City council june 18, 2013 planning


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City council june 18, 2013 planning

  1. 1. City CouncilJune 18, 2013
  2. 2. Vision Plan Amendment• Proposed Amendment to the Comprehensive Plan for thefollowing area of the City:• Properties situated south and east from the intersection ofDan Hanks Lane and South Chadbourne Street andextending eastward on the south side of SouthChadbourne Street, continuing to Old Eola Road, thensouthwards along South Loop 306, encompassing theexisting City Limits and properties situated just outside thecurrent City Limits in the far southeast portion of SanAngelo. Please see attached maps included with thisreport for a more detailed depiction.
  3. 3. OptionsThe City Council may:• Approve the proposed Vision Plan map amendmentsas presented;• Remand the Vision Plan map back to PlanningCommission for further discussion; or• Deny the proposed Vision Plan Map Amendment in itsentirety or on a property by property basis.
  4. 4. Process• Field Survey of the area• Lot by lot to observe current land use patterns• Discussion and consultation with:• Engineering• Storm Water• Water Utilities• MPO• Data entry and discussion of observations & findings
  5. 5. Process• Research regarding historical land use patterns• Aerial photos and past zoning history• Examination of current Vision Plan Map• Strengths• Weaknesses• Opportunities• Proposed amendment was reached based upon dataand findings
  6. 6. Recommendation• Planning staff recommends approving the proposedVision Plan Map Amendment.• Planning Commission recommended approval ofthese amendments by a vote of 6-0 on May 20, 2013
  7. 7. Area Summary• 49 Parcels of Agricultural or Field Usage• 100 Higher density residential properties• 13 Industrial Service/Contractor properties• 119 Lower density residential properties• 3 personal service businesses 3 vacant commercialparcels
  8. 8. Basis for Recommendation• Industrial Uses directly adjacent to Neighborhood• No buffer or transition zone• Land uses at opposite ends of land use spectrum• Proposal buffers and diversifies the area• Protects planned neighborhoods moving forward• Calls for lower intensity uses• Creates nodes of activities
  9. 9. Basis for Recommendation• Adds Industrial areas in a successful Industrial Area ofthe City• Isolates these higher intensity uses from neighborhoodenvisioned areas of development elsewhere• Expands successful areas of higher density residentialproviding for diversity in the future along FM 1223
  10. 10. 2nd Public Hearing for Comment• Comments for & against possible annexation to thecity limits of certain properties situated southwest ofSan Angelo• Area encompassing a 24.484 acre tract extendingnorthwest from Mills Pass Drive, and located directlywest of an 8.995 acre tract annexed to the City Limitson March 5, 2013 that comprises the proposedPrestonwood Addition, Section Two in the southwestpart of the city
  11. 11. Intent & Background• No property is being annexed today or committed tobe annexed today• Property is situated directly west of property annexedon March 5, 2013 to City Limits
  12. 12. Proposed Timetable• First public hearing – June 4, 2013• Second Public hearing – June 18, 2013• First reading and introduction of an ordinanceannexing the property – July 16, 2013• Second and final reading of an ordinance annexing theproperty – August 6, 2013