Cc 5 14-13 - animals services snap adoption subsidy-presentation


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Cc 5 14-13 - animals services snap adoption subsidy-presentation

  1. 1. SNAP and Adoption Subsidy ProgramPresentation to City CouncilMay 14, 2013
  2. 2. 2012 Shelter StatisticsINTAKE: (includes adoptable and unadoptable)Owner Surrendered 3173Stray 67849857 (Abandoned or Unwanted)Seized 90Serviced In 2Wildlife 64TOTAL INTAKE in 2012: 10113
  3. 3. 2012 Shelter StatsOUTCOME:Adoption 1388 (13%)Euthanasia 7685 (76%)Owner Redeemed 606 (6% of Total or 9% of Strays)DOA 25 (<1%)Died in Custody 89 (<1%)Misc.(Wildlife Release, Transfer Out to Rescues, Escaped)13 (<1%)TOTAL OUTCOME: 9806Intake will not equal Outcome because Outcome included animals that came into shelterin 2011Data Source: Pet Point Shelter Management System
  4. 4. March 2013 StatisticsIntake: 641Cats – 269 Dogs – 364 Other - 8By Zip Code: Cats Dogs76901 - 16 2276903 - 113 12076904 - 34 1776905 - 21 34Side Cages 23 87Surrendered 61 74No address 4
  5. 5. March 2013 StatisticsTop Breed Specific – Dogs ( > 10)American Heelers – 14Border Collie / Collie – 16Chihuahua – 66Daschund - 16Retrievers (Labs) – 73Sheppard - 29Terrier – 43Pits - 40
  6. 6. March 2013 Euthanasia HistoryCat: 253Aggression/Aggressive – 177Injured – 6Medical – Moderate – 15Too Young - 4URI – 51Dog: 169Aggressive – 32Injured / Medical Moderate or Severe – 15Kennel Cough - 17Parvo – 18Time/Space – 22URI – 65Other: 2
  7. 7. Proposed Solutions1. Spay / Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP) –designed to make available low cost spay and neutersurgeries for pets of low income.Goal: reduce the number of abandoned and unwantedanimals that end up at the shelter andsubsequently are euthanizedEligibility:a) Person receiving Public Assistance (Food Stamps, SSI, Aidto Families with Dependent Children and Medicaid)b) Not receiving public assistance but qualify based on 125%of current HHSC Income/Poverty Guidelines)
  8. 8. SNAP continuedSNAP Program:• Family is allowed a maximum of two SNAP vouchers per month.• Sold on second to last week of the month• Voucher good for the next two consecutive months only.• Number of Vouchers subject to available funds.Cost:1) $0 with proof of current rabies and city tag (Vet will bill city forspay neuter surgery only which is covered by funding)2) $25 with no proof of current rabies and city tagFive participating Veterinary Clinics (only two previously)SPECIAL NOTE: Proposed SNAP allows for 85% to city and 15% to TomGreen (based on U.S. Census Data)
  9. 9. Adoption Subsidy Program2. Adoption Subsidy Program - designed to encourageadoptions of shelter animals by providing financialassistanceGoal: Increase adoptions and reduce euthanasiaEligibility: open to anyone with an approved Adoption ApplicationProgram:a) Staff identifies potential animalsb) Five subsidized programs:1) Senior and Special Needs Animals2) Bonded Pair3) Extended Stay – 20 days or more4) Feline – adult cats5) “Rays of Hope” - half price days and all shelter animalseligible (announced once a year, 6 months, quarter dependent on funding?)
  10. 10. SNAP and Adoption Subsidy FundingPotential Funding:Staff, ASAC, Council encouraged to make donationsPublic Donations accepted to a currently designated 601 SNAPaccount and Designation of new 601 account for AdoptionSubsidy ProgramsPrivate Funding through Area Foundation, Health Foundation andothers for SNAP and/or Adoption Subsidy ProgramsSeek General Fund Transfers (possible council subsidy)Seeking Council Approval to permanently include an AnimalShelter Donation Request on Water Bill (SNAP, AdoptionSubsidy, General)“Cans for Change” / “Change Comes in Cans” (not cant’s) –recycling of aluminum cans project for SNAP