Cowes community K.Brett


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Photos taken around Cowes specifically in Northwood Park with analysis and some improvements made. A really good experience where photography can help the community become closer and more socialble.

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Cowes community K.Brett

  1. 1. Cowes Community Northwood House/Park
  2. 2. Cowes has many different topics including old town, floating bridge, high street, esplanade and Northwood Park/House among hundreds of others. In a particular quest to take photographs to illustrate the theme of the park and Northwood House, myself and a few others studied closely the subjects within the area. The images I took in my opinion express the spirit within the community and the beauty in which we miss as first glance. I think that I illustrated a lot of the rules of composition within my pictures and overall I am really pleased with them.
  3. 3. This image demonstrates the rules of simplicity and balance. The photo is taken from a low angle so the perspective is slightly strange. The foreground is in the format of a silhouette and the light background is an effective contrast. I think that the park and Northwood House are one of the main associates with Cowes and really make up our community.
  4. 4. This photograph was taken from the bottom of some steps, I used a portrait format as it best suited the shot. I think this photo shows how old Cowes is but that it is still standing strong. It demonstrates the rule of foreground interest, framing and leading lines.
  5. 5. I love this photo as it shows that when you look closely at everyday substances they are extraordinary and beautiful. I love the vibrant colour in the photo. The rose in the foreground is the foreground interest which makes the photo simple and the flower is off centre which follows the rule of thirds.
  6. 6. This photo in particular demonstrates the rule of framing; the leaves surround the main subject and are blurred which creates a background focal point. I believe these statues are associated with this Northwood House and are really interesting.
  7. 7. Because this photo was taken in motion it creates a sense of energy therefore making the photo dynamic. This photo’s main subject is off centre and is placed in the top left corner (rule of thirds). The background is fairly simple and the angle is quite unusual as it is take from below the main subject. I think the swings within the park are a main attraction, especially to children within Cowes.
  8. 8. I really like this photo because I believe it captures happiness and excitement. Once again another photo taken from a low angle but the effect of this image is that you feel as if the person is coming towards you. The leading lines (the side of the slide) lead towards you, and the person is in the top half of the photo (rule of thirds). The balance of the dark foreground and light background is effective in making a good picture.
  9. 9. I like this photo because I enjoyed taking it by being sociable with the owners and park users; I think the dogs and the park are a good meeting place for the community. I think this photo is effective because it follows the rules of simplicity, leading lines and the rule of thirds, as the dog is to the left, and the railings lead your eyes to the main subject.
  10. 10. This image was taken from the front of Northwood house and I think it could use some improvements as in my opinion it appears quite dull. It could be improved by cropping it and adjusting the colours slightly however, I think that the tall plants make the image look more interesting and lead your eyes to the window.
  11. 11. This is one of my favourite photos because it looks unusual but interesting; I think this shows that an old building can look more extraordinary than a modern one. I took this picture from the side, using a portrait format was more suitable as it allowed me to capture a greater length of the column. There is a good contrast and balance between light and dark, also the lines on the building lead you to the main subject.
  12. 12. This is another photo that highlights the beauty that we take for granted everyday; this plant was on a rotten roof with cobwebs and mould showing through the cracks. Some things that appear ugly at first glance can be beautiful up close. This is an effective photo that demonstrates the rule of simplicity, balance and perspective.
  13. 13. Improvements
  14. 14. I edited the original photo of Northwood house because I thought it look quite dull and cluttered. In photo shop I cropped the image and adjusted the brightness and contrast to make the photograph look more vibrant. I think that the editing has been a success as the photo looks more interesting and follows more rules of composition. Before
  15. 15. After
  16. 16. I cropped this photo in Photoshop so that the image followed the rule of thirds and I also made the dog brighter. I think the editing I did has had a good effect and it now looks more eye catching. Before After