Parenting -- The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Social Media in the Life of Faith


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CONVERTED FROM KEY NOTE SO FORMATTING IS OFF -- These are the slides I used for the Burlingame Presbyterian Church Parent Symposium held on May 4, 2014. The idea was to give an overview of social media as well as give some hands on tips to help parents create a healthy social media culture with their children.

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Parenting -- The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Social Media in the Life of Faith

  1. 1. The Pitfalls and Possibilities of Social Media in the Life of Faith Burlingame Presbyterian Church Bruce Reyes-Chow @breyeschow on twitter, instagram, etc.
  2. 2. @BREYESCHOW Social Media Revolution 20 SMR on YoutubeQuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.
  3. 3. @BREYESCHOW you won’t keep up
  4. 4. @BREYESCHOW Why Bother? Genesis 18 -- Will a son be born to a man 100 years old and a woman the age of 90? God asks that we give the best of what we have in order to participate in the unfolding of God’s realities in the world. GOD IS NOT DONE WITH US! Gladys Burrill, 92 2011 Honolulu Marathon Photo: AP
  5. 5. @BREYESCHOW Road Map Introductions Assumptions Pitfalls, Possibilities and Postures Terms and Platforms Six Networks You Should Know Four Parental Postures to Build Q&R Photo by allisonhare FB GROUP: SLIDES:
  6. 6. @BREYESCHOW Who is Bruce?
  7. 7. @BREYESCHOW Who are you? Age groups: elementary, middle school, high school, college What social network/s are uses the most?
  9. 9. @BREYESCHOW SM Assumptions Social Media is only another medium of communication and expression; Social Media is generational air and gives insight into a particular worldview; Social Media is highly contextually and it will be embraced at various degrees; Social Media demands a high sense of self-worth as it has a flattening effect on community and leadership; Social Media will not save [insert org]
  10. 10. @BREYESCHOW Social Media Pitfalls SM as idol, savior or quick fix SM as distraction SM as careless expression SM as overestimated ROI SM as echo chamber SM as over-and-above F2F SM as an entry to bullying and unwanted contact Photo by amagill
  11. 11. @BREYESCHOW Social Media PossibilitiesSM can build up and strengthen the Body of Christ SM allows the church to model a different way of living SM compels the church to see the world beyond its bubble SM liberates faithful expression of creativity and creation SM provides accountability SM offers a place of communal care and spiritual renewalPhoto by Kalexanderson
  12. 12. @BREYESCHOW Social Media Posturesbe with people: tinker with the betas, but join in where folks are already be you: appropriate, honest, consistent just as you would be in real life (IRL) be interactive: engage, comment, respond, inquire, link and like be mindful: Most people lurk and observe without ever interacting. be humble/bold: don’t underestimate the influence of your thinking, but avoid delusions of grandeur be npr: earn the right to be heard.PHOTO by jackheart
  13. 13. @BREYESCHOW
  14. 14. @BREYESCHOW Smarty Pants Terms apps, smart phones, tablets, oh my Traditional Media v. Social Media Web 1.0 v. Web 2.0 Social Networking Open Source Software Cloud Technology weB+logs = Blogs, vLogs feeds, aggregators and readers tagging and #hashtags Checking In QRCode
  15. 15. @BREYESCHOW Social Media PlatformsGoogle: gmail, gcal, hangout, drive Blogging: typepad, wordpress, blogger, tumblr, google Networks: twitter, google+, askfm, facebook, linkedin, nextdoor, reddit Media:, goodreads, pandora, spotify, iheartradio Photo: instagram, flickr, smugmug, Video: vimeo, youtube, huddle, vine Texting: Groupme, Kik, Snapchat
  16. 16. @BREYESCHOW Social Media PlatformsGroup Calling: skype, hangout, facetime, gotomeeting, Productivity: dropbox, slideshare, doodle, wufoo, evernote Reviews: yelp, amazon, foursquare, google, miso, tvtag, google eNewsletters: madmimi, mailchimp, constant contact Location: foursquare, yelp, facebook Curating: pinterest,, storify, buffer, hootsuite, feedspot
  18. 18. @BREYESCHOW Four Household Postures RESTRAINT honor the networks in which they have given you access to be present OPENNESS screen time in public spaces SABBATH unplugging in the evening MENTORS trusted adult in networks Healthy parental social media postures must be built on an overall relationship of trust, encouragement and boundaries.
  19. 19. @BREYESCHOW Q&R question and responsequestions thoughts comments comments
  20. 20. THANKS FOR COMING @breyeschow on slideshare and most social networks “Definitive-ish” ebook “Definitive-ish” google+ group “Definitive-ish” google+ group “Definitive-ish” google+ group