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비전아레나 회사소개서 201208
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비전아레나 회사소개서 201208


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비전아레나 회사소개서, VisionArena Consult Company Introduction …

비전아레나 회사소개서, VisionArena Consult Company Introduction
your value partner for 플랫폼 전략 & 혁신 비즈니스모델

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Company Introduction 2012.08 VisionArena Consult© 2012 VisionArena PresentationThe information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  • 2. Overview about VisionArena1
  • 3. Overview about VisionArena About Company ProfileVisionArena All Right Reserved 2
  • 4. Overview about VisionArena About 회사 소개VisionArena All Right Reserved 3
  • 5. Overview about VisionArena About Functional Segments•Platform Strategy •Service Technology R&D•Service Innovation •Brand New Service Develop•Business Model Transform •Patent Management•Information Strategy, Etc •Service Operation The two business areas are basically distinct. But they support business function of each other because logical and creative attribute have complementary strategic factors.VisionArena All Right Reserved 4
  • 6. Overview about VisionArena See Future Strategy Consulting We are a macro trend searcher rather than a fortuneteller. So VisionArena’s insight about specific topic comes from observation of a macro world change and immersion of key questions. We want to be a value partner with the client who want to check his market position and create new competitive values for his customers. Our experiences covers from technology/information strategy to business modeling & service strategy.VisionArena All Right Reserved 5
  • 7. Overview about VisionArena Think Innovation Business Model Enabler According to VisionArena’s terms, innovation is a creative thinking and way to make user experience ultimately different and to make revenue & profit as a result. We always keep in mind that idea itself doesn’t guarantee any business success and the idea should be converted into three important things related with business. -Different User Experience - Unique Business Model -Revenue & Profit Generating - And of course Right People, Technology and Fund neededVisionArena All Right Reserved 6
  • 8. Overview about VisionArena Act Global Global Partnership We think success in business will heavily rely on ecosystem which is based on global spirit. It also means that global associate networked team can work together these days over the Internet. And Free / Cheap Revolution makes us more competitive than ever as a small entity. VisionArena’s globalism can be interpreted as its passion for a global market and partnership. Our global partners network is open to anyone who is interested in co-creating value with us.VisionArena All Right Reserved 7
  • 9. Customers8
  • 10. Customers Customers from experienceVisionArena All Right Reserved 9
  • 11. Our Services10
  • 12. Our Services Consulting & Advisory 컨설팅 자문 및 관련 레퍼런스 비전아레나는 기업들의 ’플랫폼 전략’, ‘비즈니스 모델 혁신 방안 수립’, ’신규 서비스 디자인’, 정보기획 관련된 영역에서 전문적인 컨설팅을 제공합니다. 고객사의 니즈를 파악하기 위한 초기 상담 자체는 무료로 진행되오니 필요하신 부분에 대해서 문의를 환영합니다. - prior experience includedVisionArena All Right Reserved 11
  • 13. Our Services Education & Speech 교육 강연 및 관련 레퍼런스 비전아레나는 각 기업의 특수한 요구를 의뢰 받아 맞춤화된 교육을 제공하고 있습니다. 거시 동향, 이노베이션, 플랫폼 전략, 신규 비즈니스 모델 등과 관련된 교육이 필요하신 경우 요청사항과 함께 문의 주시면 진행 여부에 대해 답변 드리도록 하겠습니다.VisionArena All Right Reserved 12
  • 14. Our Services Publishing 플랫폼 전략, 혁신 모델, 거시 동향 관련 서적 출간 (저자 조용호 대표)VisionArena All Right Reserved 13
  • 15. Our Services Insight based Research 심도 깊은 주제기반의 뉴스레터, 인사이트 레터 발행VisionArena All Right Reserved 14
  • 16. Our Services Insight based Research 비즈니스 모델, 거시 동향 등에 관련된 분석 리포트 발행VisionArena All Right Reserved 15
  • 17. Our Services Collaborative Production Platform 협업 기반으로 서비스 인큐베이션 모색 ? ? •Patents registered brand new servicesVisionArena All Right Reserved 16
  • 18. Contact Site Email Tel 82.2.3454.1108 17