City Council April 19, 2011: SH&E Presentation


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City Council April 19, 2011: SH&E Presentation

  1. 1. AIR SERVICE DEVELOPMENT AND CONSULTING SERVICES<br />Proposal Presentation<br />Prepared for:<br />San Angelo City Council<br />April 19, 2011 <br />
  2. 2. SH&E is a Unique Consultancy Serving Clients with all Formsof Aviation Expertise<br />Specialty consulting firm of over 80 staff dedicated exclusively to aviation<br />In business 47 years since founding in 1963; performed over 6,000 individual engagements worldwide<br />Full-service offices in Boston, New York, and London, with specialists worldwide<br />Professionals recruited from airlines, airports, academia, finance, government agencies, manufacturers, and IT<br />
  3. 3. SH&E has Worked for an Unmatched List of Airline Clients in North America<br />
  4. 4. SH&E’s Airport Clients Are Literally All Over the Map<br />Vancouver<br />Edmonton<br />Large Airports Medium Airports<br />Small AirportsAgencies<br />Anchorage<br />Calgary<br />Bellingham<br />Moncton<br />Seattle<br />Fredricton<br />Nova Scotia<br />WSDOT<br />Portland<br />Eugene<br />Montreal<br />ND Aero. Div.<br />N.E. Council<br />Portland<br />Burlington<br />Toronto<br />Klamath Falls<br />Lebanon<br />VTRANS<br />Manchester<br />Oneida<br />Albany<br />Massport (Boston)<br />MAC<br />Minneapolis<br />Hanscom<br />Niagara Falls<br />New Bedford<br />Michigan DOT<br />Wyoming Dept of Aero.<br />Hyannis<br />Providence<br />Milwaukee<br />Lansing<br />New Haven<br />Wilkes-Barre<br />Stewart<br />Windsor<br />Detroit<br />Allentown<br />NY/NJ Port Authority<br />SteamboatSprings<br />Chicago O’Hare<br />Harrisburg<br />Sacramento<br />Chicago Midway<br />Cleveland<br />Toledo<br />Iowa DOT<br />Philadelphia<br />MD Aviation Auth.<br />Salt Lake City<br />Lincoln<br />San Francisco<br />Atlantic City<br />Denver<br />Modesto<br />Indiana DOT<br />Baltimore/Washington Int’l<br />Greenbrier<br />IllinoisDOT<br />MWAA<br />San Jose<br />ColoradoSprings<br />Colorado DOT<br />Fresno<br />Kansas City<br />Charlottesville<br />Monterey<br />Cincinnati<br />Garden City<br />Salina<br />Newport News<br />Louisville<br />WV DOT<br />Las Vegas<br />Pueblo<br />Durango<br />VDOA<br />Norfolk<br />St. Louis<br />San Luis Obispo<br />Roanoke<br />Richmond<br />Wichita<br />Owensboro<br />Springfield/ Branson<br />Palmdale<br />Rocky Mount<br />Farmington<br />Raleigh/Durham<br />Burbank<br />Ontario<br />N. Carolina DOA<br />Arizona DOT<br />Los Angeles<br />Nashville<br />SCAG<br />New Mexico DOT<br />Palm Springs<br />Chattanooga<br />LittleRock<br />SANDAG<br />Phoenix<br />San Diego<br />Atlanta<br />Albuquerque<br />Huntsville<br />Mexicali<br />Lubbock<br />Charleston<br />Tupelo<br />Tijuana<br />Augusta<br />Bermuda<br />Dallas Love Field<br />Shreveport<br />Tucson<br />MS DOT<br />Dallas/Ft. Worth<br />Hilton Head<br />Birmingham<br />Hawaii DOT<br />Brunswick<br />Jackson<br />LA AirportAuthority<br />Savannah<br />Valdosta<br />Baton Rouge<br />Jacksonville<br />Abilene<br />Mobile<br />Daytona Beach<br />Alexandria<br />More than 100 Additional Airport and Agency Clients Worldwide<br />Ocala<br />Gulfport<br />Melbourne<br />Lafayette<br />San Antonio<br />New Orleans<br />Sanford-Orlando<br />Vero Beach<br />Houston<br />West PalmBeach<br />Tampa<br />Freeport<br />Ft. Myers<br />Fort Lauderdale<br />Harlingen<br />Naples<br />Miami<br />San Juan, PR<br />
  5. 5. SJT performed better than the overall industry in 2009-2010; however, AA’s capacity cuts in YTD 2011 and those to come will significantly impact the airport<br />Scheduled Departing SeatsCY 2006-2010, YE May 2011<br />U.S. Industry (000,000’s)<br />San Angelo(000’s)<br />U.S. Industry<br />San Angelo<br />Source: OAG Schedules.<br />
  6. 6. San Angelo Has Three Important Goals for its Air Service Effort<br />Maintain American Eagle Service to DFW<br />Monitor Service Performance<br />Stay in Contact with American Eagle and Be Ready to Solve Problems<br />Promote Growth by Improving Existing Services<br />More Frequencies<br />Jet Service<br />Better Timed Flights<br />Secure New Service with Competitive Air Fares<br />New Markets<br />New Airlines<br />
  7. 7. Airline Planners Are Looking for Interesting and Insightful Analysis<br />Unique Information – offering a new, distinctive viewpoint and analysis is more impactful than showing information an airline already knows <br />Accurate Data – airlines do not believe inflated revenues or growth, illustrating realistic data estimates makes a more compelling case<br />Comparative Analysis – 95 percent of airlines surveyed compare consultants’ analysis to their own – however they like having an analysis from a third party<br />In–House Analysis – all airlines perform their own analysis and have access to the same industry data as an airport <br />
  8. 8. Airports Must Bring Innovative and Fresh Thinking to the Airlines<br />Fresh Perspective<br />Present data that is unique and different, something a planner wouldn’t look at every day<br />Local Expertise<br />Sell your local expertise and connections<br />NewData<br />Introduce one-of-a-kind newly collected survey data that conveys something original<br />Offer strategic thinking, especially a big picture and long-term outlook<br />Strategy<br />MarketKnowledge<br />Illustrate a breakdown of seasonal market sizes, current traffic flows and current fares (on similar routes/carriers)<br />
  9. 9. SH&E’s Air Service Analysis and Development Study Tasks for San Angelo<br /><ul><li>Task 1 – Market Analysis, Research, and Data Collection
  10. 10. Passenger Survey
  11. 11. Business Community Round Table
  12. 12. Fare Analysis
  13. 13. Load Factor Analysis
  14. 14. Route Economics
  15. 15. Historical Service Analysis
  16. 16. Task 2– Benchmark SJT Against Competitors and Similarly Sized Airports
  17. 17. Quantify Leakage to Midland International Airport
  18. 18. How Does SJT Compare to Similarly Sized Communities in Texas?
  19. 19. Task 3 – Identify and Evaluate Deficiencies in Passenger Air Service
  20. 20. Determine Target Markets and Carriers
  21. 21. Task 4 – Develop Marketing Strategies and Carrier Presentations
  22. 22. 2 Carrier Presentations</li></li></ul><li>…And We Win<br />Client Carrier Routes<br />Client Carrier Routes<br />Oklahoma City Frontier Denver Northwest Detroit, Minneapolis Continental Newark United Express Chicago O’Hare<br />Lincoln DeltaAtlanta, Salt Lake CityNorthwest Detroit, Memphis<br />Albany Southwest Baltimore, Las Vegas, Orlando<br />Mobile American Eagle Dallas/Ft. Worth<br />Monterey United Express Denver<br />Palm Springs Continental Houston Horizon Airlines Sacramento<br />Bismarck United Chicago O’Hare <br />Denver British Airways London Lufthansa Frankfurt American Los Angeles Southwest Chicago MDW, Las Vegas, Phoenix<br />Salt Lake City Delta Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Washington National, Hawaii Delta Connection El Paso, Medford, Eugene, Burbank Southwest Baltimore, Chicago Midway Continental Houston Intercontinental Northwest Detroit<br />Boston Air France Paris American Paris, Manchester, UK Aer Lingus Dublin Lufthansa Munich Swissair Zurich Hainan Beijing (cargo) Iberia Madrid<br />Edmonton Canadian Chicago O’Hare AirBC Denver Continental Houston America West Las Vegas, Phoenix, Los Angeles<br />Miami Asiana Seoul (cargo)Ted Chicago, Washington<br />Houston Continental Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Salt Lake City<br />Ft. Myers Frontier Denver LTU Dusseldorf Delta Express Columbus Southwest Baltimore, Houston, Orlando, Islip, Chicago MDW,Philadelphia<br />Baltimore/Wash. Mexicana Mexico City<br />LA/Los Angeles Alitalia Rome Turkish Istanbul Emirates Dubai Volaris Mexico City, Guadalajara, Morelia, Zacatacas Virgin Australia Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane<br />LA/Palmdale United Express San Francisco<br />Los Angeles/Ontario ExpressJet Albuquerque, Austin, Boise, Colorado Springs, El Paso, Fresno, Kansas City, Monterey, Oklahoma City, Omaha, San Antonio, Spokane, Tucson, Tulsa<br />Indianapolis Northwest Hartford, Raleigh-Durham<br />Nashville Frontier Denver<br />UPS UPS Newark/Ontario to Beijing (cargo)<br />Palm Beach Int’l. Air Canada Montreal<br />
  23. 23. Questions?<br /><br /><br />NEW YORK<br />212 656 9200<br /><br />BOSTON<br />617 218 3500<br /><br />WASHINGTON, DC<br />202 572 9400<br /><br />ICF CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS<br />Fairfax, VA • 703 934 3000<br />ADDITIONAL ICF OFFICES<br />Albany • Charleston, SC • Dallas, TX • Dayton, OH • Denver, CO • Houston, TX Irvine, CA • Lexington, MA • Los Angeles, CA • Middletown, PA • Ogden, UT Oklahoma City, OK • Research Triangle Park, NC • San Francisco, CA • Washington DC<br />London • Moscow • New Delhi • Rio De Janeiro • Toronto<br />LONDON<br />+44 20 7242 9333<br /><br />LOS ANGELES<br />310 471 9118<br /><br />PORTLAND<br />503 265 3212<br /><br />CHICAGO<br />503 265 3217<br /><br />© 2008 ICF International. All rights reserved.<br />