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Fat Beats Records Group [Executive Directional Overview]
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Fat Beats Records Group [Executive Directional Overview]



20-years ago, turns tax return into a multi-million dollar business; today, seeks conventional investors to "Go Back To The Future" with Indie Label, FBRG [Fat Beats Record Group]. ...

20-years ago, turns tax return into a multi-million dollar business; today, seeks conventional investors to "Go Back To The Future" with Indie Label, FBRG [Fat Beats Record Group].

Joseph Abajian's plan boasts, a New York, Long Island based state-of-the-art manufacturing complex, new retails store destinations, improved and expanding infrastructure, and all based on his keen Indie niche-market experience; which he believes is now the new world-wide main-stream marketplace trend.
He is not alone, regarding the trend.
Vinyl album sales actually managed to outpace digital's sales growth, increasing by 17.7% to 4.55 million units. However, that is still a meager 1.44% of all US album sales in 2012. 67% of that sale, independent record stores.



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Fat Beats Records Group [Executive Directional Overview] Fat Beats Records Group [Executive Directional Overview] Document Transcript

  • 2FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureVinyl album sales actually managed to outpacedigitals sales growth,increasing by 17.7% to 4.55 million units. However, that is still a meager1.44% of all U.S. album sales in 2012.Billboard MagazineIn the U.K, the trend is even more encouraging for vinyl, as 2012sales rose 15.3 percent from 2011 – this, at a time when CD salesdeclined 20 percent, downloads rose 15 percent, and overall musicsales declined 11.2 percent. Only 389,000 new units were sold inGreat Britain: The xx, David Bowie, Jack White, Adele, and TameImpala accounting for the top 5.Vinyl Strikes Back! Worldwide.According to 2012 sales figures,vinyl record album sales in theUnited States jumped 17.7 percentto almost 4.55 million units. At thesame time, CD sales continued todecline, dropping 13.5 percentfrom 2011 to 193.4 million units.Digital downloads continued to grow at a very healthy rate andnow represent 37.2 percent of all music album sales. Moreover,download stores finally passed large discounters such as Targetand Walmart with sales of more than 111.7 million units.The bad news for the music industry is that overall sales declined4.4 percent. But amidst all that data, the resurgence of vinyl looksimpressive; especially because 2012 represented the fifthconsecutive year of double-digit sales growth for a format left todie under the metal feet of the Digital Empire’s AT-AT. Yet, doesthat mean that the renewed interest in vinyl and turntables is arejection of MP3s by 20-somethings, or is this just anotherannoying hipster-fueled fad?Having dug into the numbers andspoken with turntablemanufacturers, we think it isprobably a little bit of both. The17.7 percent jump in vinyl recordsales does not include used record sales, and it is unclear if themath also accounts for all online and indie label offerings. Vinylstill only accounts for 1.44 percent of new U.S. album sales overall,and the top selling album, Jack White’s “Blunderbuss,” moved apaltry 34,000 units. The second best selling LP? The Beatles“Abbey Road”.Digital TrendsFatbeats Nexus5ManufacturingFBRG plans vinyl mastering & manufacturing business expansion withthe acquisition and operation, of one of North America’s largest vinylrecord pressing plants. The new 24/7 operational facility attempts tokeep pace with growing horizontal and vertical market buying trends.The turnkey UPS Logistics supported LP supplier, proposed to goonline fall 2013.The Vinyl-to-Mobility File EffectThe tonal quality of your music file is directly relative to your rateof movement. If one’s rate is that of jogging of faster, than mp3file size appropriates a myriad of mobile digital devices, walkingpace around the home dictates raw files found in CD’s, sitting tolisten at the couples pace of comfortable… only the warmth ofvinyl keeps pace. Sit still, hookup to the awesome warmth oftwelve by twelve inch wax!“The 24/7 operational turnkeyvinyl LP plantis proposed to goonline fall 2013.”
  • 3FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureWhen Jay-Z put out his first twelve inch record, he went to FatBeats;when Eminem put out his first EP, he went to Fat Beats.”“Today’s Jay-Z’s & Eminem’s still come to FatBeats, it matters,”owner/founder Joe Abajian, aka DJ Jab.Last year, 2.8 million vinyl records were sold in the United States,according to Nielsen Soundscan, and sale as this year could be 40%higher. But Soundscan uses bar codes to track sales; and, “themajority of the stuff we press, it doesn’t even have a bar code,”according to Slusarz. Add that to the fact that a lot of vinyl recordsare sold at independent record stores, gigs and on niche web sitesand it’s not hard to see that thevast majority of vinyl sales goesunreported.If Slusarz 15% estimate is evenclose to accurate, vinyl sales couldtop 20 million this year.Under-25s are behind a six-yearsurge in vinyl sales, in UK! US?A total of 389,000 LPs were sold in2012 - an increase of 15.3%compared with 2011. BBC Radio OneResearch by ICM suggests 18 to 24-year-olds are buying morevinyl records than any other age group under 50.BBC Radio One2012 has turned out to be the British music industrys best yearever for the sale of singles, but album sales are still falling.If current trends continue, they will fall to 100 million this year,which will mean a drop for morethan a third in the last 10 years.BBC 4 Radio“New York City is the largestmarket in the world for vinylpressing according to all theplants, the most requests topress vinyl in the worldcomes out of NYC.” Fatbeatsis New York born and bred.”SteveSheldon, Rainbo Manufacturing, Inc.FBRG’s proposed Long Island-basedrecord manufacturing and masteringplant answers the growing markettrend demand with 11 high-resolution SMT and Hamilton vinylrecord pressers capable of 3.7 million units per year.Own, "Not Just The Rights!"Joe Abajian, aka DJ Jab explains the awesome world of wax.Copy/Paste link if click-through failshttp://www.inthemo.com/spots/ny/brooklyn/fat-beats-distribution-incorpo?v=1“U.S. Vinyl Record Sales Maybe 6X Higher Than SoundscanReports”By DAVID GIFFELSPublished: by The New York Times October 21, 2011Fatbeats Nexus5Manufacturing cont.
  • 4FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureProposed Farmingdale, New York FBRG Vinyl Mastering & Manufacturing FacilityFuture 3.7 million unit per yearFBRG Nexus5ManufacturingPlant, Process, Services & Clients
  • 5FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureFBRG’s future “Vinyl World Distribution Vision” starts at the heart, ourheart. We facilitate the creation of legacy musical estate property,which loved one’s pass on its value to the hearts of loved ones,worldwide; at the planned market share of $20 million dollars gross peryear.FBRG’s Nexus5productivity business model philosophies increasescurrent gross output levels to the power of ten times the benchmark.Fat Beats Records Group(FBRG) is a NY based music distribution corporation, certified$2 million dollar per year grossing 1st generation evergreen self-sustaining distributionmusic media merchandise nexus with 19 years combination of proven managementteams, positive earnings, and competitive advantages in services; for 6-years withgrowth and counting. Why?Four hundred (400) plus FBRG trend buying loyal vanguard one-stops, vendors,retailers, and Internet consumers continue to experience growth, such as:E1 Entertainment Secret StashStones Throw Plug ResearchMello Music Group Wax PoeticsFools Gold SoulSpasmNow Again Duck DownRedefinition Nature SoundsMadlib Invasion RhymesayersThese businesses continue to spread the FBRG brand legacy worldwide in the form ofmerchandise commodities, propelled by Hip Hop Urban Alternative culture.In fact, in 2008, its reported that 1.88 million vinyl albums were purchased, which isthe highest number since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking LP sales in 1991.Additionally, vinyl sales rose 14% between 2006 and 2007, from 858,000 to 990,000.And the sales figures for 2009 will surpass the number for 2008 with ease. Incomparison, CD sales have nosedived over the past three years, from 553.4 million in2006 to 360.6 million in 2008. MP3 sales grew from 32.6 million to 65.8 million duringthe same time period, according to SoundScan. According to 2012 sales figures, vinylrecord album sales in the United States jumped 17.7 percent to almost 4.55 millionunits.FBRG, is the only real distribution option for labels seeking to connect to the tastemaking consumer, whether that consumer be looking for Soul, Funk, Indie Rock, Metal,Jazz, Hip Hop or any other vinyl friendly genre.More people purchased vinyl records in 2012 than they have in almost 20 years,according to The Nielsen Company & Billboard’s 2012 Music Industry Report.Copy/Paste, link if click-through fails:http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20130104005149/en/Nielsen-Company-Billboard%E2%80%99s-2012-Music-Industry-ReportFor the fifth consecutive year, more vinyl albums were purchased than any other yearin the history of Nielsen SoundScan.• In 2012, vinyl album sales reached 4.6 million in sales, breaking the previous recordof 3.9 million LP album sales in 2011.• 67% of all vinyl albums were purchased at an independent music store during 2012.Vinyl album sales in 2012 were up 19% compared to 2011 and accounted for 1.4% of allalbum sales and 2.3% of all physical album sales.“Like Jay-Z, andEminemmerchandise, withFat Beats,”explains Abajian,“I wanted to givepeople worldwidethe physicalhip-hopexperience thatyou got whenvisiting ManhattanFat Beats store.”Fatbeats Nexus5DistributionRight now, FatbeatsDistributions is fulfilling thedemands of 20-Teen driven vinylmarket, creating formidable trendgrowth-based reality; grossing$2 milliondollars per year, for5-consecutive years and counting.
  • 6FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureThere is also a lot of vinyl support in such musical genres as hip-hop, punk, and heavy metal. "Indie" music is now being pressed into colored vinyl,limited edition releases, and picture discs. These are the future collectibles and sometimes sell for higher-than-average prices.The online community has responded as well with literally thousands of web sites dedicated to the vinyl format. Many musicartists are making sure that they give their fans a choice of music formats, with vinyl appearing to be taking the lead.Then there is the actual physical aspect of going out to your local record store and buying a record. Browsing through bins ofused vinyl, anticipating the new releases and rushing to the store to get that new record from your favorite band is excitingand pleasurable. The downloading generation has discovered the tangible benefits of vinyl and records sales are soaringacross the country. Yes independent record stores havebeen closing at an alarming rate, but the shops that dostay open are flourishing. Paul Russe, the manager of OffThe Record, an independent record store in San Diego, isencouraged by the future of the independent recordstore.Buying and selling records is big business. Besides thegarage sales, flea markets and yard sales, onlineauction sites such as eBay sell millions of records. It isreported that eBay users buy and sell six vinyl recordseach minute (or an average of one every ten seconds)totaling more than three million records each year.Some records still maintain their value decades aftertheir initial release and have sold for thousands ofdollars.Its been reported that the album that is boughtand sold the most in the vinyl format is theBeatles "White Album." Other acts such as ElvisPresley, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan,Madonna, Led Zeppelin, among many others, arehighly sought after and still command top dollarfor specific releases.Soul and jazz music, along with classic rock, arealways in demand. Additionally, online giantAmazon is committed to expanding their vinylsection offerings to include thousands ofmusic artists. Major electronics chain BestBuy has also begun selling vinyl records,making this decision after conducting a test in 100 of their stores and discovering that vinyl records were more popular than they anticipated."I think there will always be record stores," Russe stated. "Otherwise, its like saying there wont be any bookstores because everything in print willbe a digital download. Digital is just a convenience. And anyone who loves music will always gravitate toward record stores.""Ive always marveled at every new generation of 15-year-old boys who go to the Doors vinyl section and say, Wow, an original Doors LP! relatedMarc Weinstein, founder of Amoeba Music, the three-store chain whose Hollywood branch is among the largest independent retail record stores inthe U.S. "Major labels should have capitalized on this years ago."Will vinyl records regain their dominant position in the music industry that they once held? One canonly guess, but with CD sales continuing to plummet and more and more music lovers discoveringthe value of vinyl, this historicaudio medium will not fadeaway anytime soon.Jay-Z remembers Fatbeats in autobiography."By the end of 2012, over 50% of our business was in new vinyl, whichamounts to millions of dollars a year," said Joseph Abajian, founder ofthe New York-based online music retailer Fatbeats.com. “And thereseems to be no end in sight.” Why?Proposed Farmingdale, New York FBRG Nexus10Distribution CenterFuture $20 million gross per year
  • 7FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureFatbeats Nexus5Retail Store(sFBRG plans high tech-influenced vinyl retail boutique experiencereminiscent of the original Fatbeats DJ/Artist Nirvana. Star Trek, IntoThe Darkness director J.J Abrams, and futuristic Oblivion starringTom Cruise & Morgan Freeman both feature character developingscenes using a vinyl record player. Film producers and major studioare keen trend observers as both features were designed to captivate20-Teen male tastemakers.“The tactile, viscerallyinteractive, technologicallymanaged boutique vinyl recordstore reminisce the originalFatbeats DJ/Artist experience. ”Overallmusicsales:1.65 billion unittransactions in 2012. For the fifthconsecutive year more vinyl albums were purchased than any otheryear, sales reached 4.6 million units. 67% purchased at an independentstore. The Nielsen Company & Billboard’s 2012 Music Industry ReportIf you care at all about music and art? If you want to know what ishappening culturally? RUN, dont walk to your local, real RECORDSTORE and absorb the heart and soul and the vibe of a community.The music scene of any town will revolve around the RECORDSTORE as the center of the universe.Vinyl Look As Good As It Sounds!The Fatbeats Store established, is the destinationfor record collectors, and tastemakers alike, whichare key components to this retail venture.LES, NY (Lower East Side, Manhattan) is a placethat gets a lot of foot traffic in our prime customerdemo, which is ideally located to other specialtyshops and cafes. FBNY (Fatbeats, New York) was known for stars ofall walks stopping in and looking around. Alternatively, we alsooffer records on the Internet through our own website,http://www.fatbeats.com.The Fatbeats Store established, exhibits and creates trends, it isthe alpha & omega of cool; the first & last stop for alternativeurban, hip hop music, merchandise, and a whole lot more.The business math is easy, just take the product, theturns, the GPM, the units on hand and extend it outfor a years worth of sales. If the number meets orexceeds your business plan volume or sales figures,you will live to see another year of retailing. Nexux10The Fatbeats Store established, features walls &ceilings are covered with interactive video panelgallery, mimicking the nostalgic look of the wallsand ceiling of the original store; a visual history ofHip Hop and its foundation on display and for sale. Chill-outlistening refreshment zones create bonding opportunities withlittle-known FatBeats artists encouraging sales, fan-base socialmedia sharing and live performance entertainmentopportunities.A Brief Fatbeats Store HistoryCopy/Paste link if click-through failshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pm30LXs2DNc
  • 8FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureFatbeats Nexus5Retail Store(s cont.The “FatBeatsNation” attitude creates an “Urban Alternative/HipHop Embassy” that establishes additional national presence in BeverlyHills, Las Vegas, with international retails spaces in proposed key foreignmarkets, such as Tokyo, Macau, Poland and Hong Kong. These retro-tech store environment design theme and setting, welcoming andtransporting the customer “Back, To The Future.”FB Market in 2012:N. America 56%Europe 30%Japan 10%All otherterritories 4%Vinyl album sales actually managed to outpacedigitals sales growth, increasing by17.7% to 4.55 million units. However, that is still a meager 1.44% of all U.S. albumsales in 2012. 67% of that sale, independent record stores.Billboard MagazineTHENNOWRetroTech Retail Store Design!
  • 9FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureWhat has now occurred is the realization (by the media and the public) that "Digital Content"has peaked and a significant portion of the consumer base (domestically and internationally)requires the product and related aspects of "FatBeats" original structure (21st Century Style)to be available for their consumption.FatbeatsNexus5‘RetroTech’ Retail Store Design
  • 10FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureDomestically and internationallymarket trend record purchasing data requires the productsand related aspects of "FatBeats" original structure (21st Century Style) to return to themarketplace and be available for their consumption.FatbeatsNexus5‘RetroTech’ Retail Store DesignEnjoy a nice pie piece and beverage; served at ‘Groove Café’next to the ‘News Stand’ for FBdistributed, as well as other publications!Proposed LES [Lower East Side] Manhattan, New York FBRG Nexus10Retail Store(sFuture $5 million gross per year
  • 11FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureFatBeats Records Groups Worldwide Media Television fosters an artist friendly environment that promotes the active participation of thecompany with the entertainers in all areas of critical interest in his/her project including development, production and marketing whileexperiencing growth as a successful and profitable urban alternative Hip Hop music conglomerate. Our music division’s intent is to partner withmultitalented artists, thus enabling FatBeats Records Groups Worldwide Media Television to expand its profit prospects from a multiple of variousrevenue streams including product lines, publishing, production, sales and marketing.FatBeats Records Groups Worldwide Media Television aggressively enters and serves the NY/LA World multiethnic and multicultural (Urban) musicmarket with broad based, and multi-faceted strategy as a provider of low cost state of the art quality music artist and repertoire program materialswith a wide and deep cultural reach. Its first value proposition to advertiser/endorsers is low cost tie-ins with supplementary advisory services, suchas:Strategic and business consulting, market research and analysis, and customer segmentation.Value proposition to advertiser/endorsers of low cost social media ads placement with a wide reach and high frequency to loyallisteners/viewers (developed with high quality and focused program(s) materials in their customer segments.Reality Television MarketingFirst show of its kind to show the behind the scenes workings of the Record IndustryShow can be monetized by bringing finished product to network TVSocial Media can be integrated to increase awareness of the show and interact with "fans.”Americans spend 1/3 of their free time watching television and of that 67% are reality showsSelf producing reality shows puts FatBeats in front of a larger audience creating a "free advertising" and revenue generation platform, asit costso Much less to produce a reality show than a scripted showReality TV episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your screensEmbassy of Hip Hop" stores can "sneak peek" the experience on the reality show
(More Free Advertising)Artist Video Performance CaptureFatBeats Generates Media Content Production Capacity:Feature tour: retail, and press packagesSecuring Artist, Catalogs and ProjectsMajor label re-issues classics partnerships & specialty itemsExpanding Internet web communityFatbeats Nexus5Media & MarketingFB’s first value proposition to advertiser/endorsers is low costtie-ins with supplementary advisory services built-ins, such as:Strategic and business consulting, market research and analysis,and customer segmentation.The “FatBeats Nation is an “Urban Alternative/Hip Hop” buying trendmovement under one groove. “Back, To The Future.”FBMarketplaces in2012:N. America 56%Europe 30%Japan 10%All otherterritories 4%
  • 12FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The Future“Old Jock,” meet “New Jack.” FBRG’s‘Nexus5Systemic’utilizesSageaccounting, UPS Logistics, and ‘thehungry’ creative agencyservices,Vocuspublic relations, on anApple-based platform to take a vinylbite out of the ‘Big Apple Worldwide. ‘Nexsus5SystemicBack OfficeThe right relationships make all the difference in theworld. FBRG’s integration of cloud-basedtechnologies in nexus with the emerging globaldemand vinyl markets creates formidable pairings.Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2014(formerly Peachtree CompleteAccounting) delivers the efficiency you require whether youre afterrapid expansion, steady growth, or maintaining stability. Easily managecustomers and sales, automate purchasing and shipping, track jobs, andmore!Save cash and reduce costs using "what if" scenarios and yourreal-time financial info Become more productive withautomated purchasing and shipping featuresControl job revenue and expenses at the phase and cost codelevelWork more efficiently with customer, vendor, and inventorymanagement centersGet screen-level security and multi-user options2UPS Logistics can help your business run smoothly, like a well-oiledmachine.UPS know how important it is to keep our operating costs down, but stillmaintain the options important to customers in the industrialmanufacturing industry. FBRG will tap into their logistical expertise andsolutions to reduce order fulfillment time, provide proactive customerservice, and accommodate varied transportation needs.‘the hungry’ Website & Social CreationWebsite DesignGather ”Fatbeats” assetsCreate custom look and feelCreate engaging navigation structureDefine hostingCreate user engagement strategyConcept game mechanicsCreate CTR focused integrated ad zonesCreate backend system interfaceSEO page codingFront End ProgrammingSocial Profile CMS InterfacePage Coding (CSS / JAVA / SEO)Navigation & Backend System InterfaceWebsite Backend Development• Implement database functions
• Implement custom CMS
  • 13FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The Future‘the hungry’ Website & Social CreationcontinuedOnline MarketingMedia and Blogger RelationsIdentify blogs & web properties (key announcements&promotions)Layer digital campaignsExecute digital media outreachAudience AggregationIdentify relevant constituencies
• Research onlinebehavior
• Develop targeted messaging
• Conductoutreach via social mediaOnline PressGenerate press from Red CarpetsUtilize access for ‘exclusive’ footageBreak new stories w/ images & videoWatermark content with talent logoShare content w/ relevant blogs to postPress release optimizationSeek out mentions &plugs to promoteSocial MediaManage & Curate CommunitiesCreate messaging scheduleTimely posting of relevant contentSearch & social media monitoring
• Maintain incomingand outgoing messages, requests, comments, bulletins •Gather current press for site pageContent Planning & EngagementAdd “general” and “targeted” friendsPlan programming scheduleIdentify and create appropriate contentVideo content, messaging, photosBuild relationships with content creatorsExecute digital promotions, contests and campaigns basedon marketing prioritiesRecommend earned and paid tactics to increase fanTraffic ManagementBanner Creative & ProductionDefine verticals in publisher networkTest banners in RTB exchangeManage PPC Network Ad BuysDirect optimization of ad conversionDrive targeted traffic to websiteVocus: The Do-Everything Marketing and PR SoftwareVocus helps with everything on your task list, from reachingjournalists, bloggers and customers to identifying and monitoringsocial media influencers. Its everything you need to earn morereach and influence; heres what Vocus can do for you:Media Database: 1.4m record media database, updated1.7m times in the last yearNews Distribution: Send your news directly to the peoplewho need to read it, fastNews Monitoring: See the entire conversation, manageyour reputation and stay ahead of industry trendsSocial Media Monitoring: Track social conversations andengage influencersAnalytics: Immediate insight into the effectiveness of yourcampaigns, industry trends and traction of yourcompetitorsApple: Business Networked Platforms& ApplicationsCloud-based Administrative & Manufacturing InfrastructureFatbeatsNexus5Systemic
  • 14FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureFatbeatsNexus5Systemic Fatbeats:Establishescustomer-focused employee/consumerinternet, firstConnect‘Music Peoples to Music Pleasures’Embracesemployee-centered systemic ‘Software &Services’Practices‘Mobility Enhanced RetroTech’ employmentphilosophyIs a ‘Company of Believers’, and actioners… of Christ-centered systemic business principals & practices,forming a world nexus for all to wash, rinse and repeatU.S. Vinyl Sales, 1993-2012FatbeatsRevenueMarketplace Breakdown2012FBRGseeks $10.1million dollars in preferred stock equity and/or debt investmentstimulus fornew facilities, for mastering/manufacturing; and distributionexpansion, media production&marketing hub; and retail location opening(s) toconservatively increasefrom a 2% market share to achieve a 20% gross portfoliomarket share.
  • 15FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG] Back, To The FutureThe studio executives of Oblivion, Star Trek knows about20-Teens and the trillion-dollar consumergenerational future market. Act now!$10.1 MILLION DOLLAR BACK TO THE FUTURE NEXUS5RECORD BUSINESS EXPANSION PLANFBRG will acquire fully operational VINYL MASTERING &MANUFACTORING NEXUSFACILITY with key accounts, and 
maintenance foroperation restarts in Fall 2012.FBRG will expand its PROPRIETARY WHOLESALE NEXUS5DISTRIBUTION CENTER sales and support force to support the 
expansion ofretailer/wholesaler vinyl and associated merchandise network.FBRG will reestablish and pioneer its GLOBAL MULIT NATIONAL RETAIL BOUTIQUE NEXUS5STORE(S; starting with the 
flagshipboutique store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, and beyond.FBRG will aggressively focus its NEXUS5MEDIA &MARKETING BROADCAST/INTERNET PRODUCTIONS on creating awareness of the FatBeats worldwide brand as it relates to all things musical, and pleasurable. Cable and broadcast Reality Show programming, as well asInternet Vlogging and general public relations shall all vividly energize the bottom-line.FBRG will use its NEXUS5SYSTEMIC BACKOFFICE to track, adjust planned goals, and hit the mark that is our high calling, which is tomeet and exceed expectations of customers and investors.A $10.1 million dollar investment, positions FBRG for a 25%U.S//UK conservative market captureIn fact 4 million U.S. units equates to $40 million at aconservatively averaged $10 per unit vinyl LP.FBRG currently operates at approximately .5 percent of the overallU.S. vinyl LP market, grossing $2 million dollars annually per yearfor 5-years (CPA accounted).The infusion of $10 million dollars into FBRG will reaction a grossprofit ramp up to a self-sustainable $20 million dollar per year,gross benchmark, only to increase, potentially exponentially, asNexux5administrative, manufacturing and marketing systemsstabilize. This scenario does not include U.K. and Asian marketrevenues.FBRG will create sustainable employment in retail, service andimportantly manufacturing at our state-of-the-art vinylmanufacturing plant based in Long Island, New York.We are the Fat Beat Records Group; invest with us’Back To The Future.’
  • FatBeatsRecords Group [FBRG]“FBRG asks…when was the last time anyone ever walked into your living room,pointed to your iPhone and begged you to play it?” Invest, “Back to the future,”with us.Read more: http://www.digitaltrends.com/home-theater/the-turntable-strikes-back/#ixzz2TggacoGLFollow us: @digitaltrends on Twitter | digitaltrendsftw on Facebook$10.1 MILLION DOLLAR RECORD BUSINESS EXPANSION OVERVIEWFBRG will acquire fully operational VINYL MASTERING & MANUFACTURING FACILITY with key accounts, andmaintenance for operation restarts in Fall 2013.FBRG will expand its PROPRIETARY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTION CENTER’s sales and support force to support theexpansion of retailer/wholesaler vinyl and associated merchandise network of 400 to 1200.FBRG will reestablish and pioneer its GLOBAL MULIT NATIONAL RETAIL BOUTIQUE STORE(S); starting with the flagshipboutique store in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, and beyond.FBRG will aggressively focus its MEDIA & MARKETING BROADCAST/INTERNET PRODUCTIONS on creating awarenessof the Fat Beats worldwide brand as it relates to all things musical, and pleasurable. Cable and broadcast Reality Showprogramming, as well as Internet Vlogging and general public relations shall all vividly energize the bottom-line.FBRG will use its SYSTEMIC BACKOFFICE to track, adjust planned goals, and hit the mark that is our high calling, which isto meet and exceed expectations of customers and investors.FBRGNexus5Investment OpportunityFBRG [Fat Beat Record Group]