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Atlas Wealth Management Brochure

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Global horizons Atlas Wealth Management Whether you are based in Asia, the Middle East or further afield, we have the experience in providing financial services to We understand that your requirements are more sophisticated than that of an average investor which is why we focus on is a specialist in providing the expatriate community. Atlas Wealth Management was born out of providing a specialised service. There are a lot of peripheral issues that need to be dealt with when you live overseas and financial services to the demand from expatriates who wanted a wealth manager they could trust back in that is the reason why you need to deal with someone who not only understands Australia to look after their investments whilst Australian expatriates. they went overseas to further their careers and life experiences. your situation but has the experience in providing advice to investors who are in the same situation.2 3
  3. 3. Tailored solutions Australian shares // International shares // Portfolio Management // Model Portfolios // Superannuation // Fixed Income // Financial Planning // Margin Lending // AccountingAtlas Wealth Management understands that Australian Shares International Shares Portfolio Managementwhen it comes to managing your wealth, one size At Atlas Wealth Management we provide our clients with the ability to Atlas Wealth Management is able As a portfolio manager for expatriates, We do not believe in simply placing to offer clients access to over 80 Atlas Wealth Management understands your investments in a genericdoes not fit all. In order to provide you with the trade in all listed Australian companies. international markets and enables you the importance of ensuring that the managed fund because this will not With the Australian economy now to trade stocks, options, bonds and savings that you have built up in achieve the level of personalisationbest service, it is imperative that you have access ranking as the 14th largest in the world foreign exchange. your investment and superannuation or potential that each client all asset classes and product types so that a (based on GDP) and the 4th largest in the Asia Pacific region, international Some of these markets include: accounts not only needs to be When you sit down with an Atlas preserved but grown as well. Wealth Management adviser, not onlytailored solution can be designed. We are able to investors see the Australian equity • New York Stock Exchange will they learn about your personal market as a viable alternative due to the To achieve the aim of preserving and circumstances but they will tailor aoffer advice, dealing and access to the following world class companies that are listed on • London Stock Exchange growing your wealth, we gather our portfolio that is suitable for you. All research from a number of Australia’sproducts and services: the index. • Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the world’s leading stockbroking depending on what your goals are there are a number of different investments The Australian Stock Exchange is the • Tokyo Stock Exchange and research companies. The reason which may be incorporated into your 8th largest in the world (based on the we do this is to ensure that the Products and services available free-float market capitalisation), with • Singapore Stock Exchange advice we are basing our investment portfolio, including equities, derivatives and fixed interest securities. a market capitalisation of A$1.3 trillion decisions on is not biased by one Australian shares These services are provided and average daily secondary trading of company’s relationship to an analyst by industry associates International shares over A$5 billion. or a company’s relationship with an Superannuation investment bank. By filtering the Portfolio Management Financial Planning research we are able to get a concise Model Portfolios view of what the markets opinions Accounting Margin Lending are and then decipher what the most Fixed Income pertinent research is.4 5
  4. 4. The Atlas Private Portfolio Account The Atlas Wealth Management Private Portfolio Account is our premium service which offers clients the ability to select a style of portfolio that suits your individual circumstances. This could be a balanced, income or growth style portfolio or a mixture of these portfolios. The account is managed on your behalf by a portfolio manager with strict compliance to the style chosen being maintained.Future focused The benefit of this account is that even though you are based overseas, you have the peace of mind knowing that your investments are being monitored and managed on a daily basis. This enables you to focus on the other aspects of your life, such as family, career and lifestyle. With the Private Portfolio Account you always maintain: Transparency – at any time of the day or week you are able to login and view your portfolio. Ownership – you retain all the benefits of owning direct shares. These include portability, dividends and tax credits. Individuality – one of the reasons this account is superior to a managed fund is that when you invest your funds, the cost basis that is created is your own unlike in a managed fund where you inherit the pooled cost basis, potentially exposing you to a number of negative tax events.Superannuation Financial Planning AccountingWhilst superannuation can be a veryeffective form of saving for Australians, From time to time it is important to take stock of what you have and where you When deciding to move overseas, there are a multitude of decisions to make Frequently Asked Questionsthe considerations that an expatriate want to go. This is where a financial when it comes to your tax status. Doneeds to take are very different from plan can come into play. Atlas Wealth you qualify or elect to be a non-resident How do I become a client? you have, we recommend sitting down What happens when I repatriatethat of an average superannuation Management works with specialists who for tax purposes or would you still be There are a number of ways you for a complimentary meeting to discuss back to Australia?investor in Australia. This is one of the provide financial plans to expatriates classified as a resident even though you can become a client of Atlas Wealth your personal circumstances. We have many clients who comemain reasons why you need to deal with are working overseas? Management. You can either: How secure are my investments? back to Australia to either continue There are a number of events that providea specialist when it comes to managing Atlas Wealth Management only works working or to retire. They still utilise the a good opportunity to arrange for a Often when expatriates relocate overseas • Contact our office to find outyour superannuation when you with Australia’s leading financial services of Atlas Wealth Management financial plan to be conducted. These can their tax status is the last thing on their when an adviser will be availableare offshore. services companies. These companies because they still require someone include: mind and this is one of the reasons you to meet in person; or pride themselves on maintaining their to manage their wealth. As we haveThe Australian superannuation system Change of financial circumstances. cannot afford to obtain advice that is not • A meeting to be conducted over managed your investments over aprovides a very effective form of Examples of this can include: appropriate or incorrect. Atlas Wealth integrity and are subject to some of the the phone; or number of years, we are usually in theretirement planning and, used correctly, Management works with some of the world’s toughest financial regulations. • A change in career or position in the • We can arrange to meet when best position to provide ongoing advicecan ensure that when it comes time to work force best expatriate tax accountants in the By investing in Australian securities because no one understands your you’re next in Australia. You areretire you have a portfolio that provides country to ensure that not only is the you will always have the peace of position better than we do. • Sale of a business or other investments welcome to visit our office orfor you and your family well into your information that you receive appropriate mind knowing you’re account is being • An inheritance we are more than happy tolater years. It is important to have the but also up to date. operated under the jurisdiction of Change of personal circumstances come to you.peace of mind knowing that what you are the Australian Securities Investmentachieving now will assist you in obtaining Examples of this can include: In order to correctly understand your Commission (ASIC).a self sufficient retirement in the future. • Moving from Australia to work overseas financial position and the requirements • Leaving a job overseas to return to work or retire in Australia • Marriage or divorce 6 7
  5. 5. Head office Regional officeA Suite 2503, Level 5, Tower 2, 5 Lawson Street, A 3/F Silver Tower No. 85 Tao Yuan Road, Southport QLD 4215 Australia Luwan District, Shanghai 200021 PRC China PO Box 1117, Southport BC QLD 4215 Australia (By appointment only)P +61 7 5665 3622 P +86 21 6157 7501F +61 7 5665 3699 F +86 21 6157 7333E E 98 152 187 098Corporate Authorised Representative of Gamma Wealth Management AFSL 334 040