A Better World by Design sponsor kit 2011


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A Better World by Design sponsor kit 2011

  1. 1. 2011SPONSOR KIT
  2. 2. A Be er World by Design is excited to share with you details about ourupcoming conference, bringing together over 1,000 entrepreneurs, academics, and innovatorsto explore the power of design, appropriate technology, and business strategies to improveour world. Conceived and organized entirely by students from Brown University and the RhodeIsland School of Design, our conference is now in its fourth year, and is continuing to expand itsimpact on our a endees and our world.A Be er World by Design is an immersive experience that will take you away from theconvention center and into the community. The conference unites students and professionalsunder a spirit of passion and innovation that reinvigorates our a endees and consistentlychanges the way they look at the world.Included in this kit are highlights from past conferences, what to expect from this one, andreasons why partnering with our conference is a great opportunity. For more up-to-dateinformation about the 2011 conference please visit our website at:www.abe erworldbydesign.com
  3. 3. PARTNERSTHE RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGNThe Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) has earned a worldwide reputation as the preeminentcollege of art and design in the United States. Founded in 1877 in Providence, RI, RISD educatesundergraduate and graduate students in the fine arts, architecture, and design disciplines.www.risd.eduBROWN UNIVERSITYBrown University is an Ivy League university located in Providence, RI. Founded in 1764, Brown isthe third oldest college in the United States. With just over 8,500 undergraduate and graduatestudents, Brown has established itself as a worldwide leader in liberal education, championinga unique open curriculum that allows students to create their own academic path.www.brown.eduPROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLANDFounded in 1636, Providence is the capital and largest city of Rhode Island. Known as the“Creative Capital,” Providence has made a name for itself as a center for creativity and socialentrepreneurship—an effort that our conference continues to reinforce.www.providenceri.comwww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 3
  4. 4. PARTS OF THE CONFERENCEwww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 5
  5. 5. “A Be er World byDesign is a fantasticconference and agreat opportunity toco-develop a brighterfuture.”Saul KaplanInnovation Factory / Founder and Chief Catalystof Business
  7. 7. 2010 ROBERT FABRICANT LISA GANSKY BEN HAMILTON-BAILLIE Frog Design The Mesh Hamilton-Baillie Associates Ltd.2009 KEN BANKS NITI BHAN JAIME LERNER kiwanja.net DESIGN 21 Governor of Paraná, Brazil & Architect2008 STEVE GLENN ERIK HERSMAN CAMERON SINCLAIR LivingHomes AfriGadget Architecture for Humanity
  8. 8. SAUL KAPLAN PETER LIGHT ALIZA PELEG Business Innovation Factory Bloom Energy Be er Place VIVIAN LOFTNESS EMEKA OKAFOR Carnegie Mellon University TED AfricaSpeaker sessions anchor the throughout the conference and inspireconference, uniting the vast majority of action long after the conference weekendattendees in one space and providing comes to a close. After the speakera common ground of ideas on which sessions, the presenters will be foundeveryone in the Better World community interacting with attendees in the lobby,can build. By bringing in leaders and which is always bustling with ideas sparkedacolytes from their respective fields, the by the previous session. Featured here areconference aims to present a variety of some of our past speakers.expert perspectives that spark dialoguewww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 9
  9. 9. “This conference isspecial and differentfrom all the others. Ithas a unique energy.It’s authentic and feelslike it’s coming fromthe heart.”Maria GiudiceHot Studio / CEO and Founder
  10. 10. PANELS PAGE 11
  11. 11. Panels bring together experts and emphasize discussions and collaborationprofessionals from a variety of perspectives between panelists and a endees, expandingto discuss a common theme, challenge, or the interactive aspect of the conference.goal. By presenting multiple points of view, In the past, representatives from partnerpanels give a endees the opportunity to organizations have participated in theseweigh various aspects of the topic and spark panels, increasing their visibility andideas or conversations that carry over to maximizing their firm’s takeaways from theother parts of the conference. Many panels conference.
  12. 12. Urban Arts Design & Business Future Urban Transport Medical Design Open Source Creativitywww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 13
  13. 13. “I went infeeling old,I le feelingyoung.”Brian JepsonO’Reilly / Editor, programmer, and author
  14. 14. WORKSHOPS PAGE 15
  15. 15. Workshops take the energy of thespeaker and panel sessions and channel itinto even more interactive programs fora endees. They provide opportunities forhands-on learning as well as for a endeesto collaborate with each other, speakers,panelists, and other presenters. This year,we are hoping to partner with organizationsthat are interested in engaging a small groupof a endees to apply their diverse back-grounds and knowledge bases to a problemthey would like to have solved in a sponsoredworkshop. “Natural Composites” presented in part by BASF “Emotion & More Human Design“ presented by Energy Inside Labs “City Farm Tour“ presented by Southside Community Land Trust
  16. 16. www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 17
  17. 17. “The conferencewas a riot ofideas. Hundredsof guests fromaround the worldwere steeped ininspiration forthree days.”Rob GoodierEngineering for Change / Writer
  18. 18. DESIGN EXPO PAGE 19
  19. 19. A Be er World By Design2010 included the first Design Expo, acentral forum for trade professionals,students, conference presenters, andpassionate individuals to circulate theirideas. The Expo promoted conversation,stimulated ideas, and brought togethera diverse network for professionals andnewcomers hoping to set projects in motion.This high energy portion of the conferenceis an ideal place for partner organizations toshowcase innovative projects and connectwith interested, enthusiastic, and talentedcommunity members.
  20. 20. www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 21
  21. 21. “I really enjoyed thecross pollinationamong such a high-wa age collectionof professionals. Imade some greatconnections, and foundit highly valuable.”Peter LightBloom Energy / Product Manager
  23. 23. Nightly social events provide friendships and connections that lasta place for a endees to unwind, process through to next year’s conference. Thethe ideas of the day, and connect with other social events are more intimate and relaxedpassionate innovators in a more casual than other portions of the conference,environment. Here, amid live music, organic and so provide a fun an unique se ing formixology, artist demonstrations, and local advertisements and announcements fromfood tastings, a endees frequently make partner organizations.
  24. 24. www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 25 PAGE 25
  25. 25. “This event helpsme believe we aremaking stridestoward buildingthat be er world.”John KimHerman Miller / Be er World Marketing Manager
  27. 27. Throughout the year, a endees most talented members of our community.remain engaged in the Be er World In 2010, A Be er World Design solicitedcommunity, in part by participating in proposals to address the problem of urbanthe Be er World Challenge. The design food deserts and partnered with the Citycompetition aims to inspire innovators from of Providence to implement the winningmultidisciplinary backgrounds to solve a proposal.tangible problem, and highlights some of the
  28. 28. In 2010, the winner of the Better World Challenge proposed a bus loop to connect food desertsto grocery stores and local shops. The system provides efficient, sustainable, and cost-effectiveaccess to nutrition.www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 29
  29. 29. WHY SPONSOR?www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 31 PAGE
  30. 30. A Good Cause AccessBy partnering with A Be er World by Design, We offer the opportunity not only to exposeyou’re associating yourself with a positive your organization to these interestedmovement to change our world for the be er. innovators, but also access to their thoughtsOur conference is unique, and makes a lasting and talents. Among them are many of theimpression on nearly all of our a endees. country’s top students, eager to enter the professional world and leave their mark onYou’re supporting a student-run conference it. Powerful and innovative professionals arethat integrates professionals, students, and also present in large numbers from a wideacademics in ways not happening anywhere variety of industries, all of whom tend to beelse in the world. The result is a synthesis interested in engaging with all the membersof disciplines and viewpoints, a pertinent of the Be er World community.discussion on social design, and a myriadof substantive changes to public policy,professional norms, and people’s lives.Tax deductibleAll contributions to A Be er World ByDesign are fully tax deductible.
  31. 31. InterdisciplinaryAlthough our a endees are exceptionally diverse, working in unique ways that are difficult to fitinto precise categories, here are some of the major industries that they hail from: 14% 14% 13% 5% 6% 11% 4% 9% 6% 7% 5% 6%www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 33
  32. 32. Exposure Last year, A Be er World by Design a racted over 1,000 a endees, twice as many as the year before and had a dedicated online following of over 5,000. In 2011, we expect the conference to grow even further, reaching a larger and more diverse following than ever before by engaging the community and expanding our web presence to give“Every year for three even more people access to the speakersdays an astounding and panelists we host.amount of brainand creative power Our a endees are, by mere virtue of being atconverges on the Brown the conference, interested in new productsand RISD campuses.” and ideas. Overwhelmingly young and extremely diverse, they share a passion forChristine Johnston improving the world not captured completelyNext American City at any other event. They hail from all across the northeast, and in some cases travel across the country and even across the world to be a part of A Be er World by Design. Palo Alto, CA San Francisco, CA
  33. 33. Our attendees come from all over the Adelaide, Australiaworld to be part of A Better World byDesign. In 2011, some of the representedareas were: Mumbai, India Boston, MA New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Providence, RI Hartford, CT Atlanta, GAwww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 35
  34. 34. HOW TO SPONSORwww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 37 PAGE 37
  35. 35. Below are some sponsorship options. The list of benefits to your organization from each tier isfar from exhaustive, and we look forward to working with your organization to see how we canbest meet your needs and interests. For example, premier sponsors may wish to host a workshopat the conference, or platinum sponsors may wish to participate in a panel. Others may be mostinterested in in-kind sponsorship or sponsoring a specific event. In short, there’s no limit ofways in which your organization could benefit from being involved with our conference and ourattendees. Silver Sponsor Bronze $2,500 Friend of the Sponsor + Listed as Silver sponsor Conference $1,000 in all promotional Less than $1,000 + Listed as Bronze materials + Listed as Friend of sponsor in all promotional + Half page ad in program the Conference in all materials + Informational listing in promotional materials + Quarter page ad program + Informational listing in + Informational listing in + Homepage web program program recognition and sponsor + Homepage web + Homepage web page link recognition and sponsor recognition and sponsor + One complementary page link page link admission + One complementary + One complementary + Access to 1,000+ admission admission a endees and a web + Access to 1,000+ + Access to 1,000+ audience of 5,000+ unique a endees and a web a endees and a web visitors audience of 5,000+ unique audience of 5,000+ visitors unique visitors
  36. 36. Premier Sponsor Platinum $15,000 Sponsor + Company name $10,000 displayed on program Gold Sponsor + Listed as Platinum cover $5,000 sponsor in all promotional + Full page ad in program + Listed as Gold sponsor in materials + Table in main lobby all promotional materials + Full page ad in program featuring and displaying + Half page ad in program + Table in main lobby your product or service + Informational listing in featuring and displaying + Informational listing in program your product or service program + Homepage web + Informational listing in + Homepage web recognition and sponsor program recognition and sponsor page link +Homepage web page link + Two complementary recognition and sponsor + Three complimentary admissions page link admissions + Promotional materials in + Two complimentary + Promotional materials in a endee gi package admissions a endee gi package + Access to 1,000+ + Promotional materials in + Access to 1,000+ a endees and a web a endee gi package a endees and a web audience of 5,000+ unique + Access to 1,000+ audience of 5,000+ unique visitors a endees and a web visitors audience of 5,000+ unique visitorswww.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 39
  37. 37. We look forward to working with you!Thank you for considering a partnership with A Be er World by Design. No ma er what typeof organization you are, we would love the opportunity to talk more about the ways in which wecould cooperate. Remember that by supporting A Be er World by Design, you are furtheringthe study and practice of design with mankind in mind.Best regards,A Be er World by Design 2011 Commi eewww.abe erworldbydesign.com
  38. 38. Sponsorship Heads Daniel Goldberg danielg@abe erworldbydesign.com +1 (847) 513 2574 Raaj Parekh raaj@abe erworldbydesign.com +1 (610) 781 0656www.abe erworldbydesign.com PAGE 41
  39. 39. Design by Leah ChungContent by Daniel Goldberg, Raaj Parekh Edited by Mike Eng Creative Direction by Tino Chow www.abetterworldbydesign.com