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State of Barangay Governance (Brgy.465)
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State of Barangay Governance (Brgy.465)


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barangay 465 state of governance report . .

barangay 465 state of governance report . .

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  • 2. TABLE OF CONTENTSI. PreliminariesII. Executive SummaryIII. Report Findings on the Performance AreaIII. Conclusions (based on findings per performance area )IV. Recommendation/sV. Attachments
  • 3. I. PRELIMINARIESMESSAGE OF THE PUNONG BARANGAY The challenges that we encounter in the performance of our duty remind us that we the servant of the people should always behave on the manner that befits our office that we represent and be a role model to the community. We the community leaders that represent the grassroots of political structure of the government should always remind ourselves that we are here to serve for the great benefit of our people.
  • 5. BARANGAY TANODS Nelson Soriano EX-ORobert Mendoza Danilo Resari Arthur Ferrer Ronald Gotidc Porferio Magpantay Mark Anthony Co Ricky De Leon Josehp Galos Nelson Seminiano
  • 6. BRIEF PROFILE OF THE BARANGAYBarangay 465, Zone 46 is located at east zone of Sampaloc area under District IVlegislative jurisdiction of Manila City. It is composed of 200 estimated families with anestimated population of 2,000. Barangay 465 is bounded on the East by Padre NovalSt. (U.S.T), West by G. Tolentino (Brgy.467) , North by J. Barlin St. (brgy. 466) andSouth by I. Delos Reyes St. ( Brgy. 469)Barangay 465 is proud to have within our territorial area of jurisdiction the oldestuniversity in Asia and the home of the Dominican priests, the University of SantoTomas and UST Parish Church respectively.This small barangay community is proud to be the sanctuary of students that arestudying in different universities and of middle class families generating most of theirincome from varied public and private employments, small scale business enterprises,professional practices and skills.Among the various projects offered to our constituents are declogging,beautification, clean and green, solid waste management, sports activities and fitnessprograms, medical, distribution of school supplies, disaster preparedness, livelihoodand poverty alleviation trainings, gift-giving, feeding programs, preservation of peaceand order, anti-drug campaign programs and more.
  • 8. DEVELOPMENT THRUST OF THE BARANGAYVision : To be able to uplift the current standard of living, peace and order andcleanliness of the barangay.Mission : Foster cooperation of all Barangay Council together with all themembers of the community to attain the vision.Goals : Have improve standard of living Maintain Peace and Order Maintain Cleanliness of the Barangay
  • 9. II. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYIn line with the government program “Matuwid naDaan” Barangay 465 will implement all projects,undertakings and governance with utmosttransparency and dedicate all action through service tothe people.
  • 10. 1. ADMINISTRATIVE Alexander T. Tasarra Chairman Rogelio Miranda Cesar Paguiligan Brgy. Treasurer Brgy. SecretaryGreg Factor Crizaldo John Batac Arlene Bantolino Joanne Alog Jose Yabut Melisa Miranda Andres Magpantay Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad Kagawad
  • 11. 1. Barangay Development Council (BDC) - Headed by Punong Barangay and Barangay Council will conduct at least two (2) semestral meeting within the year.2. The BDC conducted its 1st meeting on January 7 for the initial barangay project development that will create income generating job.3. Formulate Current Year Annual Investment Plan (Annual Budget Formulation) This we include the following: * Differently – Abled Persons * Senior Citizen * Children * Gender and Development4. Develop Socio Economic Profile of our Barangay and update the current habitant of the barangay ( those we include transient students living in the barangay.)
  • 12. 2. GOVERNANCE
  • 13. 1. Strengthen cooperation between the community and barangay council by conducting regular sessions, consultation and mediation on matters that affect the community as a whole.2. Formulate, conduct public hearing and draft resolutions that are beneficial to the community.3. Formulation of tracking or monitoring system on pending and approved barangay legislative program.4. Report on itemize previous accomplishment during barangay assembly.5. Create barangay disaster risk reduction management committee that will help avert or at least minimize casualty in an event of disaster.6. Established suggestion/feedback mechanism to improve the performance of barangay official and the community as a whole.7. Recognized and organized community service volunteer to promote the Spirit of Bayanihan.
  • 15. 1. Purchase of basic health monitoring system such us, Mobile Aneriod Sphygmomanometer, 3M Littman classic II S.E. stethoscope, Compressor Nebulizer.2. Access to medical medicine that do not need doctor prescription or Over the counter medicine such us, paracetamol, antihistamine and food supplement like malunggay capsules.3. Utilize the Raha fire volunteer which has operational headquarter located in our barangay in the event of health emergency, fire and rescue operation.4. Promote the children welfare through social event and cultural development.
  • 17. 1. The creation of Barangay Livelihood Program under the Triclycle sa Barangay Pangkabuhayan help to elevate the lives of our volunter Bantay Barangay Brigade.2. We are in the final consultation stage for the creation of barangay cooperative.3. Every application for a new and renew business operation in the barangay, they are advice to get manpower that are living within the barangay.4. Information dissemination are given to all interested for free livelihood training and seminars.
  • 19. 1. Maintenance of existing drainage, sewer and canals through constant declogging.2. Beautification, street cleaning and efficient garbage collection.3. Implementation on waste segregation scheme and volume control.4. Street waste collection of street sweeper.
  • 20. III. CONCLUSIONSIn all aspect of governance people’scooperation and participation is very important,We the community leader of barangay 465 willalways strive to perform our best for thebetterment of beloved barangay.
  • 21. RECOMMENDATION/SArea of Concern:1. Sewer system of P. Noval St. – National government upgraded and elevated the portion of P.Noval st from Dapitan st. up to the corner of J. Barlin St. but no upgrade had been made to the sewer. Overflowing of sewer was a natural occurrence now on the corner of P. Noval and J Barlin st., We are kindly asking the national government to please find the necessary solution to this problem.2. Declogging of drainage along Eloisa St. – regular declogging of drainage in eloisa due to the siltation of sand and mud from the construction.3. Solid waste management Program – waste segregation is a constant battle to the community to put into practice. Old habit is till hard to break . We will tirelessly remind and inform our community the benefits of a well segregated waste.4. Beautification, Clean and Green – a clean community is heaven for the soul.5. Sports and Fitness program– sport teach discipline by engaging into any sport the youth of the community , we are teaching them the spirit of cooperation and discipline.6. Peace and Order – “ everybody’s concern “, we should always be on the look out for the bad guys, our tanod is always there for us to help but it is our duty to safeguard our interest.
  • 23. BARANGAY RESOLUTION LISTResolution # 01 : A Resolution Adopting the Barangay Development Plan o Brgy.465, Zone 46, District IV, ManilaResolution # 02 : A Resolution Adopting the Sangguniang Kabataan Development Plan for CY 2011 for the Implementation of Programs, Projects and Activities of the Sangguaniang Kabataan of Brgy. 465, Zone 46, District IV, Manila. Amount of One Hundred Fourteen Thousand Two Hundred Thirteen (P114,213.00).Resolution # 03 : A Resolution Adopting the Barangay 5% Calamity Fund for the Implementation for Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan Programs/Projects/Activities of Brgy. 465, Zone 46, District IV, ManilaResolution # 04 : A Resolution Designating a Barangay Nutrition ScholarResolution # 05 : A Resolution Creating the Barangay Solid Waste Management Committee thereby Establishing the Practice of Waste Segregation and Diversion from source as mandated under the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 ( R.A 9003 )Resolution # 06 : A Barangay Council Resolution Re-enacting the budget of Calendar Year 2010 of Barangay 465, Zone 46, District IV, Manila.Resolution # 07 : A Barangay Resolution Authorizing the Punong Barangay to Enter into Contract Regarding Rental of New Space for Barangay HallResolution # 08 : A Resolution for the Appointment of Members of BIDS AND AWARDS COMMITTEE (BAC) for Sangguniang Barangay.Resolution # 09 : A Resolution Organizing the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC)Resolution # 10 : A Resolution for unappropriated balance of Brgy. 465, Zone 46, District IV, ManilaResolution # 11 : A Resolution Adopting the Barangay Development Plan of barangay 465, Zone 46, District IV, Manila 2011Resolution # 12 : A Resolution for Re-Organization of Barangay Tanod BrigadesResolution # 13 : A Barangay Resolution Declaring Unserviceable PropertyResolution # 14 : A Barangay Resolution Declaring Unserviceable PropertyResolution # 15 : A Barangay Resolution Approving the Released of the 5% Calamity Fund for CY 2010 Approved budget as Augmented to CY 2011 5% Risk Reduction and Management Fund (30%)