City council nov. 19, 2013 planning


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City council nov. 19, 2013 planning

  1. 1. City Council November 19, 2013
  2. 2. Zone Change Z13-28: Greg Huling • A request for approval of a zone change from Single-Family Residential (RS-1) to Low-Rise Multi-Family Residential (RM-1) to allow for multi-family dwellings, on the following property: • An unaddressed 5 acre tract, located approximately 280 feet south of the intersection of Southland Boulevard and Green Meadow Drive; more specifically occupying the Community of Faith subdivision, Block 1, Section 1, Lots 1 & 2, in western San Angelo. Five (4) notifications were sent; one in favor, please see related opposition petition and letters in your packet.
  3. 3. General Map
  4. 4. Site Map
  5. 5. Aerial Map
  6. 6. Vision Map
  7. 7. Vision Map
  8. 8. Looking North along Southland Boulevard
  9. 9. Looking South along Southland Boulevard
  10. 10. Looking at the Subject Property
  11. 11. Looking East of the Subject Property
  12. 12. Staff Recommendation • Planning staff recommends modifying the zone change request from RM-2 to RM-1. • Planning Commission recommended approval of a zone change to RM-2 by a 5 - 2 vote on September 16, 2013. • City Council tabled the initial request for RM-2 on October 1, 2013.
  13. 13. Criteria of Application • • • • • • • Compatible with Plans and Policies Consistent with Zoning Ordinance Compatible with Surrounding Area Changed Condition Effect on Natural Environment Community Need Development Patterns
  14. 14. Analysis – Basis for Recommendation • Meets all aspects of the Zoning Ordinance; • Existing zoning and surrounding uses; greater housing options; • Compact development beneficial to natural environment; • Traffic concerns; • Stimulates greater opportunities for a walkable, sustainable community.
  15. 15. Moratorium – Regarding RV Parks • What is a moratorium? • A moratorium is a local law or ordinance that suspends the right of property owners to obtain development approvals for a specific use(s) while the community takes time to consider, draft and adopt land use plans or rules to respond to new or changing circumstances not adequately dealt with by its current laws.
  16. 16. Moratorium – Regarding RV Parks • What are the effects of this moratorium, if approved? • No action would be taken on applications for Special Use Permits (for “campground/RV parks”); • No action would be taken on applications for Zone Changes to MHP (Manufactured Housing Parks); • No action would be taken on site plans for campgrounds or RV parks (expansion or new); • No action would be taken on applications for expansion of capacity of existing campgrounds or RV parks;
  17. 17. Moratorium – Regarding RV Parks • Requires two readings; • Moratorium would be effective after initial reading (22nd), but would be suspended if second reading failed; • Moratorium would last for a 90 day period, with possible extension(s) by the City Council;
  18. 18. Recommendations • Housing Committee – • A moratorium is needed to research the temporary housing matter further and ensure regulations adopted are adequate to ensure the consistent and predictable development of the community. • 4 – yes • 1 - no
  19. 19. • Housing Committee – • There is an escalating demand for development of temporary housing related to the exponential growth in the oil industry in central Texas and in the City of San Angelo, particularly a marked interest in developments utilizing manufactured housing, recreational vehicles, trailers and other modes for temporary living accommodations. • 5 – yes • 0 - no
  20. 20. Recommendations • Housing Committee • The dwindling supply of rental housing and apartments and the corresponding increase of residential rental rates along with the potential financial hardship on the capacity of some resident or workforce families to maintain adequate housing is an issue within the community. • 4 – Yes • 1 - No
  21. 21. Recommendations • Housing Committee • Adverse impacts suffered by a number of other Texas communities relating to the influx of oil industry related workforce and demand for temporary housing, without effective regulations for the placement and development of temporary housing facilities indicate that the City of San Angelo can anticipate similar adverse impact to the preservation of the public peace, property, health, safety or welfare. • 4 – Yes • 1 - No
  22. 22. Recommendations • Planning Commission – at their 11/18 meeting, the Planning Commission recommended unanimously (6-0) that: • City Council enact the 90 day moratorium; and, • That the temporary housing committee put together be reconvened as part of the formulation of new regulations.
  23. 23. • The City Council may: • (1) Approve the proposed moratorium ordinance as presented; or • (2) Modify the provisions allotted for in the moratorium ordinance and approve the ordinance; or • (3) Deny the proposed moratorium.
  24. 24. Findings of Fact Outlined in Ordinance • Exponential growth of the oil industry in central Texas and the City of San Angelo; • Application of existing zoning and commercial development policies, regulations, etc, are inadequate to prevent new development of temporary housing; • Such development may be detrimental to the public health, safety, or welfare of the residents of the City, and the peace or order of the City of San Angelo; • There is a demonstrated need to review such existing regulations and to adopt new regulations or to amend existing regulations;
  25. 25. Special Exceptions to Moratorium • 1. Undue Hardship • The current regulations are adequate to address the particular type and scope of development and construction proposed by the applicant through the proper channels; • It is in the public interest to allow a limited exception to the temporary moratorium in the particular instance; • Authorizing the special exception will not adversely impact neighboring properties. • 2. Pending Projects • A complete application for the required regulatory approvals for the proposed project is on file with the City on or before the Effective Date of this Ordinance.
  26. 26. Thoroughfare Plan Amendment • Amendments to projections of collector streets in south-central San Angelo, more specifically the area described below: • An area bounded by Jackson Street to the north, Knickerbocker Road to the west, South Bryant boulevard to the east, and Loop 306 to the south in south-central San Angelo. Notification is not required
  27. 27. General Map
  28. 28. Options The City Council may: • approve proposed amendment to the planned future projection, as recommended by the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Policy Board, the Planning Commission, and presented by City staff on an attached map; • remand the matter back to the Planning Commission with recommendations; or • deny any and all proposed amendments to this collector street.
  29. 29. Recommendation • City staff recommends approving this request • Planning Commission recommended approval 7-0 on September 16, 2013 • MPO Board recommended approval 9-0 on November 7, 2013
  30. 30. History and Background • Request brought forth by property owner in the area • Thoroughfare plan designates major streets and projections • Lack of a thoroughfare outside floodway in the area • Cleanup of future intersections based on current development of properties in the area
  31. 31. History and Background • Cleanup of the following streets: • Parkview • Petro/Dakota Drive • Foster from Loop to Cox Lane • Introduction of collector streets outside floodway on South Jackson Street • Community opportunity to create linkages before properties become fully developed • Developers, landowners, and citizens can plan ahead
  32. 32. Site Map
  33. 33. Site Map