City Council April 3, 2012 Slavin presentation


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City Council April 3, 2012 Slavin presentation

  1. 1. City of San Angelo, Texas City Manager Recruitment 1
  2. 2. Slavin Management Consultants(SMC)  National Practice ­ Executive Search ­ Pay and Classification ­ Performance Appraisal Systems ­ Organizational Studies  Executive Search – Specialists in City and County Managers and Local Government Department Head Searches 2
  3. 3. Exceptional Thirty Year Track Record  SMC’s has a national practice with national contacts through which it has placed more than 750 governmental government and non-profit executives and in 44 states.  More than 95% of SMC’s placements have stayed in their positions for more than five years  Only two SMC placements have left during the first two years of employment  Approximately 25% of our placements are minorities and/or women 3
  4. 4. Expertise Tailored to Assist San Angelo  Mr. Slavin will manage this project. He has 32 years experience in placing city and county managers and department heads. Paul Wenbert, former ICMA Vice President and SMC’s Western Regional Manager will serve a co-primary consultant .  Mr. David Krings, former ICMA President and SMC’s Midwest Regional Manager and will assist with this project.  SMC’s experience includes significant recent executive recruitment work in Texas.  SMC has in based near Atlanta and has affiliates in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Texas. 4
  5. 5. SMC Texas Client’s City of Arlington D/FW City of Austin City of Denton City of Bryan City of Fort Worth City of Corpus Parkland Hospital Christi Travis County Healthcare City of Dallas District Dallas ISD City of Waco DART 5
  6. 6. Results Oriented Process On-site development of the recruitment profile Actively find and recruit qualified candidates  Advertise in key publications, send targeted e-mails to sources and prospects & make direct contact with people who fit the City Council’s requirements.  Extensive direct sourcing for candidates who meet the Council’s requirements. On-site meetings with the City Council and with finalist candidates to assure “fit”. Thorough background investigation of all finalist candidates We aggressively pursue good candidates 6
  7. 7. Results Oriented Process (Continued)• Assist the City Council to design the interview and selection process, make logistical arrangements, provide interview questions, rating sheets, ranking forms, etc.• Facilitate employment agreement• Facilitate the establishment of 1st year performance goals• Follow-up with both the City Council and the City Manager at six months and 1 year We conduct on-site interviews with finalist candidates – to get data key to ensuring proper fit 7
  8. 8. Focus on San Angelo’s Strengths  San Angelo is located 210 miles west northwest of Austin, Texas in Tom Green County. It has a diverse population of approximately 93,200. San Angelo is one of the largest cities in West Central Texas and serves as the center of commerce, MISSION government, medicine, and religion for an expansive 14 county region. STATEMENT“By the Year 2027,  The City continues to have a well diversified economic base with major sectors that include manufacturing, medical care, education, trade, business services, and San Angelo will be military.measurably the most  The City of San Angelo operates under the council-manager form of government.desirable mid-sized The Council is comprised of a Mayor and six council members who are elected on a non-partisan basis and serve two-year, staggered, terms. The Mayor is elected at-city in the State of large; council members are elected by single-member districts. The City Council is responsible for passing ordinances, adopting a budget, selecting a city manager and Texas.” municipal court judges, and appointing citizens to City boards and commissions. Council members  San Angelo is a full-service city. City Departments include Parks and Recreation, Health Services, Fire, Construction and Facilities Maintenance, Construction Management, Airport, Public Information, Community and Economic Development, Neighborhood and Family Services, Operations, Water Utilities, Human Resources and Risk Management and Finance. The City has 967 full-time employees and a FY 2011- 2012 General Fund Budget of $56 million. 8
  9. 9. SMC Commitment to your Success  We will keep working for the City until a placement is made.  We will redo the search for no additional professional fee if the new City Manager leaves within two years.  We will never recruit your new City Manager from the City.  We will not actively recruit any of your employees for at least two years. 9
  10. 10. Recruitment Timetable  Typically 90 days from time profile is approved and the candidate is hired  SMC is prepared to begin the project within15 days 10
  11. 11. Project Cost Professional Fees: $13,890.00 Not­to­Exceed Expenses: $7,639.50 (SMC’s actual out­of­pocket costs capped at 55% of the fee) Total $21,529.50 11
  12. 12. Questions 12