Social Media and Ministry Slides at NCLI 2013


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These are the slides from the three and one hour worships on social media and the church and the Center for Progressive Renewals, 2013 National Church Leadership Institute.

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Social Media and Ministry Slides at NCLI 2013

  1. 1. The Definitive-Ish Social Media Workshop National Church Leadership Institute Bruce Reyes-Chow | @breyeschow
  2. 2. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Revolution 2013 SMR ON YOUTUBE
  3. 3. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Symbol of Unknown Origin
  4. 4. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Road Map of the Day Introductions Culture Shifts Assumptions Pitfalls Possibilities Postures Questions I BREAK Smarty Pants Terms Platforms 12 for Your Consideration Questions II Photo by allisonhare
  5. 5. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW name ministry context current use of social media: gadgets, networks, not at all, etc. one question or issue you hope is addressed during our time today one interesting, quirky, unique or surprising things about you: hobby, adventure, interesting, dream, etc. Who are you?
  6. 6. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Who is Bruce?
  7. 7. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Disclaimers FOCUS: Knowing the whys of SM is more important than mastering a #. KIM: SM will not save the church. BUTT IN: Lots of info and I go fast. EXPERT: My lens as a pastor, the place where praxis and theory converge. STIPULATIONS: I use generalities to save time, but push back. TWITTER: @breyeschow #ncli13 TRANSLATION: You’ll do it best. SLIDES:
  8. 8. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Why Bother? Genesis 17-18 - Will a son be born to a man 100 years old and a woman the age of 90? Abraham gave the best of what he had . . . Sarah laughed . . . God is NOT done with us and is continually asking us to birth new, irrational and unexpected things. What are we being asked to birth, to give and to know?Gladys Burrill, 92 2011 Honolulu Marathon Photo: AP
  9. 9. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Authority and “t”ruth: from a single source of authority to an open source of discernment. eg . . . how we explore and discern Scripture, politics, culture, worship, decision making, etc. changes. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social media opens up decision making and equalizes authority Photo by carbonnyc
  10. 10. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Mobility and Commitment from a life-long commitment to “place” to an expectation of transience and change. eg . . . we change how we perceive a person’s commitment in terms of longevity. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media systematizes the speed and rhythms of life Photo by carbonnyc
  11. 11. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Spirituality and Public Engagement from a silent understanding of separating church and state to an increased move to a public expression of faith and politics. eg . . . we acknowledge political realities while encouraging personal discernment. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media allows for deeper and wider interaction in the world Photo by wy_jackrabbit
  12. 12. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Structure and Adaptability: from a mindset of methodology and “steps” to a of spirit of embraced chaos and institutional fluidity. eg . . . Changes how we structure our communal lives: congregation and councils. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media supports and encourages structural and institutional flexibility Photo by 31878512@N06
  13. 13. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Influence and Social Capital: from a monolithic presence and mindset to a niche reality and opportunity for growth. eg . . . denominational evangelism strategies will change. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media creates broad niche spaces of community. Photo by glamhag
  14. 14. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Long Tail Effect
  15. 15. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW 21C Culture Shifts Technology and Community: from geographic clustering and isolation to broad global community. eg . . . our understanding and experience of community, privacy and social interaction is broadened. SOCIAL MEDIA SO WHAT? Social Media crosses geographic and communal boundaries. Photo by splityarn
  16. 16. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Explained SOCIAL MEDIA BY SAY IT VISUALLY
  17. 17. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW SM Assumptions Social Media is only another medium of communication and expression; Social Media is generational air and gives insight into a particular worldview; Social Media is highly contextually and it will be embraced at various degrees; Social Media demands a high sense of self-worth as it has a flattening effect on community and the role of leadership; Social Media will not save [insert org]!
  18. 18. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Pitfalls SM as idol, savior or quick fix SM as distraction SM as careless expression SM as overestimated ROI SM as echo chamber SM as over-and-above F2F SM as an entry to bullying and unwanted contact Photo by amagill
  19. 19. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Possibilities SM can build up and strengthen the Body of Christ SM allows the church to model a different way of living SM compels the church to see the world beyond its bubble SM liberates faithful expression of creativity and creation SM provides accountability SM offers a place of communal care and spiritual renewal Photo by Kalexanderson
  20. 20. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Postures be you: appropriate, honest, consistent just as you would IRL; be interactive: engage, comment, respond, inquire, link and like; be mindful: Most people lurk and observe without ever interacting. be humble: don’t overestimate your influence and avoid delusions of grandeur. be bold: don’t underestimate your influence to begin and sustain meaningful movements. PHOTO BY JACKHEART
  22. 22. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Facebook in Real Life HTTP://YOUTU.BE/MRSRLZIYH20
  23. 23. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Smarty Pants Terms smart phones, tablets and androids Traditional Media v. Social Media Web 1.0 v. Web 2.0 Social Networking Open Source Software Cloud Technology weB+logs = Blogs, vLogs feeds, aggregators and readers tagging and #hashtags Checking In QRCode
  24. 24. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Social Media Platforms Google: +, huddle, hangout, drive, voice, mail, docs, calendars Blogging: typepad, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, Networks: twitter, FB, linkedin, Google+, nextdoor, MySpace Media:, goodreads, pandora, spotify, iheartradio Photo: instagram, flickr, smugmug, picasa, snapchat Video: vimeo, youtube, huddle, vine Convos: skype, hangout,, oovoo, gotomeeting, kik Productivity: dropbox, slideshare, doodle, wufoo Reviews: yelp, amazon, foursquare, google, miso, getglue, eNewsletters: madmimi, mailchimp, constant contact Location: foursquare, yelp, places, banjo Curating: pinterest,, buffer, storify
  25. 25. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES UPDATES to share content and express personality LISTS to “like” happenings of ministry participants. GROUPS to have community based discussions. QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Facebook Profiles
  26. 26. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES UPDATES to share content (Public Radio Model) ADMINS to share posting responsibility and diversity EVENTS to generate interest and awareness QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Facebook Pages
  27. 27. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Create lists to keep up w/members Follow local orgs and businesses Connect to things outside context Use hashtags to connect QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Twitter
  28. 28. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Collect image and liturgy for a season: Lent, Easters, etc. Discover educational ideas: workshop rotation, adults etc. Gather sermon material Curate trusted content to share with the community. QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Pinterest
  29. 29. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Have folks review your church and ministry. Connect with others in the community. Be where people are searching for life services. QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Yelp
  30. 30. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Yelp
  31. 31. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Set dates Take simple polls Relieve stress QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Doodle
  32. 32. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Connect with actual neighbors Coordinate neighborhood gatherings Stay up-to-date about things that matter QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Nextdoor
  33. 33. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Prayer Groups Staff Teams Parent Notification Youth Communication QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS
  34. 34. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Bible Study or Prayer Groups Intergenerational Connections Worship Interviews Mission Connections QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Skype
  35. 35. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Effective posting patterns Night owl and Early Birds Curating content QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS
  36. 36. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK breyeschow USES Book Groups Suggested and review New books - “Australia” QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Goodreads
  37. 37. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW CLICK USES Link to newsletters Track actual interaction Save some money QUESTIONS and SUGGESTIONS Madmimi
  38. 38. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Personal privacy . . . Pastoral identity . . . Pastoral transitions . . . Technology and worship . . . Time management . . . Generational use . . . Presbyterian Church (USA) . . . Other . . . Questions - Part II Photo by milos milosevic
  39. 39. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Shift!: The Unfolding Internet by Edward Burman (get used) Social Media Media Gospel by Meredith Gould Rise of the Creative Class by Richard Florida The Long Tail Effect by Chris Anderson Open Leadership by Charlene Li Millennial Momentum by Morley Winograd and Michael Hais The Church of Facebook by Jesse Rice Click 2 Save by Elizabeth Drescher and Keith Anderson From the stacks Photo by shutterhacks
  40. 40. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Buffer: The Thread Vomit Cure Letter to Pastors about the Dangers of Using Social Media Three Reasons You Should Try Instagram Review of Social Media Site The Courage to Blog About Personal Struggles Pastoral Transitions in a Social Media World From the stacks Photo by philgyford
  41. 41. #NCLI13 | @BREYESCHOW Questions and Comments Questions, Comments, Reflections Connect with Bruce twitter/breyeschow facebook/breyeschowpage linkedin/breyeschow instagram/breyeschow pinterest/breyeschow slideshare/breyeschow THE DEFINITIVE-ISH GUIDE FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE CHURCH THANKS FOR COMING!