Authors - John D. Fitzgerald


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Authors - John D. Fitzgerald

  1. 1. PRESENTS:
  3. 3.   The Great Brain is the first in a series of books written by John D. Fitzgerald.  The books are considered humorous historical fiction, and the author based them on his own life and family, growing up in Utah. The Great Brain
  4. 4.   The Great Brain has lots of funny situations that kids still enjoy reading about today, such as:  Being the first kid in town to get an indoor toilet!  Going skinny-dipping in the local pond!  Getting lost in a deadly maze-like cave!  And trying to get rid of an evil teacher! Plot Lines
  5. 5.   John Dennis Fitzgerald (1906 - 1988) was an American author. He was born February 3, 1906 in Price, Utah, the son of a Irish Catholic father and a Scandinavian Mormon mother. John D. Fitzgerald
  6. 6.   In The Great Brain, the stories take place in a fictional southern Utah town called “Adenville” which is west of Cedar City.  The stories also begin before John was born, starting in the year 1897, the year which Utah became a State. Adenville, Utah
  7. 7.   Basketball had been invented 5 years earlier.  Moving pictures had just been invented 2 years before.  Utah Becomes the 45th U.S. State in 1896.  X-Rays were discovered, and the first x-ray taken.  Coca-Cola started being sold in bottles 3 years before.  Radio or “Wireless Telegraph” had been invented 2 year before.  First Modern Olympic Games, was played.  The Roller Coaster was patented two years later. 1896
  8. 8.   John had five siblings growing up, and his two older brothers, Sweyn and Tom, appear as characters in his novels.  At the beginning of the story, Sweyn is twelve years old, Tom is ten; and John is eight. The Fitzgeralds
  9. 9.   The middle brother Tom is called “The Great Brain” because he spends his free time reading Almanacs and Encyclopedias.  But he only uses his knowledge to get rich, often by creating cunning schemes to cheat or “swindle” John and his friends out of their hard- earned money. The Great Brain
  10. 10.   The Great Brain is very much like Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer with adventures, stories of frontier life, children’s games and school work depicted.  In addition, the book deals with the subtle tensions between Catholics and Mormons, with several conversations in the books dealing with those differences.  Since John grew up with a Catholic father and Mormon mother, he probably used instances from his own life. The Great Brain as Fiction
  11. 11.   The Great Brain (1967)  More Adventures of the Great Brain (1969)  Me and My Little Brain (1971)  The Great Brain At The Academy (1972)  The Great Brain Reforms (1973)  The Return of the Great Brain (1974)  The Great Brain Does It Again (1976)  The Great Brain Is Back (Published in 1995 from loose notes after the author's death) The Great Brain series
  12. 12.   In 1978, the Osmond Family decided to make a movie of the first book.  Called “The Great Brain” it starred Jimmy Osmond as Tom, and was filmed in Utah.  We’ll be watching this movie at the end of the year! The Great Brain: The Movie