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  • 1. Getting Started GuideNew Meeting Experience – April 13, 2013
  • 2. To test drive the new Meeting Experience, click the Enable button in your Account section.You can “disable” from the same page, if needed. Contact support@bluejeans.com if you don’t seethe Enable option.How to Enable the New Experience2
  • 3. 1. Scheduling Meetings• Configuring Meeting Details• Advanced Options• Invitation Email, received by the Participants• Invitation Email, sent to the Moderator (scheduler)• Outlook Add-in2. Entering the Scheduled Meeting Room and Joining the Conference• Two ways Moderator enters the meeting room• Two ways Participants enters the meeting room• Joining the conference:• Using Browser Access• Skype from your laptop• Using an H.323 Room System• Using a Telephone only• Using the Blue Jeans App on an iPhone or iPadChapters3. Managing the Meeting• Active Meeting View, and Moderator’s Web Controls• Moderator’s Web Controls• Changing Layouts (fin both video and screen sharemodes)• * (star) key brings up Menu Commands4. Personal Meetings• Starting a Personal Meeting3
  • 4. 1. Scheduling Meetings
  • 5. 1. First, log into your account, at bluejeans.com/login.2. Landing in your Meetings Room, click the Schedule Meeting button.5Scheduling Meetings – takes just seconds!
  • 6. 63. Enter meeting details and click to save.A. Meeting Title (displayed in the waiting-for-meeting-to-begin welcome panel)B. Date/TimeC. Repeat Meeting? *(daily, weekly or monthly)D. Participant passcode *E. Email invitations * (addresses entered inthe past will “autocomplete”)F. Message included in invite email *G. Advanced Meeting Options * (seenext page)*optionalScheduling – Enter Details ABFDEGC
  • 7. 7Scheduling – Advanced OptionsPublish Meeting – check if youwant meeting to appear in your“public” Blue Jeans web page:Crop Video – a Stretch feature tohelp promote a 4:3 video to a 16:9full screen video (Not recommendedfor most meetings).bluejeans.com/johnsmith
  • 8. Encrypt Meeting – requires each participant thatconnects to your meeting has encryption turned on. Ifthey do not have it turned on, they will see amessage telling them “encryption is required” to jointhe meeting. (Skype is encrypted by default)Moderator-less Meeting – enable if you wantparticipants to meet without the moderator havingto start the meeting:• Meeting begins after first 2 participants arrive.• The person scheduling the meeting has themoderator controls (mute all, drop, etc.)available for use, should they decide to join.Scheduling – Advanced OptionsClick View Configuration to jump to twoother options, located in Room Settings:Disable Audible Alerts – turns off the alerttone when participants arrive or leave themeeting. Note: you can disable alerts inthe middle of the meeting.Disable Video Animations – disables theactive speaker’s animated videothumbnail (not recommended ).
  • 9. Scheduling – Default SettingsA4. Finally, you may wish to change 3 otherdefault settings, for all of your meetings(found in My Settings / Room Settings):A. Welcome Message (displayed in thewaiting-for-meeting-to-begin welcomepanel)B. Disable Audible Alerts turns off thebeep when participants enter & leave.C. Default Video Layout for you and allparticipantsD. Default Connection option will be theendpoint type participants will land inwhen they click “join meeting”BCD
  • 10. 10That’s it! Your scheduled meetingis now ready to use, at thescheduled time or anytime earlier.Click the Meeting Bar to expandand show meeting details andedit/cancel options at the bottom:A. Edit meeting: change meetingoptions or invite additionalparticipantsB. Cancel Meeting: terminate themeeting reservation entirely. Invited participantswill be sent a “meeting canceled” email.C. Share Meeting info: copy and paste to send viaemail or IM.Scheduling Meetings – Ready to Use!A BC
  • 11. Participants receive an invitation to attend yourmeeting, which will be added to their calendar.One Join Meeting Link sends them to yourMeeting Room, where they can then chooseto join via your listed endpoint optionsPhone (audio only) dial-in instructionsMeeting information for Room System(IP, ID and participant passcode)Meeting Message11Email sent to ParticipantsTip: Click Direct-dial with my iPhone toenter conference from iPhone.
  • 12. Moderator (or host … the person whoscheduled the meeting) receives a similaremail. The one difference is the Moderator’spasscode will be shown. This code is usedexclusively by the moderator:• If Host enters the meeting from a RoomSystem or Telephone this Moderatorpasscode must be used to start themeeting. The exception is:• If the meeting was scheduled to bemoderator-less, or• If moderator enters the meeting bylogging into his account, then“starting” the meeting from the webinterface (see page 14),• Moderator’s passcode can also befound in the Account > Room Settingssection of their account.12Email sent to Moderator
  • 13. 1. Click the Blue Jeans Add-in buttonat top to open a new event.2. Fill in event details:• Change Subject (from “Blue JeansMeeting Invite”) if you wish• Enter date & time• Mark as Recurrence (if needed)• Insert the e-mail addresses of yourmeeting participants to invite.• Compose message (if needed)3. Click Send.4. Blue Jeans meeting details willappear in your message.5. Click OK to send the invitation.6. New Meeting ID will be added inyour Blue Jeans account.You can also Schedule Meetings from Outlook!Click here to download the Add-in fileFor Outlook trainingvideo, click here
  • 14. 2. Entering the Scheduled Meeting Roomand Joining the Conference
  • 15. 1. When it’s time for the meeting to begin, the moderator clickson the link in the email invitation that was sent to the Moderator(contains Moderator’s unique passcode):2. Or, the moderator logs into their account and clicksthe scheduled meeting bar, then Start Meeting:15Moderator can enter the Meeting Room two ways:
  • 16. 1. Clicks link in their Participant email invitation:2. Or, logs into the meeting room from the Blue Jeansweb site (bluejeans.com), clicking Join A Meetingand entering the Meeting ID (and passcode):16Participants also can enter two ways:To capture namesfor the meeting,Participantsentertheir name andemail (optional),or, click Log in ifthey have a BlueJeans account.
  • 17. Joining the Meeting usingBrowser Access,from your PC or Mac computer
  • 18. 18Browser Instructions1. In the meeting room, under the Computer tab, select Browser , then click Join Meeting.Click for Helpwith this page
  • 19. 192. A new window will launch. Clickto accept the terms, then clickthe Download button to installthe Plugin.• You’ll only need to performthese download steps onetime.• The message may appeardifferent, depending onwhich browser you are using.Browser Instructions
  • 20. 203. Follow the installation steps:• Save the file• Download installer, if required.• Click Run to start installationBrowser Instructions 4. Browser window opens! Get ready to join!1. Click to unmute your audio or video2. Uncheck to skip “Get Ready” page next time3. Change your mic, camera or speaker setting, ifneeded, then click Enter Meeting to join.132
  • 21. Attendee ControlsModerator-only controls noted in redCollapse PanelClick to leave Meeting.Moderators see option tolet meeting continue:Click to:Mute your MicMute your CameraShare your ScreenThe Moderator hascontrol to mute the mic orcamera for each participant.Note: Participant can over-ride Moderator’s muteaction, but, Moderatorcannot over-ride the mutemade by the participant.Hover to bring up:Layout options or Enter Full Screen
  • 22. Attendee ControlsModerator-only controls noted in redClick name to expandDevice type and Qualityindicator (bar).Moderator can Dropparticipant.Click Quality indicatorbar to expand forendpoint measurements
  • 23. Layout ControlsModerator-only controls noted in red Video Layout:Choose one of threelayouts in video mode.Moderator has ability to:• Mute everyone, or• Lock themeeting(preventing late arrivalsfrom joining)Moderator has optionto push layouts to allparticipants23
  • 24. Viewing a Screen being SharedViewing another participants screenshare on the Browser provides:1080p screen sharing – high resolutioncontent sharing on supporteddevices/systems.Dual stream – the content beingshared, far-end video and your picture-in-picture (PIP) are all viewable onscreen.Video Layout controls allowyou to switch betweencontinuous presence, activespeaker and constantpresence modes.Scale - slider to scale thevideo and content windowsto suit your viewing needs.Zoom button that allows youto zoom in on the contentbeing shared.
  • 25. Settings ControlsModerator-only controls noted in redTip: check to auto-sendaudio & video automaticallywhen joiningClick to make sureyour speakers areworkingUncheck if you don’twant your audio orvideo to be connectedautomatically whenarriving into themeetingIf you have multiplemic, camera orspeaker devices onyour computer,choose the rightone from the dropdown list.25
  • 26. Meeting Info InviteModerator-onlyMeeting Info:• Title• URL• Meeting ID• Room System Dialin URLs• Dial in Telephonenumbers• Click to copy andpaste meetinginstructions.Invite:Moderator can sendemails, invitingparticipantsto join themeeting in progress26 Participants Moderators
  • 27. Joining the Meeting using Skypefrom your PC or Mac computer
  • 28. 281. Sign into Skype on your computer.2. In the Computer section of the Meetingpage, select Skype from the drop downlist then press Join Meeting:Joining a Meeting using Skype from your laptop3. Skype will start ringing, withcall coming from BlueJeans. Click green Acceptbutton to connect into theBlue Jeans meeting. Note:if Skype doesn’t ring, lookfor “accept call” pop upwhich may be hiddenbehind a browser panel.4. You are now in the audioportion of the meeting,via Skype! If you are firstto arrive, the BJN ActiveMeeting View Welcomepage is displayed.Un-muteSkype camera icon to showyour video in the meeting.New User Interface
  • 29. 1. Click the Skype menu icon,2. Click "Share Screens," and3. Click the Start button when youre ready toshare. The screen layout will automaticallychange to a presentation-friendly mode.4. Message appears, announcing who is sharingSharing Content and Presentations from Skype on laptop29Click here to visit more informationfrom our Knowledgebase.Note: You will not be able to shareScreens when using Skype from aMobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  • 30. Joining the Meeting usingan H.323 Room System
  • 31. 1. Click the Room System tab at the toppanel to see the dialing instructions.2. Per the instructions, from your RoomSystem monitor dial the IP address:31Joining a Meeting using an H.323 Room System
  • 32. 2. Enter the displayed“Pairing Code” in theMeeting Room Web field(using your laptop):3. Blue Jeans delivers, into your room systemmonitor, an input field for Meeting ID andPasscode, and “pairing” code at thebottom:324. In the final step, you connect into themeeting one of two different ways:1. Enter Meeting ID andPasscode (if required).Press # to submit:- OR -Joining a Meeting using an H.323 Room System
  • 33. Room systems can share by connecting laptops to the system, and enabling screensharing from the room system remote control.Connect your laptop to the room system via VGA/DVI/HDMI interface and enable sharingon that end. Blue Jeans will automatically relay the content sharing across to remoteparticipants.Sharing Content and Presentations from H.323 Room System33PolycomTandbergLifeSize
  • 34. Joining the Meeting usinga Telephone only
  • 35. 35Joining a Meeting using a Telephone onlyNeed to join the meeting, but, you’re not at a video endpoint? Click the Phone tab, and dialthe listed number. When connected, enter the meeting ID (and passcode, if required).When talking, the Phone participantwill be shown as a thumbnail.
  • 36. Joining the Meeting usingan iPhone or iPad
  • 37. 37Joining a Meeting using an iPhone or iPad1231. Download the Blue Jeans app from the AppStore on your iPhone or iPad. Click the appto start.2. Two ways to join a meeting:• If you have a Blue Jeans account, login (must enter your username, notemail address), or• If you dont have a Blue Jeansaccount, click Join3. Youll land in the app, where you can:• Click to start your instant meeting, or• Join another users Personal orScheduled meeting, by entering themeeting ID (and passcode, ifnecessary).
  • 38. 38Joining a Meeting using an iPhone or iPadMute:MicCameraChangeLayoutSwitch CameraEnd Meeting4 54. Youll land in the meeting! Press an icon to:• Mute your mic or camera• Change video layouts (3 on-screenoptions)• Change your camera to front or back• End the call5. When viewing screen sharing, you canstretch the image to zoom in. Double tap toreturn to the native scale.
  • 39. 3. Managing the Meeting
  • 40. Participants meet in the Blue Jeans “ActiveMeeting View” window:40From the web interface, Participants and the Moderatorcan manage the meeting from this view (see nextpages for details):Active Meeting View, and Meeting Web Controls
  • 41. Meeting Attendee ControlsModerator-only controls noted in redClick Endpoint name to expand and view:• Device type and Quality indicator• Click Quality bar to see call statistics• Moderator can Drop participantRed bar on left indicates poor quality. Hoverover low Quality bar to see a description ofthe issue we detect:Click to leave Meeting.Moderators see optionto let meeting continue:Click to:Mute your MicMute your CameraShare your ScreenThe Moderator has control to mute themic or camera for each participantInvite Participants(for Moderator only)41Switch to “Controls”(for Video Layouts andMeeting Info)Collapse side panel
  • 42. Controls: Screen Layouts, Mute All & LockModerator-only controls noted in red Choose one of three Video layouts to view theparticipants.Moderator has control to push their chosenVideo layout to all participants.When content or presentations arebeingshared, 5 screen share layouts are available.Note, moderator will not be able to pushscreen share layouts to others:Tip: Moderatorcan change meetingdefault layout (for bothhost and attendees),in Account / Room Settings.Participants will be able to change their layout after theyhave joined the meeting:Moderator can Mute allparticipants(as needed), or,Lock themeeting(preventing anyone newfrom joining)
  • 43. Invite ParticipantsModerator-only controlsNew User Interface43Meeting Info:• Title• URL• Meeting ID• Room System Dial in URLs• Dial in Telephone numbers• Click to copy and pastemeeting instructions.Invite:Moderator can send emails,inviting participantsto join themeeting in progress
  • 44. * (star) key brings up Menu Commands44Need to mute your audio or video, or change layouts, and dont have access to the Blue JeansMeeting Room web interface? Access the Blue Jeans meeting control menu by pressing thestar/asterisk (*) key from your room system remote. The blue menu panel will appear, letting you:1. Switch layouts2. (not used)3. Bring up meeting information4. Mute the Audio at your endpoint5. Mute the Video at your endpoint6. Hide the Overlay graphics (the BJN logo, and the name/iconbar at bottom of each participant - see example below)7. Add your own endpoint video to be seen by you, in the BJN meeting panel
  • 45. 4. Personal MeetingsInstead of scheduling a meeting, you canalso use a Personal Meeting for quick,one-time, on-the-fly video conferences.
  • 46. 1. Click the PersonalMeeting bar to view ID,passcode and joininginstructions.2. Then, click the StartMeeting button.46Starting a Personal MeetingPersonal Meeting details can be shared withanyone to join your meeting from the Blue Jeanswebsite. Your Meeting ID and Participantpasscode are all you need to share with users togive them access to your meeting room.Click to copy meeting instructions to clipboard,then send onto participants via IM or email.Starting a Personal Meeting
  • 47. www.bluejeans.comTo learn more about our service, please visitbluejeans.com/support