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Exchange Spring 2012

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Exchange March 2012

  1. 1. Exchange A Satellite Campus of Tulane University School of MedicineDid you get yourBRGFit! cash card? First Quarter, 2012page 4 Baton Rouge General and General Health System Employee Newsletter Christina Marino, RN President’s Pinnacle Award Winner OneVision 2 President’s Pinnacle Award 3 HCAHPS 6 Allied Health & Ancillary Excellence 7 Nurse Excellence 11 Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • ##
  2. 2. What You Need to Know by Bill Holman, FACHE, President & CEO As we move forward into Spring, I would like to to care for each other begins with taking care of our expanded our behavioral health program and express my appreciation for all you do to strengthen own personal health. BRG Fit, our new employee enhanced care for our seniors with the addition of our hospital and serve our community. Our people wellness initiative, is designed to assist you in your the region’s first Seniors ER. Our robust medical are at the heart of our mission and our vision for quest for healthy living, and it is one of the many education program at Mid City continues to grow the future, and we thank you, for working day-in and ways we are working to help strengthen the health of through our partnership with Tulane School of day-out to provide exceptional care to our patients. our organization from the inside out. I am excited Medicine and our students are performing at the top about working alongside you in this reinvigorated of their class. The start of a new season is often a time when we commitment to personal health and wellness, and I reflect on opportunities to make positive changes, As a result of these initiatives, we hope to see thank you for your participation. and I want to encourage all to make his/her personal improvements in our quality and patient wellness a renewed priority. Protecting your health is As we journey to personal health and wellness satisfaction. With this recent momentum, we are important for not only yourself and your family, but as a team, we are also progressing with exciting looking forward to making strides, and I appreciate also for your co-workers and our patients. Our ability advances in care underway at both Baton Rouge your teamwork and commitment. I encourage you to General campuses. These plans have remain focused on taking care of yourselves, and as been designed to develop our facilities an extension, our patients – particularly utilizing the and services in an effort to meet the tools and teachings of our customer service initiatives. unique needs of our community. Our greatest opportunities for improvement Our expansion project on the are in staff responsiveness and discharge Bluebonnet campus includes current information areas, and by working together, I enhancements with our minimally know we can achieve excellence in all areas of the invasive daVinci robotics technology. We organization and provide the highest quality of care are looking forward to upcoming plans for our patients. that will include four new operating Thank you for your dedication and service to our rooms and a hybrid operating suite. The hospital and our patients. project also includes construction of a state-of-the-art medical office building Sincerely, Peyton Grant, Dr. Floyd Roberts, Architect Micah Morgan, and skywalk. At Mid City, we have Dr. Andy Olinde and Bill Holman, discuss pre-construction Bill documents. Our Vision for the Future Q & A with Bill Holman We are all ambassadors of Baton Rouge General and whether we are in How will we see OneVision take shape? the grocery checkout line wearing our name badges or on the soccer field On our Mid City campus we’ve expanded care for seniors with programs such after school for a child’s game, we may get asked about what’s happening as the new Seniors ER which is dedicated to serving the unique medical needs at our hospital. Here are a few things you might be curious about, and you of our community’s seniors. We are also excited about our ever-increasing might find a sense of pride as you read the good things that are happening Tulane-affiliated medical education presence, providing a training ground at our hospital. for future physician leaders, in addition to programs that are cultivating our future nurses, radiologic technicians and pharmacists. What is our hospital’s vision for the future? We are one comprehensive hospital with two gems, Mid City and Bluebonnet, As the area’s only Burn Center, we’re focused on continuously enhancing and we share a single, clear vision – to be the region’s hospital of choice. these facilities and services. In addition, our recent expansion of Mid City’s With input from our staff leaders, our physicians and our community, we behavioral health services will serve an increasingly critical community need came together to create a plan for how our hospital will grow and better serve as many state behavioral health services have been reduced. our patients and our community going forward – we call this OneVision. At Bluebonnet, we have plans for constructing a state-of-the-art medical What does OneVision involve? office building and new surgical space, equipped with hybrid suite OneVision involves responsible growth and enhancements on both our technology, which will enhance workflow for our clinical staff and quality campuses that meet our community’s unique needs – development and care for our patients. We also currently offer our minimally invasive daVinci expansion of our programs, services and facilities as well as investments in robotics technology at the Bluebonnet campus. new medical technologies. 2 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  3. 3. Christina Marino – 2011 President’s Pinnacle Award Winner Christina Marino, RN, ER nurse and past President’s Award winner, was named the 2011 President’s Pinnacle Award winner for ALWAYS demonstrating kindness, patience and professionalism and for going above and beyond for her patients. Christina in a recent interview shared that she always knew she wanted to help people – that path naturally led her to nursing. Christina consistently demonstrates her dedication to serving others by the way she connects with her patients. Her ability to reassure and comfort her patients and their families is a gift, and the kindness she shows day after day is genuine. Christina is truly deserving of this recognition. Congratulations, Christina, and thank you for all you do.Christina Marino, RN and Bill Holman, President & CEO at the 2011 Pinnacle Award ReceptionChristina was nominated by Geri Sutton, I am very appreciative of the care and kindness When asked about being honored as the President’sLOTR, Director of Rehabilitation Services, for demonstrated to my family by Christina that evening, Pinnacle Award winner, Christina said, “the wholetaking care of Geri’s father-in-law and her family and she didn’t realize that I was a ‘secret shopper.’ experience has been very humbling and reinforcesmembers. I am sure working nights in the ED can be quite why I chose nursing as my career.” Christina was fast challenging on a consistent basis. It is only with to share that the award was not only for her, but forIn her nomination, Geri wrote: competent, caring Employees like Christina that our her whole team. “I couldn’t do this alone, no matter“It is a truly caring, excellent Employee that works patients at Baton Rouge General receive this kind of how chaotic, there is always someone behind you. Itdiligently to take care not only of her immediate remarkable care. Thank you.” takes the entire team to get the job done every night.” Improvin Our Our Missionpatients, but alsoImprovingeslives gprlivesMendsiisenon ning our com their an O ones.Mstr a he Improving livloved ur an Assigtco-worker, and str is on oviding exce d strengthegthening our munity by provproviding exceptninaptiornalmcommunity by ng iding except io lou co healthityre. m ca ional healhealthcareun by thcare. .Who Will You Nominate? Caring Our Va Our Valu lues WWeWe ’reoininking for the B e e’r’rlolok loo g for Ca Caringring Our Values es A deep abidin g e o k g fo th B EST A deA deepour iding belie belief that caring mom ep abidab g be in f that fellowloevingenumfpacompassi rinandomspec flect forrothe e ESTST ur B E in lieNominate yourour ounuinco-workerscaringon g mentsentst,reents reflect ge r genuine co ethat for exceptional demonstrations of caring, professionalism, and going ca g, passion en and mom re reflect loving, hecoinhealinssianvironment. t, fosterin sterin fofor ur r m g ond re respec fo loPresident’s gAward ceremonies are a g a quarterly by President and CEO Bill Holman, andthe extra mile. ving, healinalenviron onment.spect, fostering a g hosted Ex g envir en m t. r o ouculminate atllecellenccellence the year with the naming of the President’s Pinnacle Award Winner. The Pinnacle Exce the end of Ex nce e An alleg rPsiisede’ss ere i ntt iance thwinner receives allegiaweiainrewards lene relentless pursuit of pe An several nce to the to including: PPresddenn’t’s An alleg nce to the ually an tle divid re re rfe we indiindividually andlentless cossrsuitvelype mon ction, ction, we d pursu of videxpertian,dinnoco pullecti ofit de perfe ua se co vatio ve expe se, lly winner llectianly acm rfection ate expertisertithe novatiollectiatn each coonstrbilit , vely ded de campus• Banner featuring, thatin tion. n and acco monstratta ate y in all str innowe do an un atthatdo. do. we we va d accountabitabilit e al un• Swipe cardthparking pass for winner lity inyalinphysicians parking area at both hospital campuses in thel l A rd AAwwrdd waaar Service• A Java rvService foodhono drink item named after the winner Se General ice The or r an Th The ho antin privid privi e of “President’s• Signage in ethenorcrnordandone-on-oene legving giving of ourselves, Pinnacle Award Winner Works Here” ho winner’s department ea privi leg of g gi creacreatinge dee- lege of givingnnectio ourseat s, ting th -oest ne conn co of ofrse th lve• Lunch withdetheone-onhuon-oconnectioecedthatouatnslves,onreNadine Carter Russell at the winner’s restaurant of choice the deepesonepPresident tios. CEOreand spond to BRG ne human ne &ns th sp the epest hut man ne ns respond tod to Integ Integrit m• $25 gift card toyJavaan needs.eds. General Integrity rity• $500 CheckcrRewardg to the highest Ascribin AscrAsinibang to the high ib g in d accoun est sta to the highes bilit standar ndards of performan ta y, andand accod eth bility, t standards of perfotorformance ce ds of accountabilitical we co we commitpe integrity, an unta ste Upcoming President’s Award Celebrations: to our care. to ou ca y, co mmm wa all rmance re andandical icalrstewawe sh mrdship itintegrity,rity, respect spect eth eth stewa re.rd ip of it to ofto inresoursp s en all teg re ce to our care. rdship of all resoresources entru t trusted ec urces entruste sted d June 21, 2:00 pm, Mid City Atrium September 20, 2:00 pm, Bluebonnet Conference Rooms 1&2 December 12, 2:00 pm, Mid City Atrium Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • 3
  4. 4. Employees have taken action! More than 2059 Employees have completed the BRG Fit! Biometric Screening and Last Chance Wellness Assessment, making the first step towards living a healthier lifestyle. Human Resources is receiving To Get Your daily testimonials and reports of employees using this self-awareness opportunity and the resources available to achieve significant improvements in Cash Card* their overall health and quality of life! Employees must complete their Free Step it Up BRG Fit! Biometric Screening and Join us in supporting the community by Wellness Assessment by March 31. registering to participate in the following * taff employed as of December 31, 2011 earn a wellness S upcoming BRG sponsored walks! Participants gift card incentive, $250 (full-time) or $125 (part-time), upon in the BRG Fit! program who register for “ Ever since I did my biometric screening completion of BRG Fit! Biometric Screening and Wellness these walks are automatically entered for and logged my information into the Assessment by March 31, 2012. ** prize drawings ** – FUN! BRG Fit! website, I’ve been motivated. • American Heart Association It was an eye opener - that very week I Heart Walk started going to the Employee Gym to Hurry, time is running out! March 24, 2012 exercise and began to cut back on • Colon Cancer Coalition portions and treats. I have already lost Get Your Rear in Gear 10 pounds and I feel great!” SCREENING DATES: April 28, 2012 – elanie Yoches, M Radiology Quality and Mid City - Employee Wellness Center, 2nd Floor • American Cancer Society Safety Coordinator Thur., March 29, 11 am - 5 pm Relay for Life May 19, 2012 Bluebonnet - Conference Room 2 Tue., March 27, 8 am - 3:30 pm Register for these events by contacting Jada Bruce at 237-1717. Questions about screenings or programs? Contact the BRG Fit! coordinator at 763-4678. 4 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  5. 5. LOUISIANA MARATHON     Partner Charity Benefits • Coupon code for discounted registration until January 8th, 2012 • Registration donation from Louisiana Marathon – 10% of total Runner Courtney Delaney, Family ONLINE registration fees Health Center • Cheer station locationGoing the Distance Merchandise/team wearmarker. The medicalthe finish line where I • at the 26 mile staff was right there assisting me and radioed ahead toopportunity purchaseNot only do Baton Rouge General’s staff have a passion was checked up on. That was impressive. I know I finished • Charity Village 10’x10’ tent hardly stand up, but the medical stafffor fitness, they also share a commitment to serving our Nashville and could spacecommunity. Earlier this year, Baton Rouge General medical didn’t even look my way. Keep up the good work.” in Expo exhibitor discount (1/2 off booth)staff and employees participated• downtown Baton Rouge’s – Christine Taylor, MDinaugural “Louisiana Marathon” and veteran volunteer Brenda Kudos to Brenda and Dr. Shaw’s volunteer team for dedicatingBrown, RN, led the mayor’s race• medical support tentWebsite Listing (name, logo, hyperlink day Louisiana to organization’s Runners, Becky Antoon, LCSW, their time and talents to this wonderful, high-profile Behavioral Wellness Center andsponsored by Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative. Alongside Dr. Dr. Vincent Shaw website, and community initiative.Vincent Shaw, Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Director, a brief description of organization)Sports Medicine fellows, medical education students, nurses and Volunteers: Brenda Brown, RN, Family Health Center;rehab staff, Brenda coordinated • Louisiana Marathon Facebook page LOTR, Rehab; medical care for all runners in Julie Manchester, RN; Christine Perkins, recognitionneed of attention, and included other hospital volunteers from Loretta Pourciau, Family Health Center; Vincent Shaw, MD,the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative. Use of Louisiana Marathon logo for Lisa Jaubert-Miazza, MD; • Sports Medicine Fellowship Program; promotions Neha Chowdhary, MD; Andrew Li-Yung Ning, MD, FamilyShortly after her experience in the medical tent, LA Marathon Medicine Residency Program; Anna Howard, PT, Rehab;runner Dr. Christine Taylor commented: “I can’t say enough Nicole Kleinpeter, Marketing and Communications andgood things - I want to compliment your medical staff at Tulane Medical Students: Chris Terndrup, Kenneth Perry andthe end. When I realized that I was close to 4 hours, I was Requirements Taylor Burkholder.trying to push at the end. I was rewarded by vomiting Runner Nathan Britt, NP, ER and Brenda Brown, RN • Complete Non-profit application by August 31st BRG Finance Managerthe LouisianaTop 50 home page on the Non-profit • Post a link to Finishes Marathon organization’s website Leading the LA Half Marathon pack was avid again. Not being able to run during that time was • Provide proof of Baton Rouge General’s very own Natalie runner, non-profit status really hard, because running was such a big part McCall, Finance Manager. Finishing in the half- of my life. Provide a follow-up report by February 15It’s race day, what are you thinking? detailing how much the marathonComea race day  you are out • marathon’s top 50, the Notre Dame alum was pleased with her training progress, in preparation I’m excited. Training for marathon is a lot of money the organization raised through for the Boston Marathon next month. We had a work, it takes a toll. events moment to pick her “runner’s” brain, and here’s of bed and running before you really have time to what we learned: think about what is going to happen. It is really an How long have you been running? excitement, followed by a sense of accomplishment. in April. I qualified during the Dallas Marathon   I’ve been running for over 10 years now. I was Next Marathon?   actually hit by a car while out for a run one day. Right now I’m training for the Boston MarathonNatalie McCall, Finance Manager IS IA N A inM A RA T H O N injured my knee and required surgery, T H E L O U finishes 47th Though I 1|201:35:24. A ROCKET RACING RUNNINGthings considered I was very fortunate. My knee all EVENT in December of 2010. The Boston Marathon will was repaired and I was back on my feet in four be my third full marathon, I ran the Chicago months, strengthening and getting ready to run Marathon in 2009 and Dallas Marathon in 2010. Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • 5
  6. 6. ALWAYS Going for Gold Are You Wearing Your “H” Caps? HCAHPS stands for Hospital Consumer Assessment of Health Providers What’s all the buzz about HCAHPS??? We wanted to find out what this highly- and Systems. HCAHPS is measured talked-about concept means to our own Employees. So we took things literally though a standardized survey that and asked Employees to put on their “H” caps and share what the real “HCAHPS” captures patients’ perceptions of their means to them. healthcare experiences. What does HCAPHS Mean to you? “Our unit is getting together with all the nurses, Pictured (left to right) nurses aides and representatives from the Rochelle Howard, RN, BSN, Hospital Medicine Group to discuss ways to MHA; Rachelle Sanders, RN; increase patient satisfaction. We will be Jade Greene; Janice Scott; rounding together and communicating with Tonya Stokes, RN, MACU/ General Medicine the physicians regarding discharge planning.” Danica Russell, RN, Telemetry “For me, ALWAYS Going for Gold means helping patients feel more comfortable, spending time “Patients are my passion. We ALWAYS work with a smile and I ALWAYS helping to ease their fears and explaining what to greet my staff with a smile, encouraging them every single day to make expect during their stay. I also prepare them to go sure that we give our patients 100%.” Rochelle Howard, RN, BSN home by making sure that they understand their discharge instructions, medicines, have follow up appointments and any contact numbers that they may need.” Lacey Leblanc, RN, Labor and Pictured (left to right) Megan Ezell, RN; Delivery Courtney Quinette, RN; Jessica Kraus, RN; Brandy Paige, and “A sparkling clean environment is Craig Meeks, RN, Surgery/Orthopedics important in the healing process, I make sure that patients rooms are clean.” Wilbert Harris, Environmental Services “ALWAYS Going for Gold, to me, means taking care of the small things and ALWAYS having a smile on my face. I try to make sure that each day is even better than the last one for my patients.” Courtney Quinette, RN, Surgery/Orthopedics “In the Burn Unit our patients are with us a long time, so we really try to involve the families in the process of their loved ones healing and care.” Amanda Barbier, “For me, HCAHPS and patient RN, BSN, Burn Unit satisfaction means working Amanda Barbier, RN, (right) with with our patients and Danielle Bennett, NP-C collaborating with them on their goals while they are in rehab.” Heather Hollier, OT, Rehab P ictured (left to right) Thais Perry, PT Assistant; Jennifer Shropshire, OT; Heather Hollier, OT 6 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  7. 7. Securing Customer Satisfaction Service With A Smile It’s not just our staff at the bedside who make a difference in customer satisfaction. For our Security Team, patient and visitor satisfaction is at the top of the list, and they are working hard under the leadership of Baton Rouge General’s new Chief of Security Jeff LeDuff to ensure that everyone who sets foot on campus feels welcome and is “wowed” by our warm, friendly staff wearing security badges. “Baton Rouge General is a tremendous asset to our community, and we want every single person that graces our presence to experience that. Hospitality, service and going the extra mile are the things I talk with our team about,” comments Chief LeDuff. At Mid City, it’s about overcoming misperceptions about our campus. “I’ve never seen a more friendly environment, where patients and visitors alike are Pictured above (left to right) back row: Carmel Mason, Solomon Ona, Robertson Ball, Chief Jeff LeDuff, constantly thanking us for the pleasant ‘extras’ we Riley Whitfield; front row: Juan Conrad, Cheryl Thomas, Security Services Manager, Monique George and work hard to provide,” notes Randy Wells Cheryl Thomas, Manager, Security Services. experience even before one arrives at our doorstep. No matter where you are on Baton Rouge General’s “The parking areas are our opportunity to create campuses, there’s no doubt you were greeted by a Meet Frederick Carriere, a that first impression,” he says passionately. Frederick smiling BRG security officer along the way. 6-year member of the General’s is proud of the new Mid City parking garage security Security Team. For him, it’s booth, enhanced 24-7 monitoring services (video For 24-7 assistance, including escort about creating a welcoming and patrol), and importantly, the customer service services, call anytime:Fredrick Carriere, Security improvements LeDuff’s team has implemented. 387-7741 (MC) or 763-4100 (BB). Annual Allied Health Ancillary Excellence Awards and Appreciation Event Baton Rouge General’s Allied Health and Ancillary professionals are cordially invited to attend the annual Allied Health appreciation event! Paul Douglas, Vice President of Human Resources, will award Employees who have been nominated by their peers. Join us for the ceremony celebrating these individuals, and enjoy cake and punch along with a special video presentation of nominees. Thursday, May 17: Bluebonnet Cafeteria: 2 - 3 pm Friday, May 18: Mid City Atrium: 1 - 2 pm Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • 7
  8. 8. BRG Employee Reaches Out Through Social Media In an effort to provide real-time communication options for our consumers, patients, and Employees, Baton Rouge General’s Mary Uter, LCSW has gone “social” to answer Ask Mary to learn more about the General’s Senior Services and for questions about caring for the elderly. ? Did you know? Social media is the questions related to senior care. Providing consumers with easy access to our Senior fastest growing media in Care Consultant is an innovative opportunity for our team to listen, engage, and Mary Uter, LCSW history with more than address healthcare related questions. Senior Care Consultant 3 in 5 Internet users Senior Question Samples engaging in • ow do I find good resources to H social outlets. care for my aging parents? • y elderly parents live at home. M Seniors ER My father has been having more Mid City’s New frequent falls. What are your suggestions? • y elderly mother lives alone. M When I visit her, I sometimes notice that she hasn’t taken her medicine. How can I make Baton Rouge General launched its Seniors ER, housed in sure she takes her medicine as Like us on Facebook and the Mid City Emergency Department, specially designated We directed? visit the BRG website ve and designed for adults 65 and older. The Seniors ER is Loour and ask “Mary” your staffed with a team specializing in geriatric care and trained questions today! in administering screenings and assessments to identify patients who may need additional assistance or resources Seniors! outside the hospital. The team includes physicians specializing in geriatrics, emergency medicine, and palliative care; nurses trained in geriatric emergency care; and sensitivity training for other disciplines including physical therapists, pharmacists, social workers and other caregiving staff who work with seniors. “We have worked passionately to identify what seniors need New Members Appointed to Baton Rouge most and have enhanced our medical teams and designed a physical space to meet their unique needs,” said Marsha Bond, RN. General’s Board of Trustees Three new members were recently appointed to General Health System/Baton Rouge General’s Board of Trustees. The following Board members began their term in January: James L. Llorens, PhD Patricia J. Tyson Rev. Ronnie L. Williams Chancellor of Southern Teacher, East Baton Rouge Founder and President of University and AM College Parish School System Camelot College They join current members of the Baton Rouge General Board of Trustees: David Pitts, Chairman; Evelyn Hayes, MD, Vice Chairman; Venkat Banda, MD; Peter J. Bostick, MD; Gregory Bowser; Sue Anne Cox; Perry Franklin; Gary Graphia; Leslie Herpin Marx; Margaret Hart; William R. Holman; Mary Uter, LCSW, Dr. Floyd Roberts, Senator Yvonne Dorsey, Dr. John Jones, Marsha Bond, RN, Dr. Venkat Banda, and Bill Holman cut the ribbon at the new Roy Kadair, MD; Nanette Noland; Andrew Olinde, MD; Janice Pellar; Seniors ER. Charles “Buddy” Roemer; and Ed Starns, CPA. 8 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  9. 9. JoinBaton Rouge General Goes Red On February 9th, employees from BRG’s us for Womack Heart Center joined Baton Rouge General Physicians Dr. Robert St. Amant and Dr. Vicki Munson at the annual Go lunch! Red for Women awareness event. American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women is an initiative designed to empower women to take charge of their heart health and understand their personal risk factors. The Celebrating BRG team provided free body mass index screenings to more than a hundred people HospitalRehab Department’s Chris Perkins, LOTR helping with body and educated women about nutrition,mass index screening at the General’s Go Red booth. cholesterol, exercise and prevention. Special thanks to Dr. St. Amant; Dr. Munson; Chris Perkins, LOTR; Geri Sutton, LOTR; Week 2012 John Dunlap, CES; Jane Ladmirault, ST; and Amber Doiron, LPN! • Tuesday, May 15, 2012 Mid City: 11am - 1pm, Bat Cave • Thursday, May 17, 2012 Bluebonnet: 11am - 1pm, •••BRG Physicians Dr. Robert St. Amant and Dr. Vicki Munson withAmber Doiron, LPN (center) at the General’s Go Red booth. Conference Rooms 1 2 Dance With A Doctor Research has shown that ballroom dancing has proven benefits for older people, and even counteracts declines in aging. That’s why Baton Rouge General is dazzling WBRZ and Cecil’s BRG Story... The Advocate’s Life After 50 event with our Go to to see very own senior patient, ballroom dance guru Cecil’s BRG Story! Cecil Phillips. He will be joined by competitive dance partners Drs. James Crowell and Sterling Sightler and the General’s Seniors ER team. Special dance demos and East Coast Swing dance lessons will be provided at our booth along with helpful information for Seniors and their caregivers. Saturday April 21, 2012 8:00 am – 3:00 pm Seminar 9:15 am Baton Rouge River Center FREE Parking Admission! I suspected I was having a “ suspected attack. And I knew I heart I was having a heart attack. And I knewgo... exactly where to exactly where Phillips –Cecil to go...” - Cecil Phillips Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • 9
  10. 10. Kudos Green Belt Candidates Nationally-Recognized Cancer Care Congratulations to our staff on Pennington Cancer Center’s 2011 Outstanding Achievement Award! This prestigious award is given by the Commission on Cancer (CoC) of the American College of Surgeons to recognize cancer programs that exceed national standards in providing quality care to cancer patients. The exceptional, compassionate care provided by The Work Excellence Steering Committee selected 14 BRG/GHS Employees for the third wave of our staff has made us a national leader for quality Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training, which kicked off in January. Two leaders from The Baton and excellence in cancer care. Thank you for your Rouge Clinic will also participate in Baton Rouge General’s prestigious training program. hard work and dedication to our patients, our cancer Green Belt trainees will attend a series of training courses over 6 months focused on each phase of program and our community. six sigma (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control). Green Belts also facilitate a frontline team through completion of a six sigma initiative to apply their learning. The following individuals are pursuing Green Belt Certification: Helping Tulane Students Brad Barhorst, MS, Physicist, Pennington Cancer Center Kurt Bennett, Director, Physician Services, BRG Physicians Stacey Nolan, Manager, Employee Benefits Don Shaw, Vice President, Revenue Cycle Make the Grade Marsha Bond, BSN, RN, CEN, Director, Emergency Services Crystal Sims, RN, Manager, PTB4 Patient Care Unit Michelle Capone, Director, Medical Staff Services Heartfelt thanks to the entire Baton Rouge General/ Geri Sutton, LOTR, Director, Rehab Services Corey Doughty, Director, Legal Services Carol Tingle, PhD, MSN, Director, School of Nursing/ Tulane School of Medicine satellite campus faculty and Danita Lee, Clinical Informatics Analyst Radiology Clinical Education staff! Because of your dedication to these exceptional Natalie McCall, Manager, Financial Operations Kevin Tripode, PharmD, Manager, Mid City Pharmacy students, we are proud to announce that 5 of our 10 Jobe Nasca, RN, CRRN, Manager, Bluebonnet ICU medical students finished in the top 15% of the Tulane class of 180 students on the TOSCE! “The Baton Rouge General faculty and staff have gone above and beyond to make our experience fulfilling and meaningful,” notes 4th year BRG/Tulane LEAD medical student Kenneth Perry. The Team Observed Structured Clinical Encounter (TOSCE) is a formative assessment of medical students that is required by senior students at Tulane with simulated patients Baton Rouge General’s 2011 School of Nursing Graduates and is designed to evaluate clinical Baton Rouge General Medical Center’s School of Nursing held its 28th Commencement Exercises “The exceptional performance of our skills. announcing the graduation of 31 nursing candidates at a ceremony at Broadmoor United Methodist Church medical students is a testament to on December 9, 2011. the commitment and hard work of Top Row: Marcus Montgomery, Gisele Vermette, Ross Hagendorfer, Winston Willis, Niema Thomas, Jonathan Williams our entire faculty and staff,” notes Third Row: Bethany Cox, David Bueche, Robin Burris, Melinda Gates, Megan Ezell, Amber Kelly, Julie Watson, Aron Coates, Connie Rome, Director, Graduate Leigh Ann Saia, William Parks Second Row: Karen Pillsbury, Jennifer Barr, Jennifer Taylor, Peaches Willis, Tanya Dyer- Medical Education. Scott, Desiree’ DeCuir, Kelsi DiBenedetto, Tomi Lea Bottom Row: Amanda Averett, Nick Flurry, Lacey Blanchard, Cindy Vinning, Chikarol Miller, Andrew Bolton, Heather Leeth A Satellite Campus of Congratulations Class of 2011! Tulane University School of Medicine 10 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  11. 11. 2012 Nurse Excellence Awards Banquet Thursday, May 10, 2012 New Location: Parc 73, 14379 Louisiana 73, Prairieville, LA 70769 Tickets on sale until May 1 • Available in administration $30 per ticket. You must have a ticket to enter the banquet due to limited seating.Nurse Excellence Nominations:Nominate an outstanding patient care provider onthe GHS Intranet’s “Nursing News.”Deadline: Thurs., April 8, 2012 Categories:• Edith LoBue Leadership• Traditional Nurse of the Year• Non-Traditional Nurse of the Year• RN Rookie of the Year Nursing Scholarships:• Ancillary Friend of Nursing Two (2) Nursing Scholarships will be awarded at the Nurse Excellence• Physician Friend of Nursing Banquet. For an application form and eligibility criteria, refer to Nursing News on the GHS Intranet Homepage. Below are some of the more than 150 Baton Rouge General registered team members at Komen’s Race for the Cure on March 10. Go Team Baton Rouge General! Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • 11
  12. 12. Come fill your 20% Gift Shop Coupon! Easter Baskets at The Gift Shop is offering all Baton Rouge General employees an exclusive discount! Get 20% off any regular priced item from the Gift Shop! March 29-30, 2012. Don’t miss your chance to get the latest and greatest! Easter goodies, candles, flip flops, jewelry, decorative accents, and much more!!! Coupon must be presented at time of purchase. Cannot be used with other discounts. Normal exclusions apply. Mid City Campus Parking and Smoking Area Map “ was thrilled with the selection of Easter I goodies I found, right here, in our gift shop Parking Garage Level Three – my baskets are full!” Nicole Kleinpeter, Marketing and Communications Employee Parking Reminder Summer Casual is Around the Corner! We would like to remind all Employees that Baton Rouge General is a high volume hospital. To allow for maximum parking spaces for our physicians, patients and (May 1 - October 1) visitors, all Employees, students and vendors are expected to park in the parking areas highlighted in blue on the parking maps found on Link-In Center. Parking Casual dress offers a welcome alternative to the formality of typical business policies will be strictly enforced. Thank you for your cooperation! office attire - especially during a hot and humid Louisiana summer! If you are wondering what clothing is appropriate in your department, keep Florida Blvd. in mind our hospital’s reputation for professionalism and quality. If you’re questioning whether or not an item is acceptable, it probably isn’t. Parking Garage, Visitor Main Parking Appropriate Business Casual for Men: LEVELS G, 1, 2, 3, 4 Visitor Parking Entrance Wabash St. LEVELS G, 3, 4 Employee Parking Parking Pressed cotton slacks, polo shirt/golf shirts with collars, oxford shirt without tie, (Designated by yellow stripes) Garage Employee denim shirt, loafers, dress boots. Acadian Thwy. Parking Peachtree Emergency Visitor Parking Appropriate Business Casual for Women: Mid City Center Physician Parking Skirts, cropped/Capri pants (must be at least mid-calf), pressed cotton slacks, polo shirt/golf shirt with collars, denim shirt, denim skirt/dress, sleeveless dresses, School Of North Blvd. Nursing sleeveless blouses, wrap-around skirts, flats, no hosiery or socks, dress boots, open Westmoreland Lovers Lane toe shoes in non-patient care areas. (Open-toed dress shoes are acceptable prior West St. Additional Parking to casual summer in non-patient care areas, but not sandals.) Government St. ! Bluebonnet Employee Parking 8888 Summa Doctor’s Patient Parking Parking Sum Doctor’s Thank you ma D Parking 3 rive ER for only parking in the employee Main Entrance 2 parking areas. Employee Parking nue Ave Pica rdy Janet Bordelon, Internal Audit Will Johnson, EVS 12 • Exchange, First Quarter 2012 Picardy Plaza Bluebonnet Campus
  13. 13. Baton Rouge General Foundation UPDATE Foundation Event Celebrates Future of Healthcare Baton Rouge General’s Foundation hosted a donor appreciation event on January 25, 2012 at the Bluebonnet campus, where donors, community members and physicians were invited to learn about the General’s OR expansion plans and hybrid technology. The event focused on the future of health care and featured demonstrations Dr. Antoine Keller presenting on the Nicole Cheramie, RN and Danyel Dr. John Godke demonstrates the C-Mac of daVinci, BRG’s new robotics technology, future of healthcare. Video Laryngoscope, which was funded Swinehart, RN in the future Hybrid and the C-Mac Video Laryngoscope, which by donor support. Operating Room at Bluebonnet. Foundation donor dollars helped purchase for the hospital. 2012 Sweetheart Dance Breaks Record! Baton Rouge General’s Foundation hosted the 19th Annual Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance at Crowne Plaza on Sunday, January 29. More than 1,100 dads and daughters joined us for the event, raising a record-breaking $47,000 to support the patients and families served by Baton Rouge General. Since 1993, dads and daughters from the Greater Baton Rouge community have attended the Foundation’s annual Father/Daughter Sweetheart Dance. In 2011, the event raised more than $32,000 and provided new technology and programs for our cardiac patients at the Womack Heart Center, including a new Quest Instrument, which provides the most advanced equipment to administer life-saving medications to patients during open heart surgery. Thank you to all who supported this year’s dance by purchasing a raffle ticket or attending. Your contributions will touch the lives of our patients and their families. Father/Daughter Committee Chair and Baton Rouge General Foundation Board Member Pete Bush with American Girl raffle winner Raven Kelley. New Members Appointed to the Foundation’s Board of Governors Glenn Smith, Taxation Department, with his daughters Amy Smith Wilson, Corporate Communications, and Claire Smith, Radiology, with Baton Rouge General Board of Trustees Member, Perry Franklin, and his daughter Lauren. Pam Causey Rick Lipscomb Tena Roemer President of Baton Rouge Architect, Partner WHLC Speech Pathologist General’s Auxiliary Architecture Insert • Exchange, First Quarter 2012
  14. 14. Join us at the 2012 Together Kickoff! we makeThe 2012 You, Me BRG Employee Giving Program is coming soon!Because of your generosity, so many wonderful things are happening in our a difference!hospital! Look for your name on the new donor recognition panels locatednear the cafeterias at Mid City and Bluebonnet. The campaign is rightaround the corner and we need you!Join us as we kick-off the campaign:Monday, April 30, 2012 at Mid CityTuesday, May 1, 2012 at Bluebonnet2011 Grants Announced!Last year’s You, Me BRG Employee Giving Program was atremendous success, raising more than $133,000 in pledges anddonations. Because of YOUR generosity through the 2011 program, Your Generosity in Action:12 projects have been awarded grants for patient care equipment Progress Update on Fundedand services that will directly enhance the environment for our staff Grants Now Online!and patients. Check out the full list online at Your gifts have been making a significant impact on our patients and their families since the first You, Me2011 You, Me, BRG Grant Recipients: BRG Employee Giving campaign in 2010. ReadPhysical Therapy, Women’s and Children’s Services, Seniors ER, Above, new donor recognition panels at more about how these developments are making a Bluebonnet and Mid CitySame Day Surgery, Post-Acute Care and Recovery Units, Respiratory, difference in the lives of those we serve!Burn, Wound, OR, and ER. Funding Education ExcellenceConstruction is currently underway tocreate a training suite on the 3rd Floorat Mid City. This enhancement willprovide a new hands-on educationalspace that will be available to allEmployees and students seekingtraining for new techniques in theirfield.Funded by gifts received through the2011 You, Me BRG Employee Giving Above, SimMan Patient Simulator; below third floor waiting area that will become the new skills lab.Program, the project is slated to becomplete by April 30, 2012.Features include:• SimMan Patient Simulator, an advanced interactive training mannequin• 3 Simulator Patient Bays for training• Staff and Instructor Observation Room Exchange, First Quarter 2012 • Insert