City Council June 19, 2012 Budget Presentation


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  • NOTE – ELRs just over $3 million, just quickly went through and identified have to/need to type items
  • Identify services which will be priorities for the year (or for any time). Council has told us streets and stormwater are priorities. That means we need to find ways to move money from other functions to address these priorities. Somebody who is not a priority gets less money, probably the citizens have less of that service  free up money for high priorities. User fees vs. Tax Revenues – in depth discussion, ex: Permits generates revenue to cover most of their costs, ex: , to remind of benefits of user fees Save More, Borrow Less – implement fee structure (ex: facility fee $1.00 on every transaction), would generate funds for facility issues in future years. Develop list of objectives that need to be satisfied. Minimize cost impact by spreading over as many customers as possible, spread over as many years as possible (before debt issuance and after).
  • Lake Entrance Civic Events Facilities Code Compliance Animal Services Landfill Legal City Clerk Health Inspections/Permits Planning
  • City Council June 19, 2012 Budget Presentation

    1. 1. Budget DiscussionJune 19, 2012
    2. 2. Calendar
    3. 3. Calendar
    4. 4. Where We Are Revenue EstimatesOriginal FY12 Revenue 56,286,577+ Sales Tax 1,560,085+ Delinquent Taxes, Penalties & Int 141,364+ Dept Fees & Charges 50,284- Municipal Court Fees (446,145)- Franchise Taxes (63,178)- Other (116,448) FY13 Proposed Revenue 57,412,539
    5. 5. Where We Are Expense EstimatesOriginal FY12 Expenses 56,286,577- Salary & Benefits due to attrition (311,015)- Revenue sensitive items (65,128)- Other (7,835)+ Tax rebate agreements 434,760 FY13 Proposed Expenses 56,337,359
    6. 6. Where We Are Revenue Under/(Over) ExpenseFY13 Proposed Revenue (57,412,539)FY13 Proposed Expense 56,337,359 Revenue Under/(Over) Expense (1,075,180)
    7. 7. Where We Want To Be PrioritiesEstimate for Meet & Confer Raises (370,000)Estimate for Raises (550,000)Street Maintenance – Seal Coat (1,200,000)Reduce Property Tax Rate – ½ ¢ (175,000)Animal Services Effort (100,000)Expanded Level Requests (460,000) Total Priorities (2,855,000)
    8. 8. Where We Are Revenue Under/(Over) ExpenseFY13 Proposed Revenue (57,412,539)FY13 Proposed Expense 56,337,359 Revenue Under/(Over) Expense (1,075,180)
    9. 9. Council Guidance• Organizational focus on priority services• User fees vs. Tax revenues• For future years, begin a “save more, borrow less” initiative
    10. 10. How to Get There Increase RevenueOne way to help fund these needs is by charging appropriate amounts in fees like• User fees;• Facility rental fees;• Permit fees.
    11. 11. Calendar
    12. 12. Calendar
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