl585delta perl586delta perl587delta perl588delta perl589delta perl58delta perl590delta perl591delta perl592delta perl593delta perl594delta perl595delta
  • 9. perlaix perlamiga perlapollo perlbeos perlbs2000 perlce perlcygwin perldgux perldos perlebcdic perlepoc perlfreebsd perlhaiku perlhpux perlhurd perlirix perllinuxperlmacos perlmacosx perlmpeix perlnetware perlopenbsd perlos2 perlos390 perlos400 perlplan9 perlqnx perlriscos perlsolaris perlsymbian perltru64 perluts perlvmesa perlvms perlvos
  • 10. perlapi perlapio perlcall perlclibperlembed perlguts perlhackperlintern perliolperlmroapi perlxs perlxstut
  • 11. perlfaqperlfaq1perlfaq2perlfaq3perlfaq4perlfaq5perlfaq6perlfaq7perlfaq8perlfaq9
  • 12. perlboot perlbot perlmodperlmodinstall perlmodlibperlmodstyle perlnewmod perlobj perltooc perltoot
  • 13. perlfaqperlfaq1perlfaq2perlfaq3perlfaq4perlfaq5perlfaq6perlfaq7perlfaq8perlfaq9
  • 14. perlre perlreapiperlrebackslashperlrecharclass perlrequick perlreref perlretut perlreguts
  • 15. perldsc perldebtutperlopentutperlpacktut perlreftut perlthrtut
  • 16. perlunicode perlunifaqperluniintroperluniprops perlunitut
  • 17. perlcnperljpperlkoperltw
  • 18. perldata perldiag perldebguts perldbmfilter perlipcperllocale perlpod perlpodspec perllol perlnumber perlop perlfilter perlfork perlform perlfunc perllexwarnperlpragma perlref perlrun perlsub perlsyn perltie perlvar
  • 19. now → ?
  • 20. perl is in git (perlrepository)
  • 21. I’m a committer
  • 22. Docs are for thecurrent version
  • 23. perlfaq back in perl
  • 24. books out of perlfaq2 into perlbook
  • 25. perlvar reordered, variable birth documented
  • 26. perlexperiment lists iffy features
  • 27. a new perlop
  • 28. perlkeyword
  • 29. Other happenings• “Perl Documentation Team”• Updates to perlipc